Use Free Pictures at Pixabay to Create For Zazzle

by dustytoes

Pixabay is an online site that offers high quality photos and clipart images that can be used as you please - even to sell in your Zazzle store.

Sometimes finding free, high quality and useful, public domain images to use on Zazzle products is difficult. I was accustomed to using my own photography only to sell at my Zazzle stores, but after a while, I found that I needed things I just didn't have.

It is easier to diversify when a variety of photography and graphic images are available to use for free! I am thrilled to have found Pixabay and I use the beautiful, high quality photography in many ways.

I mostly use Pixabay as my source for models (adults and children) to use as photo place holders on Zazzle's products, but there are other ways to turn Pixabay images into cash in your pocket.

(Surfer silhouette: Pixabay)

Find Interesting Images and Put Them to Work For You

Pixabay is a good place to start if you have creative block.

Truthfully I am never at a loss for what to create for my Zazzle stores, but if you ever need some inspiration, just browse the pictures at Pixabay.

For instance I came across a group of photos by Nightowl that were taken someplace resembling an old west ghost town.  I used a few of them to make business cards for home renovations and they have sold quite well.

Renovations Business Cards

This image is perfect for construction companies.

Free Public Domain Images

Convert the images to a larger size for use at Zazzle.

Find many free, public domain images on Pixabay.   The number of beautiful scenic photography increases each time I visit the site.  More and more pictures of people are added often, which can be used as photo templates at Zazzle.   Graphics for holidays, frames and backgrounds, textures, and png images can also be found.  If you have something to offer and share, sign up and be a contributor.  

I appreciate having a free place to find wonderful, good quality images.  It's why I wrote this page, to let my fellow Zazzlers know of a new place to search for what they need.

Each photo or graphic has a number of sizes for download.    I choose the large image size and then covert it to 300 dpi size, which is a minimum size requirement for adding to products.

** Make sure you only use the free images, as they include links to other professional images that must be purchased - unless you want to pay for your images.


"Free" Doesn't Mean Every Picture Can Be Used To Sell

Be careful when deciding which images you put up for sale.

car used for weddingPlease remember that just because Pixabay says it's okay to use any photos for any purpose, there are guidelines to follow when selling any photos.

For instance, you shouldn't overstep the boundaries of legally using photos and some things such as vehicles, certain buildings, statues, bridges and other structures which may have copyrights which don't allow the general public to use them to make money.

Be careful when you are looking at any photos which contain items that were made by, or belong to, someone else.  I don't know all the rules concerning this, so if you are in doubt, do some research, ask the photographer, or forget about using the picture and move on to another.

Sunflowers and Blue Sky

The Prairie Sunflower design line in my Country Wedding store at Zazzle was created by combing two images found at Pixabay.  The beautiful blue sky area of one photo was used as the background for sunny sunflowers.  

If you love sunflowers, there are a lot to choose from, and they are free to use!  Here I decided to isolate the flowers so they could be added to many items with or without the sky background.  In doing this, I can create any type of paper or gift with matching designs.

I have made a tutorial page about how to isolate an image.  Click the link below to see how I do it.

Prairie Sunflower Notebook

Learn How To Isolate Images

People / Models Used as Photo Holders

Real people make the photo holder product more interesting.

Pixabay's public domain images include some great shots of people (models) which can be used as photo holders for your photo template products at Zazzle.

A photo card, custom mug, personalized Christmas ornament or anything you post for sale that has the option to add a personal picture will need a "photo holder" that will allow the customer to easily switch the example photo with one of their own.

Adding an interesting picture will make the item more appealing and will get more attention than an empty or boring holder. Subsequently it may be purchased more often.

Find Ms. Thumbs Up at PublicDomainPictures at Pixabay.

Beautiful and Interesting Photos Make the Best Templates

Graduation announcements are one place to add a photo template.

Musical Instruments

I needed musical instruments to create ornaments for my Holiday Store, so of course I searched Pixabay.  I found a collection made by Nemo and have added them to some products recently.  First I customized them in the graphics program to give them the look I wanted and added a new background.

I try to use my own personal image whenever I can, but I don't always have what I need.  When it comes to personalized Christmas ornaments, adding some sort of a theme makes them easy to categorize for customers to find.  With instruments pictured on one side and custom text and / or a photo on the reverse, ceramic ornaments make wonderful family keepsakes.


Personalized Christmas Ornaments for Musicians

Ornaments for Musicians
Ornaments for Musicians

Baby Photo Announcement

Add a newborn's photo to this magnet.

Pictures of Babies and Children

Many items look wonderful with cute pictures of kids.

Baby pictures and photos of children can be used on birth announcements, holiday photo cards, coffee mugs,  Christmas ornaments, and just about any product, as place holders in the template area.  It took me a while to understand how to make a photo template, but now I use them quite often.

People love to have the option of creating something personal.  Basically, I offer the design, and they make it their own with photos and custom text.

Pictures of Happy Couples

When creating for my wedding stores I use a lot of photo holders. To show my products in a realistic way, pictures of happy couples are used as templates. These photos will be replaced by the customers own photos, but give them an idea of how nice the end product will be.

At first Pixabay did not have a wide selection, but it's getting better and better. Generous contributors are constantly adding pictures of couples, as well as singles, and people of all ages. Instead of a blank space, a loving couple can bring interest to a wedding announcement, like the one here.

Happily Married Couple Photo Holder

The customer will replace this photo with their own.

How to set up a free Zazzle online store.

I've written a page to help you get one up and running.

The Flower Selection is Amazing

The cherry blossoms used to make this card came from a Pixabay image.

Pixabay has a wonderful selection of floral photography. It's not surprising, as many photographers can't ignore one of the most beautiful parts of nature. Pictures are uploaded to the site from all over the world, so the variety is large. I used a photo of pretty pink plumeria flowers to isolate the blooms and create the Christmas tree skirt shown here. I'm thankful to the Pixabay site, not only for the wide variety of images, but for the wonderful quality as well.

Pink Plumeria Flowers

Tree skirt for the holidays.

Find Free Photos, Vector Images, and Graphics

Generous and very talented photographers are constantly uploading quality photos to Pixabay so all you need is a little imagination to turn them into products in your store.  But you can also find artistic graphics and vector images, free to use.

Personally, I don't think it would be right to just take someones picture and sell it, but there is no rule that says you can't.  It's just my way of thinking, and Zazzle frowns on it.  It's easy to take any image and change it or incorporate it to create something completely unique.

If you want to be a Pixabay contributor, sign up and upload your work.  Be aware that the Admin is picky, and your uploads must be of high quality.  Click the link below and find out more.


Visit Pixabay
Visit Pixabay

Read More About Pixabay

This helpful page may answer any questions you have.
High-quality images, no royalties or attributions required, totally free for personal and commercial use. No sign-up necessary!
Updated: 05/22/2017, dustytoes
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CruiseReady on 05/10/2015

Many, many thanks for this! I have used Pixabay occasionally for articles, but it never occurred to me to use them for a Zazzle product. This opens up a whole new avenue of possibilities!

AngelaJohnson on 09/19/2014

No, bur I've used them to illustrate articles.

dustytoes on 06/17/2013

Yes, you can use Pixabay images on Zazzle products any way you want, but be careful of selling any pictures of items or places that may not allow you to sell them, as stated in my paragraph above.

Adriane on 06/17/2013

Can I use pixabay images on my zazzle products? I plan to use a lot of images of pixabay , but I do not plan to make any modification.

dustytoes on 01/03/2013

Hollie- I'm so happy I could be of help. I want to see your store, so send me the link please. I hope the sales begin pouring in soon!!

HollieT on 01/02/2013

Hi Dustytoes, and Happy New year!

As I said I would, I've set up my Zazzle store today and ALL your Zazzle pages have been so much help. Thanks to you, I've discovered how to set up the store, remove background from images, discover where I can obtain free photos and even how to promote my store.

Thank you so much, you have no doubt saved me hours and hours of time and frustration. :)

dustytoes on 11/19/2012

Hey rusty, I know what you mean. Pixabay is a great source of many types of people pictures.

rusty on 11/19/2012

Thank you for introducing Pixabay! I was thinking of creating photo cards but I've no idea where to get photos of people. My face is not pleasant enough to market the cards. Lol.

dustytoes on 10/25/2012

I would not feel right selling something that had no part of me in it. Thanks Scott!

scott on 10/25/2012

Useful information. I think the most important idea of this article is "Although I began with an image made by someone else, I have changed it and made it uniquely my own." Yes, this will makes product different from original picture and to be suitable for product types. Thanks for this inspiring article.

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