How to Use Leftover Soap Pieces and Scraps

by happynutritionist

Reusing soap scraps saves pennies, a great way to recycle and reuse in the home. It may seem like a small thing, but after reading this page you might change your mind about that!

I am a notorious penny pincher, and find that reusing soap scraps, bags, paper towel rolls, and quite a few other things is a wonderful way to pinch quite a few pennies. All it took for me to become this way was moving out on my own when I was young and still single, and didn't have a lot of money. In today's economy, many who were doing fairly well are now just getting by, and are, hopefully, again learning the art of being frugal....turning challenges into opportunities to think creatively.

What I hope to do here is tell you a little story about how the whole "reusing soap scraps thing" got started in our home, and then share how it led to discovering even more ways to reuse soap scraps in the soap making process.

Content by Claudia Meydrech a/k/a happynutritionist
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How We Started Recycling Soap Pieces

It Wasn't My Idea

Little did I know that when I married my husband he’d bring a few frugal ideas of his own into our home.

Before we were married, I thought I was doing real well working that soap down to a little thin sliver, then tossing the last little tiny bit into the trash can. Along comes hubby. One day I went to take my shower and found a full sized bar of soap with my little sliver stuck onto the bottom of it. I didn’t think much of it, just thought that when he put the new bar out, it stuck, and that was it. But then I started noticing this was happening all the time…my slivers were never making it to the trash can, they were always sticking to the bottom of the next new bar of soap, so I asked him if he was doing this on purpose.


Romantic Art Print

It Was my Husband that Started the Whole Thing

Well of course he was, it was wasteful, after all, to just toss that little piece of soap away when it could still be used.

And that’s how it’s been now for 35+ years. I can’t calculate how many pennies that simple little act has saved us over the years, but it has to amount to something.

Video: How to Rebatch Soap Scraps with a Food Processor or Chopper and a Crock Pot

Yes, here is how to make soap out of soap pieces using a food chopper, crock pot and soap molds

Following is a video that shows you how to use soap scraps to make new soap…how mixing different types of soap scraps helps in the process.

The instructions are very detailed and helpful…and it gave me a NEW idea. Along with the usual scraps, I can use all those soaps my husband loves to bring home from hotels to make larger bars of soap….we have at least a hundred little bars from hotels.

If you want to use the video as you make your soap, view this once through, gather the things that you need, and then listen to the video and pause it as you need to while you make soap from soap scraps.

She's not in a hurry, this is about a half hour long, so you can watch and make along with her.

You will need soap molds to make the soap in the video

Here are a few to choose from - there are many different molds available
6-cavity Plain Basic Rectangle Soap Mold Silicone Mould for Homemade Craft

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Freshware 12-Cavity Silicone Petite Loaf Pan

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Use Leftover Soap Pieces when you Garden

Keep Your Fingernails Clean

Take soap and rub your nails on the soap so that some of it goes underneath your nails, then do your gardening.

This faithful brand is my favorite bath soap

It's nice that they have added Aloe, I use this each day. Hubby likes his Irish Spring
Ivory Aloe 10-Count: Bath Size Bars 4 Oz

This will keep dirt from getting under your nails while you garden. Isn’t that a wonderful idea? Keeping a bar of my Ivory Soap with my gardening supplies assures that I have it "handy" when I need it.


Image Credit: Taken by me, my container garden on my deck this summer of 2014

Recycle Mesh Produce Bags to make a Scrub Pad

Reusing both bags and soap pieces

Old plastic mesh onion produce bags can be reused and re-purposed with soap by putting soap pieces inside to make a great scrub pad for cleaning in the kitchen.

This should work as an exfoliating scrub in the shower as well depending upon how you secure the bag and the soap you use.

I get my onions in bags like this, and will be saving them to try this.

That is unless you have bags that you reuse for produce

This is also a good way to protect the environment when buying single onions and other produce
ChicoBag Produce Stand rePETe Mesh 3 Pack (Recycled PET) Reusable Produce Bags (Set of 3)

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Make a Car Air Freshener from Leftover Soap Scraps and Pieces

An idea suggested by our own Ruthi

An explanation is in order before I share the following. This entire page once resided at a site that is no longer, and was very popular there. I have gone through the necessary steps to remove the old url with a bit of help from Google so there is no duplication, duplicate content is a no-no. Plus I have updated the content on this page quite a bit.

But Ruthi was a member at the previous site, and in a comment shared the idea I'm sharing with you now.

She said “when I used bar soap, I saved the scraps in sock [a knee high stocking would work too, I think] and when the foot was full, I tied up the stocking and slipped it under the seat in my car. It makes the best car air freshener”.

What a great idea, thank you, Ruthi!

How to Make Soap with a Plastic Container, Water and Soap Scraps

You reuse containers like a yogurt or cottage cheese container to make this

Put soap slivers in a plastic container, and when you have enough, add a little water, then let it sit for a few hours, then hand shape it into a new bar of soap.

This is another win-win, you are reusing soap scraps AND plastic containers.

Quiz: "A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned"?

Who "coined" the phrase? The answer will be revealed when you guess
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The answer is Benjamin Franklin! Thanks for guessing :-)

Reuse Soap Scraps to Soak Your Laundry

They make for a nice pre-soak

Someone shared with me that her mother used soap scraps in the washer when she had an old wringer machine.

She also used them in hot basins for clothes that needed to be soaked.

This is a great idea if you have badly stained cloths that need an extra soaking before you put them in the washer.

Save Pennies and get free Soap Making Books for Kindle

To find other titles that may be free, click through any book and search "soap making free kindle books". These titles are always free, but other free books offered are for a limited period of time
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The Handbook of Soap Manufacture

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Do you have any suggestions for reusing soap? How do you save pennies by reusing?

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happynutritionist on 02/03/2015

@sheilamarie Frugal Fannie, that's cute, glad you appreciated the suggestions and thank you for your visit.

sheilamarie on 02/03/2015

I am a frugal Fannie, too. I love these suggestions, happynutritionist!

happynutritionist on 09/30/2014

That is an interesting alternative to chalk and it washes out. Thank you!

happynutritionist on 09/30/2014

There has to be at least one suggestion that would work for almost anyone who uses soap :-) Thanks for your visit.

happynutritionist on 09/30/2014

Haha, you're funny. Glad to hear that you are still making your air fresheners :-)

happynutritionist on 09/30/2014

Haha, you're funny. Glad to hear that you are still making your air fresheners :-)

happynutritionist on 09/30/2014

I am sensitive to perfumes etc in soap, but have done okay with Ivory...I hear Castile is very good as well?

Sylvestermouse on 09/29/2014

I loved the gardening tip! What a great idea! I have used soap slivers for making a seam line or to mark a spot for a button when sewing before.

SusanZutautas on 09/29/2014

I'm going to start using some of your great ideas here.

RuthCox on 09/29/2014

Your frugal hubby story has me wanting to buy a bar of Palmolive, and then I'd need that vintage poster to go with it!

Too funny you shared my comment from that 'other writing sea' ... I just added a soap sliver sock to my car yesterday! I use body wash but my roommate uses old-fashioned bar soap, so I have him save the slivers for me.

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