Who Am I? Ruth Cox, Writer on Wizzley

by RuthCox

Better known as Ruthi, also known as abitosunshine, and yes, I am now publishing my writings as a writer on Wizzley.

It is next to impossible for me to introduce myself as Ruth Cox the writer here on the Wizzley writing platform without also telling you who Ruthi is offline as well as who she is also known as online - abitosunshine - one word, no capitalization denoting authority nor superiority, just a bit o' sunshine to be found peeking out of the computer clouds.

This, then, shall be, my Wizzley biography, so named a "Wizzography" as inspired by those writers who have gone before me in this community. This article will contain tidbits about me personally, references to my writings here on Wizzley, as well as occasional mention of my creative endeavors to be found elsewhere.

Through my writing and creativity is shown how I see my self, not my reflection as seen in a mirror nor that which others see in me. With my words and by design I show the very breath of my being.

The Real Me May Not Be That Which You Think You See

Ruth Cox on WizzleyI choose this picture to portray "Who Am I" for at present it is most representative of the real me. This is, of course, subject to change any moment in time.

On this moonlit evening in 2008, with my dear friend (and photographer) Joe, enjoying beer on the patio of a bar in Columbus, Ohio, we decided I would stand amid the leaves of the Japanese Maple for a photo session. (This being the only shareable photo!) 

I feel as though Joe captured the wild and free me and my sunshine spirit, even though the sunglasses show I hide my crying eyes, still trying to come to terms with losing one of the great loves of my life.


Ruth Cox on Wizzley

Mission and Vision

It is my mission to rise to the challenge set before me as a writer on Wizzley, as inspired by Wizzley writer JoHarrington.

It is my vision to share the beacon of light with my readers which flows amid living stories found in my writer's ink.

Wizzley Challenge

by JoHarrington
You may also call this the Wizzley fifty article challenge. Or how Jo Harrington would have done it, if she was at the beginning again with all she knows now.

From Whence I Came

©Ruth Cox

I am from high hills and low valleys, born and bred unto poverty and pain.

I am from the rural farmhouse rentals that changed every few months for never ending years.

I am from the barren alfalfa fields, the cornfields bittersweet.

I am from the Cox Tree Service woodsmen and from men and women who played as hard as they worked.

From Stanley and Anna - Anna Mae Cox was born - my mother whom I proudly claim.

I am from the addictions of drugs, sex, and alcohol and from domestic violence and abuse of all too many forms.

From cold dark secrets and hot blooded heathens.

I am from the baptism of Lutheran religion, a grandma who worshipped Jehovah, Nazarene pastors in the family, and an array of childhood non-denominational church attendances - all of which seemed to me, in my youth, to be practicing hypocracies.

I am from the hidden hills of Sugar Grove, Ohio, where a pot of beans and home grown tomatoes fed an aching belly.

From the unwed mother, the unknown father, and the abusive stepfathers I have been born and bred.

I am from God and from the grand old U S of A, and since I am now no longer from my past...

I am at present a woman with a unique soul, with the God given right and the freedom to determine my future.

I am woman and I will do more than survive...

Ruth Cox will thrive!

Stanley & Anna, my grandparents
Stanley & Anna, my grandparents

Song of My Spirit

Ain’t Givin’ Up Now by Reba Rambo McGuire
Reba Lady

AUDIO CASSETTE TAPE ALBUM, 1976 Yes, I know, I am showing my age listing this oldie but goodie! And yes, I do still have a cassette player and some easy-listening grand old tapes.

View on Amazon

Ripples of Time of Life

A Perfect Day

ipples of Time of a Perfect DayA perfect day once came my way; dusk became dawn, the dark withdrawn.

In between the light and the dark are moments of perfection, twinklings of time to be etched into memory, remembered as the perfect day, forevermore.

I remember the dawn of a perfect day — January of 1972, I gave birth to my son — a moment of perfection. Enraptured by this gift of life, birthed by me, a feeling of agelessness swept over my spirit. In a not-so-perfect moment, the teenage and single motherhood worries would take over — but only in the dark of night.

I remember the sunup of a perfect day — a few days before Thanksgiving 1975, on the telephone with my Mother — a moment of perfection. Enthralled by Mom’s delight in my wanting her peach pie recipe, time seemed to stand still. In another not-so-perfect moment, I would grieve never hearing her voice again, as domestic violence would take her away on December 1st — but only in the dark of night.

I remember the rise of a perfect day — Cox Family Reunion 1999 — a moment of perfection. Enamoured by a wellspring of joy in this reuniting of family lost twenty-four years before, believing that love heals all wounds. In another not-so-perfect moment, I would come to believe that love is only for as long as it lasts — but only in the dark of night.

I remember the light of a perfect day — Tidbit, a four-week old pup placed in my arms, July 2, 2000 — a moment of perfection. Held spellbound by her baby blue eyes of gratitude, for her life had just been saved. In another not-so-perfect moment, I would worry about the vet’s diagnosis of “parvo pup” and all that would entail — but only in the dark of night.

In between the light and the dark are moments of perfection, ripples of time woven into a tapestry of life, remembered as the perfect day, forevermore.

The light now yawns, sky curtains drawn; in ev’ry way A Perfect Day!

"I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing. "

by Agatha Christie

What's in a name?

Me! Passionate About My Name, Poetry, and Sunny Flowers
Ruthi Name Acrostic Poem
Ruthi Name Acrostic Poem

Book Collector of Ruth in Book Titles

I recently became a collector of books whose titles carry my name. I am amazed at the selections across many genres and for a wide range of age groups that have "Ruth" in the book titles. Watch for links to my reviews of these books to show up here on Wizzley!

Babe Ruth in Books

Not me, silly, the legendary baseball player!
Who Was Babe Ruth?

Passionate Reader

Read all about my passion for books for kids!
I believe books for kids hold the magic of imagination and knowledge from cover to cover, if we but turn the page.

I Am a Mom and a Grandma

My Son and Grandson
My Son and Grandson

Proud Mom Moment

At the hospital on the day my grandson Liam was born, I was able to capture on camera and in my heart one of the proudest moments I have experienced as a Mom. Seeing my son holding his son in his arms, the two of them taking what was probably a much needed nap, was a moment filled with tender emotion this mom shall not forget.

Having moved out of state, I am now a long distance parent and grandparent, which is not an easy thing to be. I sometimes feel like I am missing out on an important part of my life. I contemplate returning—we shall see.

Nonetheless, you will find William and Liam showing up in a lot of my writings, as well as many other loved ones left behind when I moved from the Buckeye State of Ohio to the Sunshine State of Florida.

Dogs Are This Woman's Best Friends

Ruthi and Her DogsDogs are my best friends--no ifs, ands, or barks about it!

Although the last of my trio of canines passed on a short time ago, I am sure it will not be long before another puppy or dog paws its way into my heart and home.

For now, my girls live on in my creative writing and design work. In fact, one of the first articles I published here on Wizzley had the dogs in the spotlight!

I also have a brand new blog where they are spotlighted a couple of times a week or more.

I love dog pawprints!


Dog Writings by RuthCox on Wizzley

10 Tips for mankind, from canines, toward learning how to live our life to the fullest--It's a dog's life!
Updated: 12/10/2014, RuthCox
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RuthCox on 11/30/2014

Why, thank you, Alison, and great to meet you too.

RuthCox on 11/04/2014

Nice to see Tsu is working for me, Darcie. Thanks for letting me know. Yes, My son said, "Liam is the other half of William." I loved it!

Darcie on 11/04/2014

Lovely to read, I came from tsu. So cool how your son and grandson have similar names - (the liam part is in both names). Nice to see you Ruthi!

RuthCox on 10/07/2014

I am glad you enjoyed my Wizzography, WriterArtist, and I'm sure when the time is right for you that you will publish yours too. Yes, we may have crossed paths on Squidoo.

WriterArtist on 10/06/2014

Hi Ruth - I enjoyed reading your wizzography. I haven't done mine - it is in my wishlist though. I might have come across you in Squidoo if I remember right.

RuthCox on 09/26/2014

Thank you, Sandy, for the kind compliment!

rusty2rusty on 09/26/2014

I love reading your writing. I think you are a great writer who knows how to capture your audience interest.

Telesto on 09/23/2014

Everyone's already said it all Ruthi, thank you.

RuthCox on 09/22/2014

Hi Marsha! Yes, I am a Squidoo Escapee who is loving it here at Wizzley.

MBC on 09/22/2014

Not yet, just published my FIRST article here, but I remember you from Squidoo and wanted to say hi and learn more about you. Nice Wizzography!

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