Moments Define My Passion for Children's Books

by RuthCox

I believe books for kids hold the magic of imagination and knowledge from cover to cover, if we but turn the page.

I do believe children's books to be instrumental in filling young minds with imagination and knowledge through fun learning, which is as it should be.

As a child I believed books to be my magical friends, with whom I would be carried away to the makings of a perfect day. As a grandchild I was led into the world of classical rhyme and its reason by my Grandmother. I reside in that world of poetry now as a poet myself.

As a mom I believed reading books to be one of the most important things I could do with my son. As a grandmother I believe not a thing pleased me more than that first time my grandson sat on my lap pointing at the word and picture painted pages while exclaiming, "Dog! Cat! What's that?" just as his father had done at the same age.

As a daycare center owner (years ago) I believed a kid with a book in hand held the magical key to imagination and knowledge that would permit the child to travel anywhere, anytime--for a moment, for a day, or for a life pathway.

As a freelance writer, I find myself in a position where I am afforded the opportunity to share my passion for children's books. I plan to share the personal experiences I have had with young readers as well as my reading recommendations for you and for your children.

Books For Kids 12 and Under

Turn the Page

In a defining moment, I've turned the page of my books for kids journey. Once again, I breathe new life unto my passion and enthusiasm for books for kids, that which I nearly allowed dream thieves to steal away from me! In fact, herein lies the beginnings of reconstruction of many book-related articles previously published on the now non-existent Squidoo writing platform. My articles and reviews of children's books will all be given a new home in the coming days—Yes, right here at Wizzley as well as on my books for kids blog.

My first children's book review has already been published here on Wizzley. Watch for many more reviews of books for kids to be placed on my Wizzley profile book shelf.

In this book review of The Adventures of Summer McPhee of Ocracoke Island: Kilroy Was Here! by Douglas Quinn, I will disclose who solves the Kilroy mystery.

Books for Kids Ambassador

Introducing Sally to Children's Books
Introducing Sally to Children's Books
Introducing Sally from Ruthi Reads Books For Kids

My handmade Steampunk doll, Sally, was a recent gift from my talented friend and Wizzley writer, Coletta. Sally arrived in my mailbox about the time I began breathing life back into my passion for books for kids. Perfect timing!

I introduced Sally to children's books and she was delighted to sit among them, so much so that she begged for a permanent position in their presence. Thrilled with Sally's enthusiasm for reading, I decided to designate her my Ruthi Reads Books for Kids Ambassador for my blog and other book-related writings, joining me in all things involving children's books and literacy for young readers.

Eclectic Reading List for Children

Yes, it appears as though Ambassador Sally is an eclectic reader just like me! My book reviews for these and many more will find their way onto the Wizzley writing community ASAP!

Book Reviews From the Book Shelf

Ambassador Sally has insisted that I review each of the seven books she first selected from my book shelf of children's books. As I do so, links to my book reviews will be shared here for you to peruse (below and in the sidebar of this web page.)

Ruthi's Rave Reviews
Compost Stew, an alphabet book for children, shows readers how to cook up a healthy recipe for the environment in a most delightful way.

My Commitment as to My Passion for Children's Books

Reading and Responsbility and Literacy and Communication

I am committed to bringing you book titles from the book shelves that you will want to read with your children to further literacy and communication and books children will have the desire to read by themselves.

  • I will read and review books across all genres for children ages 0 to 12 in order to introduce you to a variety of publications from which to choose for entertainment and for learning.
  • I will make it my business to know what books are popular in children's reading circles at present and bring you the best of the bunch.
  • I plan to introduce you to some up-and-coming and self-published authors of kid's books.
  • While I will concentrate heavily on book reviews and reading recommendations, I also plan to include items of interest to young readers and their parents and caregivers; all pertaining to reading, of course.
  • I am committed to encouraging parents, grandparents, all adults in all things furthering the reading of books by children.

Ruthi Reads Books For Kids on Facebook

Come join us!
Ruthi Reads Books For Kids on Facebook
Ruthi Reads Books For Kids on Facebook

Read Children's Books

Validate evaluations by reading the book to be reviewed. If it has been a while since I have read the book to be reviewed, I make sure to give it a quick re-reading to refresh my memory of its storyline, characters, and lessons. Often I am surprised when new meaning is derived from reading a book one more time.

Review Books For Kids

When the task at hand is to write a critique of a book in hand I busy myself with reading the book from an analytical point of view in order to assess its content. I may also research the author in order to discover clues to determine the author's intended message within the writing, if the book appears not to be just for pure pleasure.

I always write an honest appraisal of book and author - my personal opinion, of course, as we each respond to a piece of literature from our own perspective.

Rave About Children's Book Reviews

I trust you can tell how excited I am about bringing your opinion of a book into public view. When it becomes apparent that you are nearly as enthusiastic about the "Books For Kids" mission as I am, you can rest assured that I shall rave about your work to bring great books into the hands of children across the globe.


I proudly display my love for books for kids with my very own design of a bumper sticker.
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RuthCox on 10/31/2014

I will have to look in to Mr. Putter and Tabby, as that is a new title to me, Brenda, thank you!

BrendaReeves on 10/31/2014

A friend and I love to read and collect children's picture books. Our favorite series is Mr. Putter and Tabby.

RuthCox on 10/13/2014

You're welcome, and thank you! I look forward to your first articles here.

Always-Writing on 10/13/2014

Thank you for the welcome, Ruth! I claim two more, by marriage, but eight, by birth. As you can see, I am really new here, but loved this article you wrote.

RuthCox on 10/13/2014

Eight children? Goodness! I read with my 6 younger siblings, so I guess I know how that reading part is, and yes, acting out the characters in a storybook is essential when reading with chilcren. Happy to hear you enjoy children's books, too.

And, Emily, welcome to Wizzley!

Always-Writing on 10/13/2014

Oh, how I used to love reading books to my eight children! I would act out the characters, and try to make the reading time really interesting. I am with you - I love some of the children's books!

RuthCox on 10/13/2014

Funny you mention watching children's movies, WriterArtist, as I do that too! The animated films are the best or family movies about dogs.

WriterArtist on 10/13/2014

I was crazy about books when I was kid. I would skip meals, sleep, studies and anything that came between me and the story books. I can understand your passion and how books could transform the world for kids. I was a bookworm and lived in my imaginary world dreaming about all the magical things from the stories I read. Now I don't read as much but love watching children's movies.

RuthCox on 10/01/2014

I imagine, Kait, that many children (of all ages) have been spirited away from dark reality upon the magic found between the covers of good books.

KaitlynDeMetro on 10/01/2014

I'm so sorry you went through that. I hope other children in those situations can find solace and these books.

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