The World is your Oyster, the Pearl is Grandfather Twilight by Barbara Berger

by RuthCox

If the world is to be my oyster, the pearl would need be the Grandfather Twilight moon in the bedtime story book for kids by Barbara Berger.

I could not help but wonder if perhaps Barbara Berger might have thought of a poem by Carl Sandburg, "Child Moon," as inspiration to author this bedtime story book for kids. It was my first thought, but story similarities end there.

As you can see from the glowing window view on the book cover, Grandfather Twilight dwells in a sheltered spot in the forest among the trees and the wildlife. Nestled snug in a wooden chest, his never-ending strand of pearls he has stored.

At the end of each day, Grandfather Twilight takes a pearl from the strand and with it carefully cupped in his hand he walks through the forest, following a pathway to a cliff above the sea. Along the way, the pearl grows larger and larger, as does the bright glow emanating from it. Once reaching his destination, Grandfather Twilight releases his pearl unto the silent nocturnal sky, high above the sea.

By way of the pearl moon light, Grandfather Twilight finds his way home and climbs snugly into bed with a wondrous whispering of “Good night.”

Luminous Book Illustrations

Barbara Helen Berger as artist is phenomenal. Grandfather Twilight is magnificently portrayed in her artistry as cloaked in the luminous colorings of sky. The glow in the twilight walk through the forest literally radiates from each page in extraordinary storytelling of its own.

It is my experience that Berger's story unfolds in picture as strikingly well as in word painting; a perfect pairing.

Grandfather Twilight

by Barber Berger
Grandfather Twilight (Paperstar Book)

Bedtime Story Book for Children

There is no greater bedtime story book for children, of all ages, than Grandfather Twilight by Barbara Helen Berger. This classic picture book of few words is one of the most calming stories I have ever read. Read it with children snug in their bed and surely there shall be naught but sweet dreams dancing in their sleepy heads.

And when the days are long and darkness lurks … Read it to yourself for the sake of serenity.

Moon Image Used With Permission. Do Not Remove.
Moon Image Used With Permission. Do Not Remove.

The Gift of Grandfather Twilight

How I had missed reading Grandfather Twilight before now, I will never know. But wouldn’t you know it… When I began to share my passion for books for kids, my friend Karen messaged me, “Ruthi, I have a book that I would love to have you review for children and parents. I would be pleased as punch to have it sent to you.” She added:

“It is a book that I read to all of my grandchildren and now that they are grown up they each asked for a copy because they remember it so fondly. As I read it I would do some gesturing about the story and the Grands can still recall those very movements as Grandfather Twilight moved through the woods. I am going to be so thrilled when I read your review.”

Karen also has this to share about the Grandfather Twilight book:

Saving the best for last, the grandchildren and I reserved that honored place for Grandfather Twilight. To ease a gentle passage from busy day to a restful sleep requires a gifted and enchanting message. Even today, Grandfather Twilight remains enchanting to my grandchildren who, as young adults, still talk about this book as if we were pillowed up on the couch together taking the journey with Grandfather.

Sure enough, Karen sent me my very own copy of Grandfather Twilight. What a treasure of a gift to have received. Thank you, Karen!

Child Moon

As mentioned in my introduction, found in my copy of Chicago.

The child's wonder
At the old moon
Comes back nightly.
She points her finger
To the far silent yellow thing
Shining through the branches
Filtering on the leaves a golden sand,
Crying with her little tongue, "See the moon!"
And in her bed fading to sleep
With babblings of the moon on her little mouth.

Ambassador Sally and Grandfather Twilight
Ambassador Sally and Grandfather Twil...

Rave Review from the Ambassador of Ruthi Reads Books For Kids

Ambassador Sally gives Grandfather Twilight her 5 Smiles Rave Review!

Sally recommends that children of all ages read this classic good night story before bedtime, and for nap time too!

Updated: 09/29/2014, RuthCox
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RuthCox on 07/19/2015

The artistry in "Grandfather Twilight" is fabulous, happynutritionist, with each page lulling you toward peacefulness... the perfect bedtime story.

happynutritionist on 07/09/2015

This looks like a delightful book, and when it comes to many children's books, the artwork in the book can be as wonderful as the story itself.

RuthCox on 12/15/2014

That is a precious memory with your Dad, Nancy. I always read to children the same way, taking on the character and bringing it to life for the wee ones.

NancyHardin on 12/14/2014

I have never read this, but it sounds delightful. I grew up with fairy tales my Dad began reading to me when I was 3 years old. It was a joy to me, because he always acted out the parts. He was so funny. Children who have parents who do this are truly blessed. Thank you for bringing those memories back to me with the review of this book.

RuthCox on 12/14/2014

Audrey, Grandfather Twilight is one beautiful tale I'm sure you would enjoy.

AudreyHowitt on 12/14/2014

I grew up with fairy tales--mostly Russian---this is wonderful!!

RuthCox on 09/26/2014

Learning something new each day is a splendid thing, Raintree, especially when it involves books for kids. Thank you!

Raintree on 09/26/2014

No I learned something new today! I love how you write about books :)

RuthCox on 09/26/2014

Ah! but Grandfather Twilight speaks to children of all ages... Consider the child in you, too.

AngelaJohnson on 09/26/2014

No, I never heard of this book. But my "child" is now 38 years old.

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