Kilroy Was Here on Ocracoke Island with Summer McPhee

by RuthCox

In this book review of The Adventures of Summer McPhee of Ocracoke Island: Kilroy Was Here! by Douglas Quinn, I will disclose who solves the Kilroy mystery.

It’s a mystery to me why it took reading mystery books for kids (as an adult) for me to realize just how much I enjoy reading and solving mysteries! I credit author Douglas Quinn for that fact of fiction being realized.

Not only was I amazed by this “whodunit” reading pleasure, I came to the realization that it is true–Everyone loves a good mystery!

This particular adventure in the Summer McPhee series by Quinn held my interest from start to finish. While I may disclose who solves the Kilroy mystery, you will, of course, need to read this children's chapter book to find out just whodunit!

Summer McPhee Solves the Kilroy Mystery

at Ocracoke Island School

Everyone has something they’re really smart at.” As it turns out, Mrs. McPhee wasn’t talking about her daughter Summer when she made that statement of fact in Quinn’s adventure book, though it sure did apply to the schoolgirl.

Summer was pretty smart about a lot of things: how to help others and being a good friend by standing up for them, how to take everyday life in stride even when it seems unfair, how to enlist the aid of others as a means to an end – to name a few.

Most of all–she was really smart at putting seemingly clueless clues together to solve a mystery. Maybe she was even smarter at figuring out a positive plan of punishment, more like rehabilitation, of the one who done it.


Summer McPhee solved the KILROY WAS HERE! mystery of the Ocracoke Island village school!

And yes, she did it single-handedly!

Quite a mystery it was, too. One day, all of the computers in the school booted up to a frozen screen with a message that screamed ... KILROY WAS HERE!


Was it the new kid on the block, Jimmy Wade in a wheelchair, with a chip on his shoulder from being bullied most of his life? Was it Carla, the biggest bully of Ocracoke School? Was it the anti-social on-site computer tech, Mr. Westinheimer, who hated his job? Or–was it the ghost of James J. Kilroy himself?

Takeaways for My Readers

from Author Douglas Quinn

I always like to share with you, the readers of my book reviews, a few thoughts direct from the author. Here’s what Douglas Quinn shares as takeaways from the reading of Kilroy Was Here!

  • I think the most important thing is that bullying in school happens more often than not when someone is “different.”
  • Kids don’t need hours of TV, cell phones and electronic devices (games) to amuse themselves. (Summer has an interesting and productive hobby.)
  • Family relationships and situations are varied and sometimes difficult for both children and adults.


Author’s Reaction To My Review

of His Book

Terrific review, Ruth. I really like the way you approach reviews, too, including the take-aways and the “other books” promos. You’re numero uno!

For you writers out there, this review (style) for my children’s chapter book The Adventures of Summer McPhee of Ocracoke Island—Kilroy Was Here! is an author’s dream. It is the most creative review presentation I’ve ever had (and I’ve been reviewed many, many, many times). Please take the time to click on the link and don’t pass up the videos at the end. Really cool stuff. Thank You Ruth Cox.

Additional Summer McPhee Adventures

Terrific Mystery Series for Children ages 8 to 12
The Adventures of Summer McPhee of Oc...The Adventures of Summer McPhee of Oc...

Prolific Author

While Summer McPhee of Ocracoke Island Adventures may be geared mostly toward reading by young girls, Douglas Quinn is quite a prolific author of children's books across a variety of genres and age groups. (Including books for adults.)


Kilroy and Ocracoke

I’ve selected videos to explain the historical significance of the Kilroy drawings, legends, and facts. I’ve also included a traveler’s view of Ocracoke Island, North Carolina, USA. And, you can even try your hand at a Kilroy drawing of your own!

How To Draw Kilroy

The Folklorist Kilroy

Ocracoke Island, NC

James Kilroy Family

Book and Author Delivers

Of course, I find it splendid when children’s books not only entertain the reader but also touch on topics of social importance too. In my opinion, this doubles the pleasure of the reading experience for our kids.

Douglas Quinn delivered both entertainment and educational value in his book, The Adventures of Summer McPhee of Ocracoke Island: Kilroy Was Here!

Updated: 10/09/2014, RuthCox
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RuthCox on 10/16/2014

Quinn's books for kids are terrific, Marsha. The Summer McPhee series is a great mystery and adventure book collection that is growing quickly. He is one prolific author of children's books!

Marsha Cooper on 10/16/2014

I would love to read Douglas' children's mystery books. I've only read one book by him that he sent to me through gather to review.

happynutritionist on 08/25/2014

This is a new series to me, perhaps because I don't have young ones around or grands yet, but it looks like good fun!

Sylvestermouse on 08/25/2014

What a most excellent review! It makes me want to read this books myself. I do love a good mystery, especially one that I can read without having nightmares. I guess that part of me will always be childlike :)

SusanZutautas on 08/25/2014

I've not read any of the Kilroy Mysteries but they do sound interesting.

BuckHawk on 08/25/2014

OK, you definitely have me intrigued to read this. It's always exciting to discover a new children's mystery series.

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