12 Uses for a Muslin Wrap

by wrylilt

Ideas on other uses for your spare baby muslin wraps.

During pregnancy and once your baby is born, you often end up with multiple items, many of which only get a few weeks or months of use before baby no longer needs them.

One common item is the muslin wrap - great for swaddling baby after birth and keeping them warm while still allowing air to circulate.

But once your baby learns to move their arms and legs efficiently, wraps are no longer needed. So what do you do with them? Here are a few ideas.

You May Legally Repin This Image
You May Legally Repin This Image

1. Swaddle - this is one of the most common uses for muslin wraps. Swaddling your baby so they are snug and warm, just as they were in the womb. Most babies can escape from swaddling by 2-3 months of age.
2. Summer blanket - perfect for when your baby needs a bit of extra warmth but the weather is still mild.
3. Pram cover - when you're on a day out, it can be difficult to keep the sun and insects away from your baby. Use a couple of clothes pegs to attach the wrap over the front of the pram as needed.

4. Burp cloth - place over your shoulder to catch any spills your little darling may have during a burping session.
5. Nursing cover - if you're regularly feeding in public but want some privacy for you and your child,  you can sling a wrap over your shoulder to avoid unwanted intrusions and stop your baby getting distracted. Tuck it under a bra strap or knot it at the corner to keep it in place.
6. Teething blanket - perfect for babies to much on when they're experiencing sore gums.
7. Carseat cover - on hot days with sun glare coming straight through the window glass, it's important to protect baby's delicate skin. You can lay a wrap over the straps holding a rearward facing carseat in, or close the door on the top part to obscure the whole window.
8. Bandage - the thinn material of the wrap is perfect for use as a light bandage or sling for a sore arm.
9. Tablecloth - use it as a light table cover when you have a picnic in the park.
10. Spill soaker - muslin is quite absorbent, so it's a great item to carry in your bag to soak up spilt juice or any other liquid.
11. Wet drape - wet the wrap and use pegs to attach it to the front of a fan. Great way to cool down a room on a warm day.
12. Dressups - makes a great cape for any young hero.

Updated: 04/13/2012, wrylilt
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Sheri_Oz on 08/25/2012

I was wondering about crafts ideas using this material. Ideas?

CindyMurdoch on 04/14/2012

Lots of great ideas for using this item. And since it it cotton it is a wonderful fabric.

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