Valentine Wreath Ideas

by Digby_Adams

A Valentine wreath on your front door is the perfect pick-me-up for the Winter blues. Hearts, flowers, teddy bears and more will put a smile on everyone's face.

Bright red and festive Valentine wreaths are a welcome relief from the dreary colors of winter. In addition to a pop of color, they bring a romantic message of love, warmth and romance. I can almost smell the rose bouquet, the pound of chocolate, the bubble bath in the tub. Yes, I'm a romantic and I love romantic gifts. But I also just love sharing the happiness of Valentine's Day. If you love rich and lush Valentine decorations, then take a look at the Valentine heart wreaths. If you're tastes run to the more simple than take a gander at the primitive Valentine wreaths. For a warm-hearted Valentine's Day, don't miss the country-inspired wreaths. For some fun, learn how to make a Valentine pretzel wreath.

Pink Heart Rose Wreath

Make Any Space Romantic and Inviting
Pink Heart Rose Wreath - Willow Wood - Wall and Door Decor

Carved wooden roses in the softest and romantic rosy pink. While real roses will fade away this lovely Valentines Day wreath will last a life time. Think of it as February mistletoe and hang it above your bed. Romantic signals make every relationship new and fresh. The perfect size for any room.

Romantic Heart Wreaths

Hearts say romance better than any other shape. So you'll see lots of Valentine wreaths with hearts. Many of these will be a bright lipstick red color, but not all of them. Gold and silver are also popular heart colors. And because hearts and flowers are always a popular I Love You Gift, expect to see lots of roses and flowers on your Valentine heart wreaths. Of course, when you're picking out a front door wreath, you should consider your house color and house style. If you've got blue shutters or a blue door or some other dark color, you might want to find a gold or silver wreath. On the flip side, if your front door is white, then go with a Valentine wreath filled with vibrant colors. You also can choose between a simple heart-shaped wreath and an extravagant heart swag wreath that cascades down your front door. There are no set rules that govern love or front door wreaths. So in this matter of the heart, feel free to express yourself and share it with your neighbors. If you live in a northern climate where it's often cold and dreary, everyone will appreciate your romantic efforts. Perhaps you'll even get a box of chocolates in return.

Valentine Wreaths with Hearts

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Deco Mesh Valentine Wreath-red and White Mesh with Red Hearts

Give Door a Romantic Flair
Deco Mesh Valentine Wreath-red and White Mesh with Red Hearts

February is the month that all romantics love. This 30-inch wreath will look spectacular surrounded by snow. It will cheer up everyone that has had to deal with winter's gray skies and Mother Nature's snow and ice. Sometimes I think that's why they put this holiday in the middle of the darkest and coldest part of winter.

Valentine Wreath Swag

Romantic Decor on eBay

Simple and Elegant Romantic Decor

Primitive Design on eBay

I love primitive home accents. Often these designs take leftover scraps of metal, perhaps even coat hangers and transform them into beautiful art objects. You'll often see them embellished with natural elements such as berries that can be found by walking down a country lane. Artists who can take these simple elements and make romantic items for my home, have my admiration. Many of these look much more fragile than other Valentine wreath designs. So I tend to hang them inside. If you still have rooms with doors, hanging a Valentine wreath on one of those is a wonderful embellishment. Of course if you have fireplace, that's a natural spot for a wreath of any kind. Just remember that if you use your fireplace, the heat from it can dry out Valentine wreaths with real flowers or berries. I love to decorate my bedroom for Valentine's Day. I always put a huge Valentine wreath over the bedroom fireplace we have. Then I bring out all of our Valentine figurines and put them on the fireplace mantle. No matter how frustrating life can get, there's no way to look at these adorable ceramics and not feel a touch of love in your heart.

Valentine Prmitive Wreath

Romantic Gifts on eBay

Love Valentine Wreath

Romantic Thoughts on eBay

Traditional Country Wreaths

Valentine Gifts on eBay

If you love the traditional flavor of country decor, then I'm sure that you'll love these country-inspired Valentine wreaths. I've never met a mean-spirited person that loves country home accents. Somehow they always shower me in quilts and teddy bears and warm afghans. They seem to be wonderful cooks as well. Perhaps it's because they think of the aroma of warm apple pie baking as part of their home decor. Believe me this is fine with me. I have a neighbor like this and if I can't make it over for a piece of pie she delivers. She also never forgets a holiday. I can count on seeing her Valentine wreath sometime in mid-January. It's filled with bright hearts, red birds such as cardinals and the most beautiful cloth ribbons. One year she even gave me a sweatshirt with a country heart wreath embellished on it. She did look a bit disapprovingly, when I wore it on a cold summer day. Like why aren't you wearing your summer embellished sweatshirt. I think she means the one with flip flops that she gave me. These are the people who keep us all on schedule and help us revel in our holiday calendar.

Country Valentine Wreaths

Country Decor on eBay

Tuscan Valentine Wreth

Italian Decor for Valentine's Day

I've always heard about chocolates for Valentine's Day, but pretzels have a certain buzz these days. I'm thinking that this is perfect romantic decor for my husband's home bar. I mean pretzels go better with beer or whiskey than chocolate. I'm thinking that this will make him smile and that the snacks will be enjoyed. I'm even thinking about ways to embellish this with peanuts and other snack guy food. Of course since these are glued into place the wreath isn't edible. I'll make sure that there are plenty of pretzels and peanuts available, so that there isn't any urge to eat a toxic decoration. The one shown in the video is actually quite small. I plan on making one that's quite large. In addition to peanuts and snack food, I'm going to embellish the ribbon with his favorite team's logo. At minimum it will be gold and black Steeler colors.

How to Make a Victorian Valentine Wreath with Pretzels

Unique Decor for Valentine's Day
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