Vintage and Antique Cameo Jewelry

by lakeerieartists

Vintage and antique cameo rings are very collectible, beautiful to wear, and have timeless fashion.

There is something so elegant about antique and vintage cameo jewelry, whether the cameos are on a pendant, in a brooch, or in a pair of cufflinks. Cameos are usually classic in style, surrounding by a vintage or antique metal filigree setting. An antique or vintage cameo piece can upgrade the look of any dress, coat, or suit, and can be worn by men or women depending on how the cameo is presented.

A cameo is a piece with a carving in raised relief against a differently colored background. Cameos have been carved since ancient times, as far back as Greece, originally being made on gemstones. Cameos were also used for signet rings in the past. However, now most cameos are carved in shell or glass. The majority of cameos are portraits, although some are scenes from landscapes.

Vintage Cameo Pendant

Vintage and Antique Cameo Rings

Vintage and antique cameo rings are very collectible and also beautiful to wear.  You can collect cameo rings from a certain era of manufacture or you can search for a specific color or style of carving.

Faux cameo rings make terrific gifts for young children because children like the carvings and pictures on the cameos.  However, there are just as many gorgeous antique cameo rings for your girlfriend, wife or mother.

Cameos have a timeless quality about them, so they never go out of fashion.  They look good on a classic work suit, but just as good with jeans or goth clothing.

Vintage Cameo Ring

Cameo Cufflinks for Men

Although men cannot wear the antique and vintage cameo necklaces, earrings, and pins, men can wear cameo cufflinks. Cameo cufflinks look really great paired with a tux. So if your man wears cufflinks, this is the perfect gift for him.

There are also cameo covered pocket watches for men.  This is a pocket watch that can be carried in the pocket of a vest or pants of a suit.

Men can wear the smaller cameo pins as a tie tack. These would look great on a dark or plain colored tie for a special occasion. So don't leave men out when it comes to cameos.

Vintage Cameo Cufflinks

Vintage Cameo Brooches

Vintage Cameo Earrings

Vintage Cameo Chokers

Antique and vintage cameos look especially good set off on the neck on a choker.  It is easy to take a cameo brooch and turn it into a choker by sliding a 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch ribbon through the pin back and wearing it around your neck.

The ribbon will make the cameo standout on your neck, while creating a soft outline for the cameo.  Because cameos are timeless, classic designs, they will look good with just about any style of dress including goth.

Cameos are often white on a pink or peach base, but you can find white cameos on black, pale blue, dark blue and gray as well.  Every once in a while you will find other colors as well.

Vintage Cameo Chokers

Vintage Cameo Watches

Vintage Cameo Lots

Collecting Antique and Vintage Cameos

If you are someone who loves vintage jewelry, loves vintage cameos, or just loves the way cameos look, antique and vintage cameo jewelry is very collectible.  Depending on the age, condition, and material the cameo is made from, will create variations in the price range.  But there are many cameos available to collect, and Ebay is a great place to start looking.

Some of the most unusual vintage cameo collectibles are cameo compacts that were designed to hold cosmetics or perfume.  These are very stunning, and make a wonderful gift for Mother's Day or a birthday.  Some of the compacts are small enough to be worn as a brooch.  What a great way to carry your makeup with you.

Cameo pocket watches are also available for women, and the women's versions are very delicate looking.  Once you start collecting antique and vintage cameos, you will find that you love them.

Vintage Cameo Compact

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lakeerieartists on 07/21/2015

Yes, they are very cool. I have one that I got as a child and love it.

CruiseReady on 07/20/2015

Cameos are indeed beautiful. There's something really graceful and timeless about them. This page has made me want a ring!

lakeerieartists on 07/20/2015


blackspanielgallery on 07/20/2015

You have a way of finding great pieces.

wrapitup4me on 10/19/2012

Excellent article on vintage items. It seems more and more people are taking an interest in collecting "vintage". Or is it just that I am more interested now so I'm noticing others who are as well?

BrendaReeves on 03/29/2012

Love it! Your articles are great!

katiem2 on 03/26/2012

My eldest daughter is turning 16 in May she is therefore going to a lot of sweet sixteen birthday parties. One of her best friends wants a cameo for her birthday. My daughter and I have been shopping for the perfect cameo. Great to read this :)

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