Jewelry for Vampire Lovers

by JoHarrington

Ensnared by a Prince of Darkness or a Queen of the Night? Alert humanity by donning stunning jewelry for victims of the vampire.

As long as the Undead walk this Earth, they will need to feed. They leave in their wake a trail of humans, pale and fading, until death finally takes them in the vampire's dark embrace.

If the movies are anything to go by, then these tragic heroines (and the occasional doomed man) are universally beautiful. It's all about taste; vampires know about style. But why should the Undead have the monopoly on glamor? There are ways to make their victims sparkle too.

Whether out on the town with your vampire lover, or merely wishing to look the part, check out this collection of blood-slave jewelry.

Bitten Vampire Choker with Red Blood Drops

Vampire Victim Jewelry with Blood

In no other genre is being the victim seen as so utterly glamorous, but vampire literature and movies alike have made it so.

Whether it's Lucy lying wanton and hissing on a bed in Dracula, Sookie kicking ass in True Blood or Bella Swan moodily watching for her beau in Twilight, the vampiric victim is the desirable one. She attracts the bad guys and there's something about her, which causes those fangs to stand erect.

Maybe she can save him.  Maybe she's already doomed.  Maybe psychologists could have a field day working it all out.  But she's representing us in this story, and she's in the greatest peril of her life.

The puncture marks on the velvet choker are crafted from fine Swarovski crystals, as are the blood marks. English pewter forms the chains. It's certainly a striking piece of vampire jewelry for your collection.

Of course, there are those human victims who know they're enthralled.  Their bleeding heart broke when the vampires called. Darkness and death entered their very souls.

But what can they do? Mesmerized and powerless, they could scream like Christabel to beware, while accepting that they are ultimately doomed. Yet that rebel spirit still calls the warning to their fellow human beings. They may not be able to speak it aloud, but their jewelry sounds the alarm. See the Gothic darkness swirling in decorative ornamentation; see the skull, the broken heart and the blood.

There are vampires here.  Run. Run far away. And never stop running.

Bracelet for a Vampire's Blood-Slave

Passion: Gothic Alchemy Jewelry Set

The twisting thorns are symbolic of the vampire's thrall. They bind and pierce. They draw blood. And the droplets weep.

Fortunately for the wearer of this Gothic jewelry set, the brambles are pewter and the blood drops are cut from flawless Austrian crystal. 

Nevertheless the three piece collection ensures that the Passion thorns appear all over your body. At the wrist with the bracelet, climbing the ears with the earrings and, of course, enclosing the jugular with the necklace.

Passion Alchemy Gothic Necklace

Wildly romantic authentic Alchemy Gothic necklace featuring a blood-red faceted crystal 19mm by 13mm, set in a thorny tangle of fine lead-free English pewter approximately 3" wi...

View on Amazon

Passion Earring

**No Expedite and Second Day Shipping Available.** A bramble of thorns entangles the ear, weeping tears of Swarovski crystal blood; see also P530 & A80 for coordinating items.

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Bed of Blood Roses from Alchemy Gothic

Black Roses and Blood Necklace for a Vampiric Love

Brambles aren't the only plant with thorns. They can only snare the body, roses can attach to the very heart-strings. Will the potential human victim see beyond the blooms to the danger lurking at the stem? By the time they're pricked, it's already too late.

Black roses wind about a living heart. Its vines and thorns encroach, puncturing, squeezing out the first droplet of blood. This victim is already lost. The vampire has seduced its prey into a doomed romance.

Wrought English pewter and red enamel Swarovski crystals tell the tragic tale.

"Take Me Away from all this Death."

Mina succumbs to Count Dracula, in the 1992 version of the most famous vampire story of all. Not all victims of vampires have to die.
Francis Ford Coppola directed this star-studded cast through the most faithful movie adaptation of 'Dracula' thus far. Gary Oldman stole every scene.

Gothic Red Rose Wristband and Chained Ring

Red Rose Bracelet for a Vampire's Victim

A dark romance plays out here, as the red rose at the wrist apes the welling life-blood. The droplets drip through lacy blackness, chaining one more soul to the dark side.

Is escape even possible now? It's about nothing so crude as food for survival anymore. It's about passion and the heart's desire. It's seductive. The human's hand has been given in chains, but it's a union nonetheless.

The last great drop of crystal blood is practically on the ring finger. It's a terrible betrothal, doomed to end in tragedy. Neither will linger long upon the words 'until death do us part'. Time is ticking relentlessly, inevitably towards that very state.

If she gives herself entirely, offering up the very last that she has to give him, then the pact is sealed. The blood turns black on her marriage band.

The red rose of romance is frozen in memory, framed by a pewter surround. It's a keepsake memorial. The final testimony to a love that is too intense, too all consuming to go on.

And if the human's veins produce the last welling of sustenance to her dark master, then it emerges in lace and velvet decay.

She is lost. The chains which bound her to this dark marriage finally have no meaning. Her spirit is free, her heart pounds no more with the strain of surrender.  But her vampire lover remembers. In endless loneliness and regret, he carries their brief passion into eternity.

Vampire Wedding Rings

Betrothal Ring by Alchemy Gothic, England

A miniature, rococo masterpiece of romantic tokenism, with the blood red enamelled heart of passion.

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Rose of Passion Alchemy Gothic Ring

Genuine Alchemy Gothic fine English pewter black rose ring, featuring a teardrop-shaped blood-red Swarovski crystal dangle. The rose is studded with seven clear Swarovski crysta...

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Passion Ring by Alchemy Gothic, England

The tortuous thorns of self sacrifice bleed with tears of Swarovski crystal.

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Are you cosplaying Sookie Stackhouse or asking a True Blood fan to marry you? Check out this replica engagement ring inspired by one of the show's most romantic moments.

Wristband and Ring for a Blood-slave Bride

Or maybe such a love was too delicious to let go?  Not every human victim is destined to fall into the gaping grave, unless it's to become her resting place during only the daylight hours.

The feeding can go both ways. It can become the dark kiss of eternal accursed life. This blood-slave gave up her life, then surrendered her death too. She has changed. She's become the vampire's immortal lover.

It began in blood and deadly romance, but these red roses bloomed in a bride's white lace and a wedding ring. No more chains. She struck gold and won a vampire's charms.


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JoHarrington on 05/03/2013

This is my sentiment entirely. There are so many pieces on this page which I would love to accessorize a vampire Halloween costume.

treasuresabound on 05/03/2013

These vampire jeweries look good and will make a good Halloween accessory for a Vampire.

JoHarrington on 05/01/2013

Me too. It's really quite striking, isn't it?

kate on 05/01/2013

That chocker is inspired - i wish i had thought of that design

JoHarrington on 04/29/2013

I thought so too. :) Any particular favourites?

Jenny on 04/29/2013

These are gorgeous too.

JoHarrington on 04/27/2013

I loved loads of them. In most the vampiric touch is very subtle. I honestly thought that the vampire jewelry would be the best collection, but it's not. That belongs to this, the jewelry for vampire victims!

Darla Sue Dollman on 04/27/2013

I see the Gothic, but the only one I connected to Vampirism is the black choker with the red dots! I would wear these pieces. Nice selection. They're lovely.

JoHarrington on 04/26/2013

I thought that. I'm doing a companion piece of jewelry for vampires, but this collection is better. I loved the way that the final pieces could tell a story.

Sethisis on 04/26/2013

They're really beautiful! I love how they all fit together like a matching set

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