Gothic Jewelry for Vampires

by JoHarrington

Cosplaying a vampire at a party? Or do you desire vampire chic to complete your look? Glamorous jewelry to get your teeth into!

Goths know it. Hollywood starlets have based whole careers on it. Racy films and literature have lingered long and hard upon it. Vampires are sexy. Simple as that.

Whether you're aiming for the whole vampire ensemble, or adding a touch of dark glamor to an existing outfit, there is jewelry. I'd be missing a trick, if I didn't say that this collection is fang-tastic!

Bad puns aside, check out these gems, for the purposes of seducing, lounging and being utterly diabolical. Let your dark side show.

The Westenra Choker - Alchemy Gothic Necklace

Ornate Choker for a Vampire Lady

The vampire woman dazzles and entrances, but there's a subtle warning wrapped around her neck. Read the signs and you might just escape with your life.

The black ribbon hints at darkness and mourning. It streams through a very pretty cage of Britannia pewter. Is it just pareidolia which sees dragons in the ornate detail? Or floundering human faces and forms? Is that a silver fount bursting above and below?

When interpreted from a certain point of view, those emerald crystals could appear as puncture marks on the neck. And what dangles?  A blade, or a vampire's extended fang? 

Just in case we missed the reference, it's called the Westenra Choker.  As in Lucy Westenra, who rose from the grave in Bram Stoker's Dracula. Now run.

Coeur Noir Choker

Necklace for a Black Heart

Some ladies wear their heart on their sleeve. But not this vampiress. She displays hers on her neck, and it's dark as night.

Her Coeur Noir (Black Heart) is carried by two wings of pewter, caught on a double row of twisted black cords.

If there's a hint of vampiric evil here, then it's nothing to what else may emerge from France.

La Fleur de Baudelaire Gothic Choker Style Necklace

Flowers of Evil Vampire Lady Choker

The vampiric message here is even more subtle, though the enchained skull might give the game away. After all this vampire costume choker appears to depict nothing more sinister than two fairies delivering a shining Swarovski crystal.

Until, of course, you look again at the name of this vampire choker.  La Fleur de Baudelaire, the flower of Baudelaire; and who was he?

Charles Baudelaire, a 19th century Gothic poet, and he did indeed give us flowers.  Les Fleurs du Mal - the Flowers of Evil - a collection of verses deemed so diabolical, that most were banned in his native France until 1949. 

And amongst them was the boast of a vampire seductress turned into stanzas.  In Metamorphosis of a Vampire - a poem penned in 1857 - we find the truth behind this choker's 'fairies':

"My lips are moist and yielding, and I know the way
To keep the antique demon of remorse at bay.
All sorrows die upon my bosom...

...Upon his bed that groans and sighs luxuriously
Even the impotent angels would be damned for me!"

Beware this Gallic vampire queen. Even the angels have been subverted to her will.

Montage of Female Vampires

Expensive and extravagant, there's a distinctly Baroque style about the Queen of the Night jewelry set.  But then again, your vampire is probably old enough to have added these to her collection when Baroque was new.

These are Austrian crystals set amidst exquisitely worked English pewter.  Your vampire has also traveled a bit, through the centuries.  This dark lady knows glamor and quality when she sees it.

But if it's history that you're after, then we can go further back than that!

Vlad Dracula's Order of the Dragon Earrings

Sterling Silver Order of the Dragon Earrings

Ever since Bram Stoker spotted a certain aristocratic title in a History of Wallachia, one name has been synonymous with vampires. 

Dracula was the nick-name of the real historical ruler Vlad Tepes. It means 'son of the dragon' (later diverted through Christianity into 'son of the devil'). He was no blood-sucker, but there still was grisly horror.  His other nick-name of Vlad the Impaler might give the clue there. For the hundreds of hapless victims dying slowly, writhing on a sharpened pole, this human was monstrous enough.

Whether you take your cues from Romanian history or Victorian Gothic novels, these sterling silver Order of the Dragon earrings will date you to at least the early 15th century. This vampiric re-purposing would be anathema to Sigismund, King of Hungary, who founded the knightly chapter to defend Christianity from the on-coming Islamism of the Ottoman Turks.

You may enjoy the black humor, as you sink your teeth into another human victim; or else muse upon the conundrum - did Dracula hold back the Muslim forces by selling his soul to the devil?  And does history ever repeat?

Gothic Red Heart Cross

Gothic Black Heart Cross

Vampire Heart Gothic Cross Necklace

Do vampires shy from Christian symbols or remain impervious to them? After all, these undead may be so ancient that they pre-date the coming of Christ. Or they may be Pagan.

Hollywood has given us both examples. We've watched the like of Christopher Lee's Dracula cower from the cross. We've seen Lestat kiss one. If your vampire embraces a kind of dark Christian spirituality, then this Gothic vampire cross pendant may be the thing.

The heraldry bespokes some ancient noble family; and is that a nod toward the Sacred Heart of Catholicism or merely dinner?  Should that heart be the red of blood, or black to denote the darkness of the Undead?

Either way, those are Swarovski Crystals.

Bat Wing Necklace Vampire Tear Drop Pendant

Blood Red Swarovski Bat Wing Necklace

If your vampire is a Pagan, then this may be the piece for them.  A pentacle dangles from the large Swarovski Crystal blood drop. 

The whole ensemble is carried on vampire bat wings.  On closer inspection, the dark red droplet doubles as the bat's body, swollen on the gorging of its diabolical meal.

There will be no mistaking the dark nature of the blood-sucker wearing this. The symbolism is all there. Present and correct.

But those with nickel allergies beware. The pendant is crafted from both nickel and lead-free pewter.

'Death of a Vampire' Pendant Heart Necklace

Staked Vampire Heart Pendant

A similar theme, but without the Paganism, can be found with this vampire costume necklace. But will you really want to remind the Van Helsings of this world how to kill you?

Death of a Vampire depicts the blood gorged crystal heart staked through its center. Only one creature traditionally dies like that.  And if we hadn't got the hint, then the bat wings conveying it leave us in no doubt. This was one of the Undead.

The tiny skull detail heralds the end of a seemingly eternal life. The vampire's nights of prowling, feeding upon human prey, are finally over. Is that remorse or relief that it feels? Its body shrinks into dust, and its soul is released into the great unknown.

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JoHarrington on 05/01/2013

That's the one which I had my eye on, give or take the vampire bite one from the other article.

kate on 05/01/2013

I like the the Westenra Choker .. very stylish

JoHarrington on 04/29/2013

I concur. That set is really nice.

Jenny on 04/29/2013

The Queen of the Night one is gorgeous!

JoHarrington on 04/28/2013

They are gorgeous, aren't they? Which one did you particularly have your eye on? I quite liked the Westerna one.

belinda342 on 04/28/2013

What beautiful chokers! I may have to invest in one of these before the next GenCon.

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