Vintage Celtic Jewelry: Pin, Brooch, Earrings, Pendant, Necklace

by lakeerieartists

Vintage Celtic jewelry can be fun to collect and wear. Many of the Celtic symbols are both meaningful and beautiful to wear.

Since I did not grow up with any Celt influence in my own family background, I did not become familiar with Celtic symbols and jewelry until I was an adult and had a friend who was partly Irish.

She told me all about her choice of wedding ring, a gold Claddagh, featuring two hands clasping a heart, and surmounted by a crown. The symbolism behind this ring are so meaningful, corresponding to the qualities of love (the heart), friendship (the hands), and loyalty (the crown), that I became interested in learning more about Celtic symbols, and jewelry.

Vintage and Antique Celtic Symbol Jewelry

The Claddagh ring is not the only lovely Celtic jewelry.  You can find many other examples of Celtic symbols set into earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets, and even tiaras in silver, gold, copper, brass, and other base metals.

Although many of the Celtic symbols go back in history to before Christianity, since Christianity became the religion in Celtic cultures, often the Celtic symbols are combines with Christian symbols in jewelry.  And since the imagery goes back so far in history, you can find many gorgeous examples of antique and vintage Celtic jewelry.

Sterling Silver Celtic Brooch


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Large Vintage Celtic Design Sterling Silver Brooch Pin

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Vintage Celtic Pendant


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Vintage Charm Celtic Jesus Cross Pendant Necklace w Brown Leat...

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Buying Vintage Jewelry

Jewelry is not like many other vintage items that are delicate and easily damaged or destroyed over time.  With minimal care, most metal jewelry lasts for centuries, making it easier to find vintage and antique jewelry in good condition.

However, when shopping for antiques, you do need to make sure that you trust the seller.  Legitimate sellers will have prove of authenticity, and will be able to back up their claims for pricing for any given item.  When shopping on Ebay, you always have the right to interact with the seller, and ask questions.  Seller ratings will give you an experience based idea of who is considered a good seller.

Vintage Celtic Ring

MENDINO Men's Vintage 316L Stainless Steel Crystal Ring Celtic...

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Vintage Celtic Cross Malachite Sterling Silver Ring Size 8 D001

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Vintage Celtic Bracelet

Vintage Miracle Bracelet Scottish Celtic Agate style glass

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Celtic Symbols on Jewelry

Celtic symbols that you can find on jewelry may or may not include the following:

Triple spiral or triskele--usually represents the Trinity.

Triquetra--represents religious things that are threefold.

Triskelion-- competition and man's progress.

Single spiral--symbolizes growth, birth and expansion of consciousness.

Celtic cross--Represents the bridge or the passage between heaven and earth. The circle in the ringed cross signifies infinity and eternal spiritual love

Celtic knot--decorative device.

Celtic Symbol Images

Claddaugh Ring
Claddaugh Ring
Celtic Cross Symbol (simplified)
Celtic Cross ...
Celtic Triple Spiral
Celtic Triple...
Celtic Triquetra
Celtic Triquetra
Celtic Triskelion
Celtic Triske...

Decorative Celtic Knots

One of my favorite Celtic design is the Celtic knot which can be found in simple forms like the picture of the brooch in the title above or in extremely intricate designs and decorations.  Celtic knot designs show up during the late Roman Empire, and predate Christianity, but continue to this day in Celtic jewelry designs, tapestry patterns, and even on gravestones.  The interlacing of the lines, spirals, and patterns are almost mesmerizing, intertwining, flowing, and unending.

If you love lace, then vintage handmade Irish lace is a wonderful addition to any of your existing modern or vintage clothing.

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NausetViews on 08/09/2013

Lots of Irish roots here in the Boston area. I love the vintage pieces. Very unique Celtic jewelry.

Sheri_Oz on 12/16/2012

I have seen some of these symbols around and never knew what they were. What lovely pieces of jewelry!

sheilamarie on 03/23/2012

I love Celtic jewelry. My Irish roots run deep.

Shaz on 03/22/2012

I love celtic jewelry and enjoyed learning about the symbolic meanings. Thanks

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