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Crosses have been religious icons for several hundreds of years so there are many types of vintage and antique crosses that have been made throughout history.

If you are a collector of vintage jewelry, one of the best collector's items is a vintage cross or crucifix. Crosses have been religious icons for several hundreds of years so there are many types of vintage and antique crosses that have been made throughout history.

Depending on what culture and style you may be interested in collecting, vintage crosses can be found. Crosses have always been made for both men and women. Some crosses were made to be worn under clothing, and other crosses were more ornamental, worn as a decorative piece of jewelry for a religious order or person of consequence.

Because of the great significance of crosses to many cultures, vintage crosses have been made in just about every type of material from gold to wood, stone and ivory. Crosses and crucifixes were both body ornamentation and hung on walls in the home for protection from evil. This article specifically focuses on crosses made into necklaces for men and women.

Crosses have taken on the personality of the cultures that they were made in. For instance, Celtic crosses have Celtic symbols and decorations on them, while Greek Orthodox crosses have the designs from the Greek Orthodox culture and religion.

There are many beautiful vintage crosses made in precious metals, platinum, gold, and silver, but if you look thoroughly you will find crosses made in whatever materials were most precious and available in the country that they were made in.

Vintage Enamel Cross Necklace

Vintage 14K Gold Cross Necklace

Vintage Turquoise Crosses

Some of the loveliest crosses are made from turquoise or turquoise embedded in a metal shell.  Turquoise highlighting a silver exterior are the most common strung on a sterling silver chain, but some of the turquoise crosses have a turquoise bead chain as well.  Turquoise may also be combined with other minerals and materials like coral.

Vintage Turquoise Cross

Vintage Celtic Cross Necklace

Vintage Catholic Crucifix

Vintage crucifixes are primarily made from metal for jewelry purposes, although there are some vintage crucifixes made from wood.  Before I researched this topic, I didn't realize how many different styles of crucifixes there are, but you will find many of those styles as vintage crucifixes through vendors on Ebay that specialize in vintage crucifixes.

My personal favorite of these vintage crucifixes are the ones with a silver base and the figure of Jesus outlined in gold.  These are especially interesting and beautiful.

Crucifixes like crosses change with the culture that they are representing.  There are also a variation of sizes available for both men and women, and children.  You can find both authentic vintage crucifixes and reproductions on Ebay.  Either are beautiful, but you have to decide how important the authenticity of the vintage or antique item is.

Vintage Gold Filled Crucifix Necklace

Vintage Sterling Silver Crucifix Pendant Necklace

Men and Women's Vintage Crucifix Necklaces

Gothic Crosses

The popularity of gothic style and gothic subculture is one of the reasons that vintage and retro crosses are so popular today.  Gothic style has reinvented many of the vintage looks and styles of a few hundred years ago.

But crosses are still worn today also by devout Christians as symbol of their faith in Christianity.  Crosses made in the past several hundred years represent the duration of Christianity as a religion, and the history of Christianity.  It is interesting to think about the journey that a particular vintage cross may have had during the years since its conception.

Vintage Rosary Beads

Although some vintage rosary beads were worn as necklaces, many of them weren't.  Collecting vintage crosses may include adding some vintage rosary beads to your collection.

Rosaries were often worn on the body somewhere or near the body.  Rosaries, often a comfort in emotional times, were made from just about any material including wood, ceramics, glass, and metal.  Rosaries potentially had a lot of wear and tear due to the counting of the rosary beads during prayer.  Therefore, vintage rosaries may show some wear.  If you are collecting vintage or antique rosaries, make sure that the seller is clear about the condition of the rosary.

Gothic Cross Necklaces

Vintage Rosary Cross Necklace

Giving Crosses as a Gift

Vintage crosses or crucifixes make lovely gifts for anyone you know who would appreciate them.  Family members, members of your church, or good friends are the best recipients for a religious item.  However, if you are not well acquainted with someone, it is best that you choose a more generic gift for them.  There are many other lovely vintage jewelry items that you can give instead.

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sheilamarie on 10/03/2013

Each ethnic group has its own cross. I wear a Celtic one.

katiem2 on 08/23/2012

Nice crucifix. I still have mine from years back. Everyone should have the perfect cross right just for them. :)K

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