Best Islamic Jewelry for Muslim Women

by Tehreem

Now you can choose and buy beautiful spiritual and religious jewelry from a wide range collection given below

Jewelry is one of the great delights of either getting dressed for a special occasion, or else simply trying to look your best on daily basis! However, wearing ornate jewelry that looks beautiful but still serves as a humble reminder of who you are- both spiritually and personally, can often be hard to find. Which is why we’ve got the best collection of jewelry that has incorporated both a religious and elegant spirit- so you can look and feel your best,even as you are consistently reminded of your Lord and your religious obligations!

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Islamic Earrings for Women

Allah Dangle Earrings Women's Religious Spiritual Islamic Muslim Jewelry

These are a pair of stunning earrings which as the name tells, are indeed gold and diamond with Allah in the center. They have been crafted in the beautiful manner with a lovely curly encrusted design on the earrings’exterior and look both antique and enchanting,while at the same time serve as a reminder of Our Lord,with the large Allah crafted in the middle of the earrings.

With a large backholder that won’t snap off anytime and a very elegant feel overall, these are one pair of earrings that will look stylish- either as something to be worn with a party dress or as a simple adornment in themselves over a back headscarf!

Islamic Pendants for Women

Bis'm Allah Ma Sha'a Allah Pendant

An absolutely enticing combination of gold and silver that we’ve got for you, combined in the form of a divine large pendant would be a sterling silver and yellow gold plated filigree style Bis’m Allah and Ma sha’Allah pendant.

The pendant is about 28mm high and as such can either be worn as the main and lovely feature of your party dress or comfortably hidden with only a glint of the Divine Jewelry’s Italian silver chains! This is one pendant that wont ever wear out get tarnished easily even if you accidentally drown it in water or let it slip.

And what such great features, what comes as an added incentive to buy this beautiful little pendant is the fact that the calligraphy it bears is original Arabic custom made and as such can be changed to suit your demands!

Allah Pendant Gold Necklace

A gold winner we’ve got just for you would be the Allah Pendant Necklace Gold Tone Women’s Men’s Religious Spiritual Islamic Muslim Jewelry. Crafted from real gold, with a subtle design on it’s exterior, and a slight sparkle that will light a smile on your face, and a free gold beaded neck chain that comes with it, this is one pendant necklace you do not want to miss out on!

Crescent Moon and Star Pendant

An exquisitely crafted silver treat would be this crescent and half moon pendant, moulded from sterling silver, and which happens to be a romantic and wide medley of casual,formal, chic,antique and yet very stylish! Party? Or just a regular day out with you wanting to look your best?

Well take your pick! An ornate yet very lovely pendant we’ve got exclusively for you, would be the Sterling Silver Hamsa Hand Pendant. Though the design is at once ornate and yet complicated, it’s one pendant that will be sure to brighten even the simplest of outfits!

Turqoise Oval Pendant

A truly unique pendant would be the Allah CZ Turqoise Oval 24” Necklace Pendant Women’s Men’s Religious Spiritual Islamic Muslim Jewelry. A really grand combination of a turqoise sides, with inlaid diamonds and Allah in the center, this is one piece of jewelry that would make the most delightful gift!

With a double colored textured neck chain, this pendant is sure to look charming on anything and despite it’s vibrancy, you could never call it garish or ‘over-the-top’, it’s low-set pendant which looks both naturally subtle and elegant, would never allow you to do so!

Spiritual Islamic Muslim Ring

"Allah" Ring for Women

A beautiful last little offering we’ve got for you, would be the ‘Allah’ Ring Women’s Men’s Religious Spiritual Islamic Muslim Jewelry.

This is a hand crafted gold-plated ring with a diamond centre- and while it is absolutely beautiful, yet the ‘Allah’ in the centre serves as a lovely little reminder of our religious obligations and beliefs!

Updated: 12/05/2014, Tehreem
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younghopes on 01/24/2014

These are beautiful, i have never seen any like these before.

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