Best Islamic Gifts for Muslim Kids

by Tehreem

This is your one stop shop for purchasing an Islamic gift for your kid.

Considering our hectic lives and busy schedules, it is not always easy to keep religion within the confine of our lives. Since, our children are exposed to some of the highest levels of moral corruptions, they need guidance during an early age. However,a new series of Islamic games have stepped in; to remind us and our children of our spiritual and religious duties in both this world and the next; regardless of our schedules. What’s even better is that these games are a combination of quick, easy, fun and educational activities; something for both the family and individual to play over and over again!

Eid Gift Ideas for Muslim Kids

We present you a wide range of religious gifts which will be the perfect gift for your young lads.
Instigate religious values and beliefs in your children by using our wide range of Islamic Coloring and Activity books

Islamic Board Games for Kids

Ultimate 5 Pillars Islamic Board Game


The ultimate game in teaching your child about the fundamentals of Islam, would be the 5 Pillars Board Game: Ultimate Islamic Board Game Experience. This game has been designed to not only revive your child’s memory of the 5 pillars, but to enhance their knowledge of the pillars; Haj, Salah and Fasting etc from a variety of perspectives; be it what the Holy Prophey pbuh spoke, or a direct Quranic source.

The way to play this game is to answer all the questions on the cards; questions which may range from, ‘How many verses of the Quran require prostration?’ to even fill in the blanks questions with direct quotations from the Quran!

By giving all the right answers, you then move closer to finding out which pillar has been given in the vertical numerical list on the centre of the board, and are also one step closer to winning the game! Guaranteed to awaken your child’ religious interest; this is one game that both you and your family can enjoy and learn from at all times!

Islamic Gift Ideas for Grown Ups

Now its time for the Muslim men to enjoy the thrill of wearing jewelry which is permissible according to the Islamic rituals
Now you can choose and buy beautiful spiritual and religious jewelry from a wide range collection given below
Quran Challenge Board Game

The second board game that is both fun and educational would be the Quran Challenge Game by Saniyasain Khan. All the questions in this game have been taken from the Quran and they are not only simple ones that you may already have taught or explained to your children; they are highly challenging ones that even you may not remember or have clearly understood!

However the important thing is that these questions and the board game are not only a great way to understand more about the spirit of Islam; the outcome goes beyond that, because you will be greatly motivated to learn more about true Islamic concepts even after the game!

This board game is also wonderful for bringing your family together after an exhausting day and will even spark the interest of your would- be moody and rebellious teenagers!

Best Islamic Books for Kids

1001 Inventions and Awesome Facts from Muslim Civilization

An amazing book that teaches both you and your kids historical facts in the most fun ways using photographs and much more. The fact is, that having grown used to a consistent stream of Western advancements in the field of technology, we often forget that it was the Islamic civilization that was once at the forefront of all these developments.

Well here’s a way to remember now!

With over a 1000 facts about the spread of technology in the Eastern world thousands of years ago and the discoveries made by Islamic explorers that still influence today’s world; and even historically educational facts- such as that it was a Muslim who constructed the world’s first university, both you and your children will not only learn new and interesting facts about their rich Muslim past but also be left wondering- how to scale that same mount of success as before!

Children’s Islamic Bedtime Stories

Children’s Islamic Bedtime Stories 1[Kindle Edition] is a peaceful little book that you can read off to your kids, and it will both soothe and educate them. This is a collection of traditional Islamic stories that is based on Muslim history as well as rich Eastern culture- perfect for letting your child learn more about his original roots, as well as tearing himself away from the usual stream of lethargic Western literature and immersing himself in something that is unique, exotic and yet steeped in religion!

Islamic Manners Activity Book

A last literary treat for you would be the Islamic Manners Activity Book which encourages children to use their creative talents even as they learn more about religion!

The book contains awesome and artistic activities such as puzzles, coloring paper, connect the dots and even matching cards all which allow children to have fun while teaching them the use of both basic and complicated Islamic phrases, manners and habits! This is a fun book that will surely enable children to learn more about the right forms of Islamic etiquette and will soon ensure that your children are both mentally and physically alert.

Islamic Coloring & Activity Books

My Islamic Coloring Book

An Islamic educational and activity book your toddler will definitely love, would be the My Islamic Coloring Book. It contains over 14 activity levels which require your child to both shade them and understand more about their religion and Islamic culture; while they enjoy coloring the five pillars of Islam, they will also have the most fun choosing which colors will complement each other. Meanwhile they will be able to memorize and talk about the five pillars or even some of Allah’s 99 names!

This is one book that you should definitely purchase in order to give your child the boost that they require from an early age, to learn both Islamic culture and practices and enjoy themselves at the same time!

Complete Salah: Coloring Book

Another informative and engaging little book would be Complete Salah: Coloring Book. However it is not merely a coloring book but an instruction booklet as well: children of up to five will gain immense pleasure by shading in step by step instructions of how to pray while at the same time understanding the importance of prayer themselves by following the additional story of a little boy named Musa and how he decides to take the right initiative by choosing to put down his video games during times for prayer; an added treat for children is the shading in of the splendid Blue Masjid of Istanbul where Musa goes to pray with his family and friends!

The book contains coloring pages and detailed information on how to pray, the right way to perform ablutions, the timings for prayers and even guidance on how to give Azan! So don’t miss out on this creative opportunity to teach your child more about Allah and His worship!

Best Islamic Toys for Kids

Arabic Alphabet Floor Puzzle

Now there’s an even better opportunity to teach your kid, by making him or her understand the Quran through learning Arabic alphabets at an early age. Which is why we’ve got the Arabic Alphabet Floor Puzzle-Perfect Way to Introduce Children to Arabic Alphabets for you! With 24 Jumbo pieces in this puzzle and English translitterations of the Arabic alphabet, this puzzle is great for teaching children of up to 5 years the Arabic alphabet in a fun and creative way, with colorful puzzle pieces!

Desi Doll Talking Muslim Doll

One of our most adorable offers for you, would be the Desi Doll Talking Muslim Doll. Perfect for up to little girls of three years, she is dressed in a cute outfit that consists of a pink headscarf, a pink pinafore over a long sleeved white tee and light blue jeans.

Perfect if you’re sick of seductive looking barbie dolls and just want your child to enjoy the quiet simplicity of a little doll which not only looks pretty and decent, but also sings and speaks in both English and Arabic!

Moroccan Barbie Dolls

The last exquisite little treasure we’ve got for you that both little girls and collectors everywhere are sure to adore, would be Dolls of the World Moroccan Barbie. She is a beautifully dressed little barbie doll in a dress that is of a warm color combination of a subtle orange and vibrant pink.

With a delicately embroidered skirt, and gold jewellery on her person, this is one little barbie who looks unique and absolutely lovely with her tanned skin and exotic gold charms!

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Mira on 11/20/2014

These are some nice ideas for children of Islamic faith. They got me thinking about board games teaching children Christian spirituality. I haven't seen many of those around. Pinning some of these

younghopes on 01/26/2014

These are such a wonderful gifts which infact every Muslim parent should give to your kids. You have given a big list.

Sheri_Oz on 01/23/2014

What a wonderful collection of toys that can help parents help their kids understand the moral standards of their tradition and culture. I am personally interested in the National Geographic book.

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