Eid-ul-Fitr Gifts for Muslim Kids

by Tehreem

We present you a wide range of religious gifts which will be the perfect gift for your young lads.

Eid will soon be on it’s way as Ramazan creeps up on us. Although this special day will still be surely sultry and hot with few clouds, there’s no reason why all your child’s hard work and devotion to religious education should go away wasted on this wonderful occasion! Which is why we’ve got a number of Islamic gifts just for you to choose from; these range from board and card games that help your child remember their Salah and prayer rites and a Desi Muslim doll which acts as a safe alternative to a barbie doll if you would like your little one to stick with something that is both safe and sweet!

Eid Gifts for Muslim kids

This is your one stop shop for purchasing an Islamic gift for your kid.
Instigate religious values and beliefs in your children by using our wide range of Islamic Coloring and Activity books

Islamic Children's Book

The first great Islamic book that we’ve got for your child to read and understand their prayers from would be The Best Loved Prayers from the Quran book; this is a book that enables your child to get the best out of their Islamic heritage and spiritual education by knowing which prayers and surahs to recite and the right religious occasions to recite them- the book is an amazing and fun way to ensure that your child is not deprived of the benefits of knowing their prayers and at the same time enjoys learning them as the book is designed as a story book!

We’ve got Rashad’s Ramadan and Eid Ul Fitr Holidays and Special Days book for your young lad. It depicts how Rashid and his friends celebrate their special days such as Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha and what they do on these special occasions; for your little one and you as you live abroad, this might serve as a connection between family at home and make you feel like there’s someone who knows how you feel- even if it’s just in a book! This book may well help your little one connect to their original roots as they learn where and how the kind of food that would be eaten during Eid is consumed at home, such as malai, shish kebabs or even haleem and they might then be interested in knowing how to cook it on their own!

Eid Gifts for Grown Ups

Now you can choose and buy beautiful spiritual and religious jewelry from a wide range collection given below
Now its time for the Muslim men to enjoy the thrill of wearing jewelry which is permissible according to the Islamic rituals

Madinah Salat Fun Game

The first great Islamic board game that we’ve got for you would be the Madinah Salat fun game. It comes as both an entertaining and informative board game because you can learn about the right and best ways to offer salah while at the same time having the time of your life and quizzing your child about their ablutions and the right way to offer salat; knowing sajdah, ruku and a whole lot more!

Salat Knowledge Game

This is one amazing Islamic game that enables your child to get the best out of their religious duties and rights; they will learn the right way to perform Wudu and offer salah while at the same time being quizzed and asking questions and getting the right answers themselves!

Islamic Matching Card Game

This is an innovative attempt at ensuring that your child’s mind remains busy even as they happily consume sweeties and enjoy their Eid after an exhausting Ramadan! The cards contain questions and answers that your child must match up to respective prophets and their stories; for instance if there is a question about Ghar-e-Hira then your child must be able to answer that in relation to Muhammad (pbuh). In this manner you ensure that your child also remains sharp about their Islamic history and the quick fire rounds involved in this game will in fact exercise his ability to answer as quickly as they can!

Islamic Toys for Kids

Desi Dolls: The first Desi doll that we’ve got for you is this Desi Doll Talking Muslim Doll who appears in an hijab with a long sleeved shirt and jeans peeking beneath; while the obvious modesty of the doll should please parents who wish their child to play with Islamic dolls, this Desi doll also sings and speaks in both English and Arabic, keeps her hands folded and closed and looks adorable and will be a beautiful addition to any little girl’s tea party!

Muslim Boy Doll: This is a nice way for little boys to be able to interact with a doll of their own or even for Islamic doll collectors as a collectors item; this soft plushy toy looks cute and adorable in his striped shirt, jeans and cap and like the Desi doll has been designed to communicate with little children of three and above in both English and Arabic.

Islamic Gadgets for Kids

Lastly, we ‘ve got the Push and Listen voice Islamic dua Salat Surahs machine for your little one. It allows your child to press a certain number or alphabet and thenceforth get to listen to the Dua or surah of their choice or for an Islamic studies class. This is a great way to teach your child about their religion and to do so in a manner that soon becomes fun and of course healthy for your child!

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Mira on 10/21/2014

This is a nice article. Pinning some of these gifts

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