Vintage Napier Brooch Pin

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Napier jewelry was a favorite of Mamie Eisenhower, and was a jewelry line that was known for its elegant lines and style in an era of ornate embellishments.

If you like to collect costume jewelry from the early to middle part of the 1900's, then you should consider Napier costume jewelry Vintage Napier Brooch Pin. Napier jewelry was a favorite of Mamie Eisenhower, and was a jewelry line that was known for its elegant lines and style in an era of ornate embellishments. Napier produced all types of jewelry, but my favorites are the vintage Napier brooches.

Vintage Collectible Costume Jewelry by Napier

Vintage Napier Brooch PinNapier's peak of popularity was in the 1950's and 1960's, but was produced under the Napier name from 1922.  Napier jewelry pieces can be identified by a specific mark that the company began using in 1922. The word "Napier," written in block style letters was stamped on every piece until late in the 1980s.  At that time, the company was sold to Victoria & Co. and the identifying mark was changed to the word "Napier" written in script letters. This mark was used until Victoria & Co. closed Napier in October, 1999.

Vintage Napier Brooch Sets

Vintage Napier Flower Brooch

Collectible Napier Brooch Pins

Napier brooches are highly collectible, and although most of the pieces are costume jewelry, some can cost as much as $150 or more depending on how coveted they are.  However, you can find many beautiful vintage Napier brooches for under $10 in mint condition.

Napier brooches were most often made in goldtone, however there are a few that are sterling silver.  Brooches were made in many themes, including animals, plants, flowers, and abstract shapes.  Napier brooches were known for their simple, stylized lines, and signed pieces.

The Napier brooch pictured above is from the Ebay seller dancingvole.

Vintage Napier Christmas Brooch

Vintage Pearl Napier Brooch

Vintage Ribbon Napier Brooch

Vintage Napier Circle Brooch

Materials Used in Napier Pins

Napier primarily made costume jewelry, however you can find sterling silver pins as well as vermeil (gold plated over silver). More common were gold tone brooches which were adorned with rhinestones and faux pearls.  Napier brooches also were decorated with enamel in various colors.

Napier Style

Napier brooches have a distinct style to them.  Most of the Napier brooch designs have an elegant flowing style.  Common design elements are circles, curves, ovals, and a loose ribbon effect.  Even the brooches that represent animals or leaves have a curved line to them, and very simple detailing.

Some of the pins have details etched into the metal like the veins of the leaves, while others are detailed in relief with rhinestones and pearls.  It is more rare to find vintage Napier brooches with a multitude of colors, although there are some very beautiful rhinestone vintage Napier Christmas tree brooches.

Vintage Napier Rhinestone Brooch

Finding Signed Vintage Napier Jewelry

Once Napier Jewelry was formed under the Napier name, all of the jewelry was marked with the name Napier in block letters inside of a rectangular box.  So finding signed Napier jewelry is the indicator that the jewelry is authentic Napier.

After the company was purchased by Victoria & Company, the mark was changed to a script Napier.  Either of the signatures is authentic Napier.

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