Vintage Bird Brooches

by lou16

Vintage bird brooches or pins are a gorgeous addition to your jewelry box. From owls to swallows these birds make a great vintage jewelry subject.

If you want to add a touch of individual flair to your outfit then a vintage bird brooch is a great way to do this.

There are lots of different ways of wearing a gorgeous brooch (like the ones featured on this page) and I'll take you through a number of different ways. There are also lots of different types of vintage bird pins which we'll also look at.

If you have a favorite bird then we can just jump straight to your bird of choice and see what vintage brooches are available for you to purchase online from the comfort of your own home.

There are lots of different birds to choose from as you can see below -

This selection is constantly changing and vintage bird pins can be found in lots of styles as well as being made with lots of different materials.

Vintage bird pins can be made in metal - gold, silver, pewter, bronze, even tin.   The metal bird pins have recently been brought into popular cutlure with Katniss Everdeen (star of the Hunger Games) having a Mockingjay brooch given to her like the one below.

This Hunger Games prop Mockingjay pin isn't the usual flimsy prop piece of jewelry instead it's actually made from metal and is quite sturdy which makes it excellent for someone who actually wants to wear this pin as a piece of jewelry and not just keep it as a piece of memorabillia.

Even if you haven't seen the movie or read the book you can appreciate the beauty of this Mockingjay brooch.

There are lots of other vintage bird pins that are available in metal as well.   The best place to find a great selection is on ebay.   Here you never know quite what to expect from a selection of Art Deco bird pins to Art Nouveau or even 60's inspired brooches.

Some of the vintage bird pins are also decorated in crystals, gemstones and even mosaics.

Again there's a great selection of them to choose from on ebay and as it's constantly changing you can never be quite sure what type of birds and/or stones are going to be available.

A number of vintage brooches are also designed to that they can be converted into pendants as well which gives you another way to wear them.   I actually have a seed pearl brooch that was purchased in 1913 which can also be worn as a pendant.   I'll confess I've always worn that particular piece as a pendant and not as a brooch.

If you like the idea of this versatility of having a piece of vintage jewelry that can convert from brooch to pendant then be sure to read the product description well and see if the piece you like the look of is one that can be worn either way.

Some birds seem to be more popular so if you have a favorite bird then just look for that particular bird to wear as a brooch.

How to Wear Your Vintage Bird Pin

Using Brooches to Create a Cool Fashion Style

Startng at the top you can add your brooch to your hat if you're wearing one.   A newsboy cap looks especially good with a single pin at the front to one side of it.  

A cloche style of hat with a vintage bird pin has a very 1920s vibe to it which I personally think is a gorgeous fashion era to emulate.

Adding a brooch to a wooly hat/beanie can also add a touch of fun to an outfit.

Pins can also be added to some hairbands which can be a great way to add 'bling' to an outfit.

Scarves are a great accessory to add a pin to and how you would do it really depends on how you're wearing your scarf.   If you're wearing your scarf wrapped around your neck you can put the brooch in the middle of your throat to create a 'choker look.'   If your scarf appears almost carelessly thrown over one shoulder you could have the pin on the shoulder to hold the scarf in place while adding extra texture.

Another way of adding a pin to a scarf is if you like to have a scarf loosely knotted creating a V line in the front - instead of a loose knot you could simply use a brooch to create the same style with a little extra flair added to it.

Brooches can also be worn on coats and jackets.   For most fitted coats/jackets a brooch is worn on the lapel.   This is a very classic look and is even popular with the Queen of England so if you're going for the regal look, look no further!


Vintage Style Enamel Green birdie Austrian Crystal Birds Pin Brooch

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Vintage Style Sapphire Austrian Crystal Eagle Blue Bird Pin Brooch

100% brand new and exquisitely detailed designer style brooch pin.It's great for wearing on your hat, coat, jacket, jean,handbag and purse.The best one for wedding, party and gift.

Vintage Inspired Aurora Borealis Crystal Rhinestone Cool Phoenix Bird Brooch Pin

Flying bird as a pin brooch is difficult to create. The artist has done this with impeccable precision. The flying bird pin brooch is hand painted and decked with Czech rhinesto...

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If you have a more casual jacket like a denim jacket you can be a bit more adventurous.   Wear a cluster of pins like Michael Jackson badges, One Direction badges, Peace badges, Save the Whales badges etc on the chest or sleeves of the jacket and add a vintage bird brooch as a 'surprise touch' - it's a great way to let your personlity shine through and your love of diverse things.

You can also wear a vintage brooch on your top - usually near the top on one side.   If your top has ties on it however you can use a vintage pin on them whether they're at the botton in the front or on the side.

Gloves can also rock the vintage pin look really well.   I can't take any credit for this idea as it's from a future fashionista extroidinaire aka my tween age daughter.   She wore a pair of short 'fake biker' style black gloves a la Lady Gaga and she popped a brooch on one of them.   The look was pretty cool and the contrast between a very trendy fashion glove and a piece of vintage jewelry gives an outfit a very unique feel.

Bags also look great with a brooch added, particularly a clutch purse when you're going out in the evening.

Some wristbands can have brooches added to them depending on the material they're made with.   My daughter has a cool thin denim band which looks great by itself, but rises to a whole new level with a brooch added.   My daughter and her cousins also have some crocheted wristbands that my sister-in-law made and they can acquire a totally different look depending on the pin added.

When it comes to famous people wearing vintage brooches you can get even more ideas on how to add them to your wardrobe such as on the hip of your evening dress (obviously this depends on your figure!).  

Michelle Obama wears a lot of different brooches and she pops them in the V of a V-neck top as well as combining a group of them to add 'bling' to a round necked top.   She has also worn brooches at her waist.

I'm sure there are many more great ways to add a vintage brooch to your wardrobe if you just use your imagination.   Be sure to let me know any other ideas in the comments, but first here are a few more vintage bird pins.

Doves have been thought of as the bird of peace for so long it's hardly surprising that they have been a popular subject for jewelry for quite a while too.

Wearing dove jewelry isn't just for a lover of doves it's also a way of showng that you believe in peace and the selection of vintage dove pins opposite do a great way of doing that in style.

Vintage Flamingo Brooches

The flamingo is a very flamboyant bird which is probably why jewelry designers love it so much.

There are some great styles of vintage flamingo brooches available as you can see opposite.   The selection is constantly changing so if you see one that you think looks fun or elegant (depending on your individual style) then grab it quickly before someone else does!

Vintage Hummingbird Brooches

Vintage Owl Brooches

There's something about the owl which people seem to find captivating.   Is it because it has the reputation of being a wise bird among birds?   Whatever the reason there are certainly a lot of different myths about the owl and whatever myths you believe in you'll understand why there is such a demand for owl jewelry.

I must confess I'm always on the lookout for anything to do with owls as my mother collects them, but there is never any shortage of owl jewelry to choose from.   The vintage owl brooches opposite are no exception whether you want plain metal owls or owls encrusted with gems/crystals it seems there's always plenty of choices!

Vintage Peacock Brooches

Who doesn't love the peacock's plummage?   It's because of this cocky birds preening that we've all fallen under it's spell and jewelry seems a natural way of capturing some of the peacocks natural beauty for outselves.

The beautiful mixture of purples and teals in the peacock's 'fan' are the ultimate in regal elegance which is why the vintage peacock brooches are always very popular.  

Peacock brooches have been worn by a number of different celebrities over decades, three famous American's have worn peacock brooches with flair.   One is Wallis Simpson who had a peacock brooch studded in diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds.

Perhaps signally that it's time to start wearing peacock brooches again American actress Gwyneth Paltrow donned a jewelled Louis Vuitton peacock brooch on her dress at the 2011 Oscars.

The third American style icon that has been sporting a vintage peacock brooch is First Lady Michelle Obama.


Vintage Swallow Brooches

I hoped you've enjoyed your foray into the world of vintage bird brooches, please let me know below which is your favorite type of vintage bird brooch, I'm torn between vintage owl brooches and vintage peacock brooches, although I do already own a dove brooch.

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Digby_Adams on 04/17/2012

Wow I really love these vintage pins. I'm an avid bird watcher and I never thought about including them in my wardrobe. It would be fun to put one on my birdwatching hat or vest I think. Kind of glam up a rather drab olive green and tan wardrobe. Thanks for the fashion idea.

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