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by lou16

Silver Celtic jewelry is a very popular form of jewelry that represents Celtic history making it even more special to jewelry owners with Celtic heritage.

Silver Celtic Jewelry

In Celtic jewelry there are a number of different symbols which are often manifested.   The trinity knot is a very recognizable Celtic symbol.   It is quite telling in that it represents a change in Celtic history.

Originally pagans the Celts had to take stock as the Christian church gained more and more influence.   With the Christian church trying to stamp our pagan activites the Celts absorbed some of the Christian teachings into their way of life. 

Celtic Knot Jewelry

The trinity knot is just one example of how the Celts absorbed some of the Christian teachings as the trinity represents the Christian trinity of the father, son and holy ghost.

The Celts were a ‘metal age’ culture and displayed a lot of their art in metal.

This could explain why Celtic designs adapt so well to jewelry. The spirals, interlacing patterns and knot work look fantastic in silver.

Celtic Cross Jewelry

Celtic crosses are another popular form of Celtic jewelry.   It is also another example of how the Celts evolved and absorbed some of the Christian symbols.   The Celtic cross is basically a Christian cross with a circle.   The Celts loved their circles (referred to as mandalas) and often put a circle around their designs.

Ancient Celts believed that the circle represented a wholeness to life such as the life cycle, the shape of both the sun and the moon and the sign of a goddesses power.

The center of the cross is believed to be the meeting place of the divine energies so when combined with the ‘right gemstone’ it can be very powerful.   Every gemstone has their own properties or powers and if they are positioned in the center of the Celtic cross then their properties become even stronger.  

If you're purchasing a Celtic cross pendant for yourself and you want a gemstone in the center, but don't know which one to choose, then why not add your birthstone?   Our birthstones are all supposed to have powers too so wearing them in the center of the cross should enhance their power even more and that can't be a bad thing can it?


Whatever these Celtic symbols mean and whether or not you believe in all of the symbolism and belief systems that they are said to embrace the fact remains that these designs look great!   At the end of the day I know I'm pulled towards Celtic style jewelry and if you're attracted to a particular type of jewelry then as my dad often says when we're shopping - "Just Buy It!"

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