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by lou16

Starfish are very special marine creatures that lend themselves beautifully to jewelry as you can see with these gorgeous starfish pendants I have on display here.

Starfish Necklaces

There's something magical about a piece of starfish jewelry like these starfish pendants featured. It's hard to quantify what the appeal is, but I always deviate towards any and they make me smile.

The first type of starfish necklace I fell in love with was the rather plain style, silver one pictured opposite. The simplicity of this pendant just spoke to me.

There is such a wide selection of starfish necklaces available online these days it's hard to just stick to owning just one (and I won't tell if you decide you simply have to have several, in fact I'm not going to put in writing how many I have!)

You can get a variety of starfish pendants in gold, silver and glass from Amazon. Amazon are a respected online store that make your purchasing jewelry reasy and reassuring.

Now you can buy starfish pendants in both gold and silver, but I must admit that my personal preference has always been for the silver pendants - or white gold. The yellow or rose gold just doesn't appeal to me in a starfish shape despite the fact that it is closer in color to the real thing!

Starfish necklaces have come a long way as you can now get the dimpled look of a real starfish on a pendant. You can even get Swarvoski crystals or diamonds encrusted onto the starfish which really make you think of the marine animal.

The glass starfish are great too and I particularly love the murano glass starfish - one day I'll have to write about my trip to see them making murano glass, but more on that another time!

What is the appeal of the starfish? This is really hard to work out, but I think it's because they encompass the mystery of the sea. I love starfish, dolphin and seahorse jewelry and the sea is the only commond denominator. Just being near the sea, even just watching it, is rejuvenating hence my love of these pendants.

I asked my tween-age daughter why she loved starfish jewelry when she begged to wear one of my necklaces the last time. Her take on it was to do with the shape, not the actual starfish as an animal. In the wise words of a 9 going on 19 year old ''s not boring like a heart, circle or square, it's more creative...' I think that's the only time I have ever heard a starfish be called creative! It has certainly made me look at my starfish pendant differently.

Unique Starfish Pendant

Thanks to Zazzle - a print on demand company - it's now possible to own a more unique starfish pendant like the one opposite. This starfish necklace is based on a starfish that I have not just seen, but actually touched myself! I've stroked a few starfish in my life and it's only made me fall in love with them even more.

I took the photo that is captured on the starfish pendant pictured on Queensland's Gold Coast. The starfish in question resides in Sea World in the petting pools so is quite used to being gently stroked by visitors.

This starfish pendant is a very unique style of starfish pendant as it's not shaped in the usual star shape. The photo almost seems to be part of the acrylic that makes up the pendant as opposed to looking like a photo in a locket. It's 'framed' in sterling silver which, as you know, is my preference for starfish jewelry.

Do You Like Starfish Jewelry

If you like the look of my unique starfish pendant you can check out more of the unique Zazzle designed pendants at Unique Silver Pendants. There are a number of different designs from starfish to roses, gothic designs to cartoon animals and so much more.

Updated: 07/20/2012, lou16
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