Vintage Rhinestone Christmas Tree Brooch Pin

by lakeerieartists

It is so much fun to see the different sparkling rhinestone Christmas tree brooches on the special Christmas outfit whether the outfit is casual or dressy.

If you are looking to add a vintage rhinestone Christmas tree brooch or pin to your vintage Christmas jewelry collection, then Ebay is the best place to start your search. Ebay sellers have an immense collection of vintage fine and costume Christmas brooches to shop and buy.

Almost everyone that I know who celebrates Christmas owns at least one rhinestone Christmas brooch. It seems that giving a Christmas tree brooch to wear on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day is at least an American tradition. It is so much fun to see the different sparkling rhinestone Christmas tree brooches on the special Christmas outfit whether the outfit is casual or dressy.

Adding a Rhinestone Christmas Tree Pin to Your Collection

In my husband's family, all holiday celebrations are ultra casual, jeans and sweatshirts, but even so every woman in the family has a rhinestone Christmas tree brooch that they wear to every Christmas meal and gathering.

There is just something about Christmas and rhinestones that is fun, and festive. Wearing a rhinestone Christmas tree brooch allows you to carry the Christmas season around with you all day.

This page is an introduction to the Vintage Rhinestone Christmas Tree Brooches available on Ebay.  To see more, just click through any of the links on this page to the category shown.  At the end of the page, there are resources listed to help you determine manufacturer and price.

Signed Vintage Rhinestone Christmas Tree Brooches

Vintage Multi Color Rhinestone Christmas Tree Brooches

Napier Vintage Christmas Tree Brooches

Napier is a company that made costume jewelry and specialized in brooches of all shapes.  Their style is a bit more contemporary and sleek compared to other vintage Christmas tree brooches.

When searching for a specific manufacturer of brooches like Napier, make sure to get proof that the vintage brooch is exactly the manufacturer that you are looking for.  Most of the well known vintage jewelry manufacturers have a mark or signature that denotes that a jewelry piece is designed by that manufacturer or artist.

Hollycraft Vintage Rhinestone Christmas Tree Brooches

Price Range of Vintage Christmas Tree Brooches

Depending on the quality of the brooch, and the name of the artist, designer, or manufacturer, vintage brooch pins can range in price.  You can find some as low as $10 to $12, while others will be over $100.  Part of the pricing differentiation is how collectible and sought after the brooch is.

This is especially true of well known companies like Napier.  Certain pieces can be very expensive.  Do some research while you are hunting for a piece to add to your jewelry collection, and find out what a fair price is for an item.  Then you have a better idea if what Ebay sellers or sellers on other websites are charging is a good deal.

Enamel Vintage Rhinestone Christmas Tree Brooches

Czech Vintage Rhinestone Christmas Tree Brooches

The Quality of the Rhinestones in the Brooch

There is really no question in anyone's mind that the best rhinestones are made by Swarovski.  Swarovski Crystal is the highest quality crystal.  Therefore, any brooch that is made with Swarovski crystal rhinestones will sparkle more, shine more, and pick up the light more than pins made with any other crystal rhinestones.

That isn't to say that other pins won't fit your need or collection.  It is just something to keep in mind when judging quality, price, and appearance of the vintage Christmas tree brooch you choose.

Mylu Vintage Rhinestone Christmas Tree Brooches

How Much Sparkle Do You Want in Your Brooch

Style is a very large factor when choosing a piece of jewelry, and that is just as true with a vintage Christmas tree brooch.  It is absolutely amazing how many different designs people can come up with in the design of a Christmas tree brooch.  However, you will find a myriad of beautiful designs to choose from.

If you prefer a simpler, sleeker Christmas tree brooch, then you will have to search for those, while a very shiny all clear rhinestone brooch will entail another search.  Start with broader parameters of what you are looking for, then narrow down your choices as you see what results you get.

Ebay is a huge help with this, as you find the correct search terms to put in the search bar to find the right Christmas tree brooch.

Need Help With Pricing or Other Jewelry Information?

These vintage rhinestone jewelry resources below are a good place to start if you are not sure what questions to ask about the vintage Christmas tree brooch you would like to own.  You can look up the price ranges, styles, and history of companies that manufactured brooches, and decide if what you are looking for is really what you want.

In the end, you will find the perfect vintage Christmas tree brooch to wear to your Christmas festivities this year.

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Napier jewelry was a favorite of Mamie Eisenhower, and was a jewelry line that was known for its elegant lines and style in an era of ornate embellishments.
Updated: 02/07/2015, lakeerieartists
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blackspanielgallery on 07/20/2015

I had no idea seasonal jewelry was arund long enough for there to be vintage pieces. Nice find.

MBC on 10/10/2014

I like your jewelry more than eBay's - how do we find yours?

annieangel on 08/26/2012

These are lovely - guess it is time to start thinking about Christmas.

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