Vintage Style Home Decor Ideas

by pkmcr

If like us you live in a vintage style home or you simply love beautiful and classic design into your home decor then you will want to consider Vintage Style Home Decor Ideas.

If, like me, you love vintage themes and the gorgeous Victorian styles of yesteryear, it can be somewhat confusing when you want to include some of these elements into your home.

On the one hand, you want to get the authentic vintage look and feel, but at the same time, you don't want your home to look dated and old fashioned.

So, how do you go about blending vintage and modern successfully to create your own little piece of heaven that is comfortable and contemporary?

Well, the key is to lay the foundations of your room decor with really strong, modern pieces and then accentuate with vintage flair, using some of these top home decor ideas.

These vintage style home decor ideas are just some basics to get you going, but once you understand the basic concepts that you should follow, creating your own cozy, comfortable vintage feel in any room in your home will be a breeze.

Pick Key Accent Pieces of Furniture

Use Accent Pieces in Your Vintage Style Home Decor

Picking vintage furniture is always fun, and when you shop online or go and visit your local antique stores or markets you will probably be spoilt for choice. However, you need to be careful what you buy to avoid overdoing the look you are going for.

Remember that heavy traffic areas and items that get used frequently should be sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear. You want to pick some key accent pieces that have the vintage look you want.

This could be in the form of a beautiful writing desk, an occasional table, a bookshelf, or a dresser. Make sure that the items you choose all blend in with the color scheme you choose and also match the other pieces of furniture in some way. This should either be in the color, the lines, or that they are made of the same material.

Accentuate Decor Items

Decorating With Vintage Items

With your furniture in place, you can start adding decor items. With so many stunning vintage items available, it can very easy turn your room into a thrift store. So you need to make sure that you really pick out the best of the best and think about what your favorite vintage pieces might be.

One thing that we have found, in part through trial and error is to try to stick to similar items from the same era, or that all blend together well.

Think about decor items that are bold and can help to accentuate the vintage theme without being overpowering and too old fashioned.

One of the best items that you can find pretty easily is a large, ornately framed vintage mirror which also enables you to add light to rooms. Another, that we use extensively is drapes or curtains.

Many people forget about these as decor elements, but they add an immediate ambiance to the room, and with lots of modern furniture, a simple bit of vintage drapery can transform the space.

Another absolute must have is a vintage chandelier. I cannot tell you how many admiring comments we have had about our chandeliers and they don't have to be too expensive either!

Vintage Style Mirrors Bring Class and Light To Your Rooms

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Vintage Chandelier Lighting Choices

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Go Bold With Color!

When you think about colors, it can also be easy to have too many in the space. To create a harmonious vintage feel, pick one bold color for the modern aspect, and then blend with a series of neutral tones.

If you have a specific vintage item that happens to be blue then go with that as the main bold color and work in modern twists around that so for instance you could combine the blue colors with grays and then add hints of yellow just to brighten up the room. You could go wild and pick orange as your main color with the vintage pieces containing mostly white, beige, and other neutral shades around that.

Choosing Vintage Style Furniture

What’s great about vintage style furniture is that they combine traditional lines with unique patterns and textures that make the furniture look antique without actually having to be a hundred years old. And if you prefer furniture with a little more character then the modular, minimalistic modern alternatives of today then vintage is your solution.


Below are some examples of different kinds of vintage style furniture you might want to incorporate into your home’s décor.   

Classic Traditional Button Tufted Club Chair - Oxblood

This club chair would look great in any office, living room, study or den. The chair is upholstered in durable and high quality vinyl in a shade of deep oxblood red.


It also features mahogany finish on elegantly carved wooden legs, traditional button tufted details on both chair back and seat and button accents along the front of the arms. Its overall measurements are 27 ½ inches long, 30 ½ inches wide and 32 inches high. This will be one chair that everyone will simply be drawn to sit on.

Powell Expedition Chestnut 3-Drawer/2-Door Demilune Console

This unique demilune console will bring character and intrigue to any room it’s in. It’s made with amaretto croc and chestnut alligator PU finish for a rich and supple look.


Metal nail head accents and patchwork layout give the console a more tailored appearance. It features a spacious tabletop and wide shelf which is perfect for displaying knick knacks and figurines. There are also three drawers and two doors for additional concealed storage.


This piece comes fully assembled and is both stylish and functional.

Vintage Style Chaise

Target Marketing Systems Storage Chaise

Have your very own chaise to lounge on in the living room, office or bedroom.


This chair has a vintage look that’ll add class and elegance to any room. It features a hardwood frame construction with black finish that’s padded with polyurethane foam and covered in soft and smooth microfiber fabric.


The chair measures 63 inches long, 25 ½ inches wide and 31 inches high and some assembly is required.  

A Beautiful Vintage Writing Desk and Chair

Cherry Finish Secretary Writing Desk & Chair

If you don’t have space for big bulky office furniture and prefer something lighter in structure and design then this secretary writing desk and chair is just what you’re look for.


This beautiful set is made from solid wood and is finished in an attractive cherry stain. The desk also includes decorate brass pulls and a functional middle drawers, great for storing small items and writing supplies.


The desk measures 42 inches long by 22 inches wide by 30 inches high.

Vintage Style Home Decor Top Tips

From many years of experience of creating a vintage stryle in our home here are some key tips that really can make a difference to the overall look and feel of your home.

Lines and Symmetry

When putting different pieces of furniture together it is easy to get a mish-mash of styles and designs that just end up looking messy.

The trick is to pick items that have similar lines or at least one completely contrasting piece. So for instance, to make your room look complete, go for a straight, very modern lounge suit and then add in 2 vintage occasional chairs. What you are doing is creating symmetry and using similar and contrasting lines in a way that works.


Contrasting colors and designs work well together as long as you do this in a clever way. So what you do with modern and vintage is that aside from contrasting the colors or styles among similar pieces, you actually contrast them in the same pieces.

In other words, you could use a vintage cushion on a modern chair or the other way around. You can hang very modern picture frames together with vintage ones on the same wall. Combine a modern lamp base with a very vintage shade. Utilize modern chairs with bold prints or colors with an old vintage dining room table.

Refurbish Old Pieces

A clever way to combine vintage with modern is to refurbish old pieces in an interesting way. Obviously you don't want to ruin very valuable antiques, but to get a cheap knock-off or very worn vintage item will do perfectly.

You can paint a chest of drawers white or blue and even change the handles. You can reupholster chairs in a modern fabric. You can apply whitewash or crackling effects to cabinets, and much more.

Eclectic Vintage Style

Of course there are those really badly worn items that you think are un-salvageable. Well, think again! If you browse through a thrift store or market and find a broken vintage door, think about how you can reuse it, but as something else.

You could add modern legs to it to create the most unique coffee table! How about a broken dresser? Repaint and attach the drawers to the wall to use as a shelf unit. There are plenty of other great ideas you can come up with when out shopping at the markets and yard sales.

There are many other ways to combine and blend your favorite Victorian pieces with modern decor to create a fluid and exquisite room. The main thing to remember is that you need to create a balance in the room.

Don't use too much modern otherwise the little vintage in there will look out of place, and don't use too much vintage for the same reason, plus that fact that it will look dated and like you are trying to recreate your Great Grandmother's house!

Vintage Storage Chest or Coffee Table?

Finding a piece of furniture that’s as versatile as it is functional and stylish can be a bit of a challenge. On the other hand, a lot of vintage style furniture is designed in this fashion; take this coffee table for example.


This rustic styled coffee table appears like a vintage chest or trunk at first glance, but even though it’s not a trunk it can still be used to store items like blankets, pillows and other types of linen. The table is crafted from solid sustainable hardwood stained in a rich walnut finish.


Black metal hardware gives it that trunk appeal while the highlighted grains in the wood really bring out its charm.


This coffee table measures 18 by 44 by 24 inches (H x W x D).      

Maldives Coffee Table - A Vintage Look

Maldives: Coffee Table Picture Book

Great Deals On Vintage Funtiture To Create Your Own Vintage Look

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