Wall Art Stickers Bring Nature Indoors

by HealthfulMD

Vinyl wall art stickers are an easy way to bring nature indoors. By putting removable wall stickers on the walls, one can create a more calming home or office environment.

Wall Art Sticker Decals

An Easy Do It Yourself Design Trend

Wall art stickers or vinyl wall art has become a very popular way to quickly and easily decorate walls. They are also an easy way to bring a bit of nature inside and create calming environment at home or at work.

One of the big reason that wall art stickers have grown in popularity and use is because of their many uses and benefits. They are a great decorating tool for those who can't put up something permanently on a wall and for those like to change their decor frequently. 

There are so many beautiful nature wall art stickers from which you can decorate your walls. The examples collected here are just a small sample of what is available.

Blossom Wall Stickers

Available on Amazon
Sakura Blossoms Wall Art Stickers
Sakura Blossoms Wall Art Stickers

Create a Calming Environment with Wall Art Stickers

Incorporating elements of light and nature into our environment are a way to help reduce stress.

Nature wall art stickers are one of the elements used to help create a calming environment in the home, the office or even the hospital environment. Other elements include light, sacred objects, photographs, water and aromatherapy.

Elements to remove to create a more calming environment include excessive noise and reducing unnecessary technology.

The page on "Creating Healing Spaces and Healing Gardens" offers more tips.

More on Creating Healing Spaces

The medical community has recognized the importance of sacred spaces and healing environments on the healing process. Create a healing place by following a few simple steps.

See the Soothing Effects of Nature Wall Decals

Wall Decals Nature Collection from WALLTAT

Shade Tree Wall Art Sticker

Vinyl Wall Art Decal Sticker Tree Shade 72"x85" 6ft Tall #312
Only $89.95

Benefits of Wall Art Stickers

There are many benefits to decorating with wall art stickers:

  1. Great Variety - There are many styles of wall decals and stickers.
  2. Quick and Easy to Apply - This means that new wall art can be put in in a fraction of the time it would take to paint or apply wallpaper.
  3. No messy glue - Unlike wallpaper there is no extra glue involved.
  4. Temporary - This is great for apartment or dorm dwellers and others. Wall art can be easily removed without leaving a residue.

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Nature Wall Art Stickers - Trees

Art Stickers Available on Amazon
BIG Tree with Bird Wall Decal Deco Ar...
by Digiflare Graphics
Only $44.5
WallCandy Arts Seasons Kit
WallCandy Arts
$54.00  $39.50
6 Ft Large Bird in Tree Vinyl Wall Ar...
Designer Décor

Uses for Wall Art Stickers

Wall art stickers are a very trendy decorating item with

  • Apartment Dwellers
  • House Renters
  • Dorm Students
  • Children Room
  • Tween Room

The variety of styles, relatively low cost, ease of application and removal make wall art stickers a very popular decorating product.

Examples of Nature Wall Decals

In the Office or at Home
Japanese Anemones

Nature Wall Art Stickers - Flowers

Reusable Decoration Wall Sticker Deca...
$21.99  $5.16
Pink Flowers & Butterflies Peel & Sti...
Reusable Decoration Wall Sticker Deca...
Only $5.29

Places to Use Wall Stickers

Wall stickers can be used to decorate nearly every room in the house

  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Children and Teen Rooms
  • Family Room
  • Kitchen

Care needs to be taken if the stickers will be exposed to water or steam (kitchen and bathroom), but the wall art stickers can be used to bring nature into all of these different rooms of the house.

Using Inspirational Wall Quotes

Inspirational quotes can provide encouragement and raise the spirits. With wall art quotes, your favorite quote can be applied to a wall in your home or office for inspiration.

How to Apply Wall Art Stickers

Learning to applying nature wall art stickers is easy. Take a look at a few of the YouTube video tutorials and read through instructions.

Wash and rinse the area with liquid dish detergent and warm water.  Then dry the surface with a clean, lint-free towel or cloth

You can apply wall art stickers by following several simple steps.

  1. Pick out your Wall Art Sticker design
  2. Plan where the design will go on the wall
  3. Prepare the area by cleaning off the wall (washing and rinsing) and drying. Prepare the sticker by taping it to the wall.
  4. Peel off the backing of the wall art sticker. Apply the sticker to the wall. 
  5. Press the sticker into the wall by rubbing all over to the sticker with a credit card or sqeegee.
  6. Peel again. This time the transfer paper in the fron of the wall sticker.
  7. Praise yourself for installing beautiful new temporary wall art. 

How to Apply Wall Art Decals

From the Home Staging Channel and Sticky Tatts

Nature Wall Art Sticker

Spring Wall Sticker Decals
Reusable Decoration Wall Sticker Decal - Spring Flowers and Birds
KR International
$21.99  $1.23

More on Applying Nature Wall Art Stickers

How to apply a vinyl wall art sticker decal
Video clip with instructions on how to apply a vinyl wall art sticker decal.

9 Tips For Applying Vinyl Wall Decals
Tips from Wall Quotes Central for applying vinyl wall decals.

How to apply a wall sticker
Video clip (no sound) demonstrating how to apply a wall sticker.

How To Apply a Vinyl Decal
Vinyl Decals.com explains how vinyl decals work and also how to apply a vinyl decal.

How to apply Wall Stickers
From StickyUps instructions on how to apply StickyUps Sparkles and Wall Stickers

Applying your DIY Wall Art Decals
Instructions for applying wall art decals.

Applying Vinyl Wall Art - Instructions
Instructions for applying vinyl wall art from Vinyl Wall Art.

How to Remove Wall Art Stickers

Vinyl wall stickers are a great decorating idea, because they can be easily removed. If you have children who have decided that they are growing out of pink princesses and want to create a goth look, vinyl stickers are the way to decorate easily and quickly.

Sticker are also a great decorating tool for college students and apartment renters. At the end of the school year, when a student is leaving the dorms or an apartment, they can easily take off the temporary wall sticker.

  • To remove the sticker aim a hair dryer at the sticker to heat it up.
  • Once the sticker is heated up, it will be easier to remove.
  • Start peeling the sticker at a corner and keep peeling the sticker off.
  • Stickers can also be removed by using a credit card to start scraping an edge so it starts lifting up and can eventually be grabbed and peeled away.

Note: Stickers tend to be a one time use, so if a sticker is removed, it is highly unlikely that it can be used again.

Videos on How to Remove Wall Art Stickers

Tips for Removing Wall Stickers

More Wall Murals and Wall Decals

From lakeerieartists
Wall decals are one of the hottest, easiest, and fastest ways to update a room for very little money, yet the results are spectacular.
Wall Murals are the perfect solution to cover a very large blank wall or for situations where you do not want to spend a lot of money, like a college apartment or dorm room.
Updated: 06/11/2011, HealthfulMD
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Really interesting way in which to bring the outdoors in to the home and nicely presented

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