Waterford Christmas Ornaments

by blackspanielgallery

Waterford, the high quality crystal maker, produces some beautiful Christmas ornaments. These light refracting pieces can really add a visual impact to your Christmas tree.

Waterford, the well-known crystal maker in Ireland, makes some incredibly beautiful Christmas ornaments. These can really add one or more focal points to your Christmas tree, or you can decorate a smaller tree with only the ornaments from the Waterford collection. Many are dated, and some celebrate events like a family’s first Christmas or a first Christmas for a newborn baby.

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The Waterford Christmas Ornaments

Baby’s First Christmas

Whether it is for a child or for a grandchild, people tend to add Christmas ornaments to a tree to commemorate the births of family members.  Our tree even has three puppy ornaments celebrating the two dogs who are no longer with us and our black spaniel.  Yes, there really is a black spaniel.


Waterford makes a nice rocking horse Christmas ornament for Baby’s First Christmas.  There are others, but this is my choice as the most beautiful.  Of course everyone is entitles to their own opinion as to which ornament is the most beautiful, so it is a good idea to look around at others.  Amazon shows related items once one item is viewed, often a nice selection of similar items, so going to a given item and looking at the alternatives is often beneficial in making a selection.

The Waterford Christmas Ornaments

Our First Christmas

Families often start traditions, and having a special Christmas ornament that dates back to the first year after marriage can become such a tradition.  Waterford has several First Year Christmas ornaments available, but my choice would be the double bells ornament.  Bells can indicate marriage and also Christmas, so the bells have a double meaning so appropriate for a First Christmas ornament.  And, just as with Baby’s First Christmas ornaments, once one ornament for a First Christmas together is viewed, other relate ornaments will show up on your computer screen if you simply scroll down.

The Waterford Christmas Ornaments

Popular Christmas Ornament Designs

Of the Christmas ornaments shown here, and even from many more, my favorite is the train.  Old steam engines somehow got associated with Christmas, perhaps because a model train set is such a popular gift, or perhaps it is an easy way to show Santa Claus moving a large amount of packages containing gifts.


Another Christmas ornament that is an excellent choice and indicates the real meaning of Christmas is the Nativity Set.  Waterford makes a beautiful Nativity Set Christmas ornament.

The Waterford Christmas Ornaments

Crystal Snowflakes

The snowflake is a popular subject for a Christmas ornament, at least in the northern hemisphere where Christmas is often cold, and a snow falling on Christmas Day makes it so much more special. 


I have experiences a Christmas Day snowfall once, and flurries on Christmas Eve once.  Only on one other occasion did we have snow on the ground from a snowfall a few days prior to Christmas. 


A snowflake is a crystal of water, and has six sides.  The remarkable thing is that no two snowflakes are identical, so it is a welcomed fact the Waterford has a multitude of different snowflakes used as designs for snowflake Christmas ornaments.  These beautiful ornaments will refract light and make your Christmas tree glisten.

Zazzle Christmas Ornament

Use Waterford Ornaments as a Centerpiece

A Small Tree

Why not add eloquence to your dining table?  A small Christmas Tree, either a potted tree, the best choice, or an artificial Christmas Tree would look nice with Waterford Christmas ornaments when used as a centerpiece.  Of course a small tree works best so those sitting around the table can see each other.


Lighting for a Christmas Tree centerpiece can be the lights above the table refracting through the clear ornaments, or can be a battery operated set of lights.  Lights that have to be plugged into an outlet can pose a tripping hazard. 


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blackspanielgallery on 10/25/2015

Indeed, you cannot go wrong with any of them, unless they are for a special event that you are not celebrating.

CruiseReady on 10/25/2015

I think I have to agree about the train engine. It's really neat!

Veronica on 10/18/2015

yes and the angel bell

blackspanielgallery on 10/18/2015

I like the Nativity as well, but my favorite s the train. Waterford makes high quality pieces.

Veronica on 10/18/2015

They are stunning. What a lovely idea to have them on the tree shimmering in the Christmas glow.

The Nativity is particularly beautiful. TY. How lovely.

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