Ways to Make Unpacking Luggage Fun

by Jeannieinabottle

Packing for vacation can be a blast. However, unpacking can be a chore. Join me as I find ways to make unpacking luggage fun.

You've gone on a vacation and now it is time to settle into normal life again. Unpacking that luggage can be such a bummer unless you think of some ways to make it fun.

Join me as I attempt to make unpacking your luggage fun. After all, if you've got to come back home to reality from vacation, you should at least have something to look forward to doing.

Rock Out While Unpacking

The best way to enjoy unpacking your luggage after your vacation is to rock out to some music.  I find that upbeat music is your best bet in this situation.  If you have favorite music for working out, you will find this works well with unpacking, too.  I've found Katy Perry, Kings of Leon, and 80s music always make me happy... even if it is while I am doing a chore like unpacking.


Brace Yourself for Exciting Mysteries

While unpacking, so many mysteries will unfold right before your very eyes.  Consider it an exciting adventure!  You are like the Indiana Jones of luggage!  You can work to solve mysteries such as, "Where is my other pink sock?" or "What happened to that whole box of fudge?" or "What on earth is that smell in my duffel bag?"  You are just like a detective now.

An even more fun aspect of this adventure will be the many mysteries you solve while going through the luggage.  For instance, while unpacking my luggage from last week, I discovered a belt that has been missing for a year.  Hooray!  It was stuck in a forgotten pocket in one of my suitcases.  How wonderful to have that belt back in my closet!  It has been very missed since last summer.

Sorting It All Out

Unpacking luggage
Unpacking luggage

Bribe Yourself With Food

If you went to the beach, surely you came back with a box of fudge or salt water taffy.  Do you need an excuse to eat it?  I can't think of a better one than you are unpacking a bunch of suitcases and tote bags, and you deserve a treat.  So grab a piece of rocky road fudge each time you get a bag unpacked.

I know not everyone goes to the beach on vacation, but surely you must have some treats at home or picked up something while on vacation.  Munch on whatever your heart desires while unpacking your luggage.  You are totally earning those calories!

Get Other People Involved

Do you have children?  Make them unpack some stuff.  If you can convince them you are all playing a game, they will be more likely to happily help you.  If not, bribery helps with them, too.

Are you unpacking alone?  Invite some friends over instead.  Once they arrive, explain you were in the middle of unpacking and can't do anything fun until it is done.  At this point, your friends will either A) leave you and come back later, or B) offer to help.  Let's keep our fingers crossed for option B! 

If you can turn the whole thing into a drinking game, you can make it a fun night.  Furthermore, if you are a female with male friends, it is likely your male friends will help anyway if they believe there is a chance they will get to unpack your underwear.  Little do they know, you already unpacked all that before they arrived.  Oh well.  Just don't mention it to them until the unpacking is over.

Unpacking Your Luggage Can Be Fun

Suitcase inside a suitcase
Suitcase inside a suitcase

Watch a Movie or Television Show

If all else fails, watch your favorite movie or TV show while unpacking.  The time will go by much faster if you are viewing something you really like.  Even if you've already watched Twilight 20 times, if it is your favorite movie and Edward will inspire you to unpack, by all means, you deserve to watch Twilight.  There is no shame in that!


Unpack a Little at a Time

My favorite way to have fun while unpacking luggage is to take it one step at a time.  You don't have to unpack every single thing when you walk through the door.  It is easier if you do not feel overwhelmed. 

When you get home, open whatever bags carry your basic necessities and sort through them.  Unpack the essential items you will use right away.  You can even unpack most items as you need them.  It is no big deal to leave some opened suitcases on the floor for a few days.  You just got home from vacation; no one expects you to have it all unpacked within 24 hours.  Take your time and unpack it as needed. 

Just make sure to eventually unpack it all within a reasonable amount of time.  A week or two is probably a sufficient amount of time in a stress-free unpacking environment.  Also, make sure to really unpack it all.  It is a shame to have a missing belt hiding in a suitcase for a whole year. 

Updated: 07/31/2012, Jeannieinabottle
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