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by katiem2

What you need is easy to maneuver ultra lightweight luggage for carefree and pain free travel. Buy the best lightweight luggage for your travel and comfort.

If you travel like I do you want the most ease and simplistic yet well organized lightweight luggage. Maybe you're you at a point to enjoy some much needed relaxation and travel. Some may be faced with health or physical limitations and need user friendly luggage to make travel a breeze.. Does it seem when you have the time to travel you're worn out or possibly not at your best to do so comfortably? Does the thought of dragging your luggage around weigh heaving on your mind and body? The last thing you want is to drag a heavy suitcase around. Regardless is you're looking for great lightweight luggage because it's the cutting edge in luggage or you need something more ergonomically designed to best and most easily work with the human body, we have the luggage for you.

Ergonomic Luggage

With our advanced technology luggage does not nor should not be cumbersome yet comfortable and easy for any travel.

If the thought of packing and preparing for travel makes you wish you had a personal assistant to do it for you lightweight luggage is an item you need to buy. I've certainly felt this way with the term "pack mule" coming to mind. Thankfully, one day as I was shopping I over heard two ladies talking about this great new ultra light luggage they bought this summer. They talked in length about the great features while many shoppers stopped what they were doing to listen. Thanks to the latest and greatest in technology we can actually enjoy travel with ultra-lightweight luggage, suitcases and carry on bags. Find out how to get your hands on the lightweight luggage the two ladies gave rave reviews.

We have only one body so lets be as kind to it as we possibly can enjoying our travel options when they arise.

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Buy Pain Free Luggage

Easy lightweight luggage is the answer to your comfort in traveling, plus you will be better organized than ever.

Why Dragging Heavy Luggage Around is BAD for YOU!

Heavy bags with wheels are different than light ultra light luggage with wheels and the drawbacks are as follows;

  • The heavy bags are difficult to maneuver while the alternatives are not.
  • The heavy bags have less room as the material takes up more precious space. ultra light bags utilize advanced technology which allows for less material to construct the luggage.
  • The heavy bags are uncomfortable to drag over long distances and injure your wrist which you may later notice in your hands and elbows.

Note: Choose between canvas lightweight luggage or hard case which is great for carrying fragile more delicate items. It's really a matter of choice and personal preference in your luggage needs.

Leisure Lightweight 360 4 Piece Luggage Set

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Canvas Leightweight Luggage

The benefits of canvas luggage out weigh those of hard case luggage.

Something to consider before purchasing your new ultra light luggage is the type you choose, canvas or hard case?

The hard case luggage will protect breakables very nicely yet it doesn't shove into places smaller than itself. Canvas luggage can readjust it's size a bit and be manipulated into spaces a bit different. This is one big factor to consider as wrestling with your luggage, trying to fit it in, is one of the primary reasons for pain and injury.

Buy the hottest zebra fashions and trends in zebra print duffel bags and luggage. Travel or run errands in style with the latest in zebra printed bags.

Lightweight Carry On Bags

Lightweight carry on bags also serve as great travel accessories, great for health and beauty needs keeping them on hand and offering easy access.

I chose the canvas type and each time I'm squishing it into a spot adjusting its shape I think, "Whew glad I didn't get the hard case luggage. Just a bit of food for thought before you choose. We all have different needs and while I have two daughters mine may be different than yours. 

A Favorite Luggage Set

Plus I would not be without my lightweight carry on bags which are great for weekend trips or flat out any travel. I pack all my health and beauty items.  These bags also have great compartments for my electronics, chargers etc.

Much Love and Success, Katie

Updated: 03/01/2013, katiem2
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katiem2 on 10/02/2012

Arlene, Great to have you, I too love to travel, Traveling light is the only way to go in my opinion. I'm so over packing everything and anything I think I might need only never to use it, Much better to travel light and carefree. :)K

katiem2 on 06/28/2012

Tolovaj, Great point and thanks for the feedback.

Tolovaj on 06/28/2012

When I was younger, I traveled with a towel and toothbrush only. Now I am still young but I learned to appreciate the comfort of some additional items, so good, durable and as light as possible luggage is a must.

Thanks for all the tips, I believe they are useful when we are on the look for kids' school bags and similar stuff.

katiem2 on 06/24/2012

2uesday, Thanks for the helpful information you've gained through your travel experiences. :) K

katiem2 on 06/21/2012

Brenda, I try to travel light but I always think I can't do without so many things. I pack a lot of food and such as I'm so particular about what I eat. I pack lots of green bars and organic tea, foods and such. I'm terrible. I need an entire fleet of light weight luggage to get me there and back. I pack a bag and say I'm done and before you know it I'm packing just one more, I pack till the time I'm walking out the door... I love this luggage.

BrendaReeves on 06/21/2012

I always travel light. I take only the essentials. I think it's time for me to buy some new luggage.

Craig on 06/09/2012

lightweight luggage is priceless for travel of any kind the advances in luggage are amazing. I travel alot for my practice, luggage is a vital part of my business.

sheilamarie on 06/08/2012

Luggage that is a little different from the rest really does help when you're travel weary and you have to find your bag on the carousel.

katiem2 on 06/06/2012

Janet, I like that one as well, plus the popping color helps you to spot your luggage on the conveyor at the airport.

Janet21 on 06/06/2012

Love the hot pink luggage set!

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