We All Need to Learn How to Sharpen Drill Bits Quick Fast and in a Hurry

by teddletonmr

Even new drillbits are dull straight out of the package. learning how to sharpen dull damaged drill bits save time and money.

I believe you will agree as experienced DIY homeowners, handyman or woman, and professional contractors. We understand one hard and fast rule. Our tools will either make or break us on the job. Drill bits for instance, not having a sharp drill bit when installing concrete anchors, door hinges, lock set, or something similar, is enough to make a grown man cry.

We all need sharp drillbits

 After messing up the work piece or worse yet burning up an expensive drill motor trying to finish that rush job. Come on, you know we have all done it. After all saving a few bucks is in our DNA. Call it doing more with less, conserving resources, or just plain frugal, the fact remains, we all need to learn how to sharpen drill bits quick fast and in a hurry.


1. Always, Use the Proper Type Drillbit, Sharpened Correctly

drill bits We all know there are specialty drill bits for any hole-drilling job we will ever encounter. For the most part however, most if not all of us, use general-purpose HSS (high-speed steel) twist bits most often. Drilling holes in soft metals, mild steel, wood and plastic materials inexpensively makes these types of drillbits the smart choice. I know it is the low cost of these must have drilling tools. That keeps us going back to the store purchasing new rather than. Learning how easy it is to sharpen a dull and damaged Drillbit.

2. Did you Know, or care how much money you are wasting

set of drillbits While we are on the topic of wasting money, did you know? We can easily buy a 1/2in HSS drill bit for under $3 at Amazon. Only to use the brand new bit for the first time, and damage the new never been used drill bit. Now that forces us to choose one of a couple options. We can buy another new bit and spend another $3, or sharpen the damaged bit. Did you know twist drillbits, in fact hold up to re-sharpening hundreds of times.

I cannot speak for you, but that has me scratching my head while thinking. We can easily spend upwards of several hundreds of dollars replacing dull and damaged drill bits, or the better option, learn how to sharpen drillbits, and use the money we save to reward ourselves. Personally, I prefer to reward myself, how about you.

3. How to Sharpen a Dull and Damaged Drillbit Correctly

drill doctor bit sharpener The first thing we should consider, there are times when it is best to employ the services of a professional. Sharpening large diameter twist bits, masonry hammer drill bits, or forstner bits require a lot of skill and experience. The professionals should sharpen cutting and specialty mills, router bits and large diameter drilling tools. On the other hand, small spade, HSS and masonry drill bits we use all the time are easy for any of us to sharpen, using the Drill Doctor Drill Bit Sharpener.

The Drill Doctor Drill bit sharpener will help to reduce wasteful spending habits, maintain properly sharpened twist, spade, HSS and masonry drill bits. I know there are many of us that feel they can sharpen a dull bit using their trusty ole bench grinder.  The truth be told, now be honest with yourself, you mess up more bits than you actually get sharpen correctly. That wastes time and makes it hard on our drill motor working harder than it should.

 1. The single most important thing to keep in mind when sharpening a dull or damaged drillbit, drillbits cutting surface consists of two basic components. Cutting edges and a clearly defined center point all working together.

2. Sharpening a dull drill bit starts with sharpening the cutting edges to an exact angle. The Drill Doctor drill bit sharpener easily solves this problem. Simply slide a dull bit into the easy to use chuck, align the marks and cutting edges and lock the dull bit in place.

3. Next simply insert the bit and chuck into the base of the Drill Doctor sharpener, turn the motor on, twist the chuck a few half turns, and wa-la, your dull bit is good as new. No worries, the patented diamond grinding wheel runs cool, no water or cooling fluid needed making a mess. No more changing large abrasive grinding wheels on that old bench grinder, no more flying debris or hot sparks all over the workbench, floor or your body. All this in less time than it will take you to find the keys to your vehicle and back out of the driveway. Let us not forget, saving your valuable time, money, not to mention your well-earned reputation in your community is at stake.

By the way, did you know? Many of the new drillbits we buy are actually dull, before we take them out of the package. With all that in mind, I believe we can all agree We All Need to Learn How to Sharpen Drill Bits Quick Fast and in a Hurry.  

Learn How to Sharpen a dull drill bit the easy way

Updated: 02/20/2012, teddletonmr
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teddletonmr on 12/12/2011

Thanks for stoping by Katie, the drill doctor makes a great addition to any drill bit collection.
Best wishes. teddletonmr

katiem2 on 12/11/2011

Nice Article, Very well laid out and informative read on how to sharpen a drill quick and fast besides running out to buy a new blade. Thanks Mike

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