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by DrDarko

WebAnswers is a unique AdSense revenue-sharing Question and Answer site where you can get paid to answer questions. Its simplicity and earning potential really make it a great site

I am sure that you are familiar with a number of AdSense revenue sharing sites. Wizzley here is a great example of such site. WebAnswers, on the other hand offer an unique approach to this revenue sharing game and offer you an unique possibility to be paid to answer questions.

Writing full length, 400-500 word articles is never easy and requires concentration, inspiration and relatively hard work. On the other hand, spewing out short, 100-150 word answers to a simple (and not so simple) questions is relatively easy, does not require too much research and definitely does not take too much time. WebAnswers allows you to make some relatively easy money by writing such answers.

The principle of WebAnswers is very simple. You can make money by answering questions but you can also make money by asking questions. This ensures that there is a seemingly never-ending supply of questions for you to answer. Just like most other revenue sharing site, WebAnswers will use your AdSense pub-ID to display ads and Google will pay you so any possibility of scam is avoided. Unlike many other sites, WebAnswers will be using your pub-ID every time and Google will split the revenue 60/40 with 60% going to you and 40% to WebAnswers.

In order to ensure quality of posts, you will not be allowed to link your AdSense account until you have at least 50 posts after which administrators will review your work and allow you to start making money. The site requires quality posts with good spelling, grammar and punctuation with referral or promotional links prohibited in your posts. All that works towards increasing the quality of the site as well as avoiding possibility of being penalized by Google as a “content farm.”

Now, here is how you actually make money there. If you ask question, your pub-ID gets used for undisclosed number of times but by experimenting, most users believe that it is 10%. If you answer a question, your pub-ID gets into rotation with pub-IDs of everybody else who answered the question. If your answer is awarded as the best answer, your pub-ID gets used all the time and you finally start making full 60% of revenue on that entire thread.

In order to ensure high quality participation, WebAnswers established Quality Score. Basically, it is reflection on the length, quality and frequency of your answers. If your Quality Score is high enough, you get awarded additional AdSense impressions and your own earning potential increases. If you take care to write at least 100-word answers, use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation and answer at least 10-15 answers every day, you will definitely see your earnings increase every day.

With that in mind, you can go and check out how WebAnswers work or just read some tips for increasing your earnings. Happy answering!

Updated: 12/21/2011, DrDarko
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DrDarko on 11/07/2011

Hi Sheila. Yes, WebAnswers can be fun and if you take some time to build a solid library of awarded answers, it will make you some money. It is also a great site you can use to make a research for writing articles.

sheilamarie on 11/06/2011

Hi Dr. Darko! I've seen you over there at WebAnswers. It is a fun site, I agree.

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