Wedding Photo Ideas

by LizM

Ideas and advice for wedding photo poses with example pics to get you started

Whether you are the official photographer or a friend helping out with the photos, these wedding photo ideas are sure to set you in the right direction for some memorable moments. The first step, of course, is matching the photos to the personality of your bride and groom so be sure to discuss ideas with them ahead of time so photo ideas are a perfect match to the happy couple. In addition to these ideas, remember Pinterest, including Wizzley's own Weddings board, is a wealth of information for photos and other wedding ideas.

Follow the Band's Lead

Well, follow the band photographer's lead anyway.  Your bride and groom are the stars of the day and their wedding party are the backup.  Try shooting them accordingly.  Take a page from band promotion shots and CD covers.  Photograph your happy couple as though they were the lead singers in a band.

Scatter groomsmen behind your groom and let them do more than just stand up straight.  Slightly different poses but with the majority of your focus on the groom can be a powerful statement.  While this type of shot works especially well for the groom it can work well for the bride as well.  Just remember that with this type of shot you really need to watch your background and not have guests wandering through.


Star for a Day
Star for a Day

Line Them Up

If you want to line up your bridal party for formal poses, consider angles.  Line up everyone at an angle so you get a diagonal line of faces across the photo.  Then play with depth of field so that all are in focus or only the bride or groom is in focus.  Try several variations on the theme.  You can use a staircase to line people up or line them up all on one level.  The lines created by this style are sure to catch everyone's attention.

Diagonal Line Up
Diagonal Line Up

Jump for Joy

Weddings are wonderfully happy events.  Capture some of that joy in the photos!  If your bride and groom are willing, get shots of them (and hopefully most of the wedding party) jumping joyfully.  Great variations on this theme are to have them jump with as little upper body movement as possible so it seems as though folks are simply floating in air.  Also, the bride jumping and the groom holding her hand (or vice versa).

Jumping Party
Jumping Party
Lifted Bride
Lifted Bride

Lift Them Up

Another great wedding party photo idea is to have the wedding party lift up the bride and/or groom.  Now, because any time anyone lifts another person there is a possibility of dropping that person I really recommend these photos be taken after the ceremony instead of before.  No one wants a groom bruised or a bride with grass stains on her gown during the ceremony.

If your bridal party is particularly physically fit and game for it, you might also try having the bridal party gently "toss" the bride or groom upwards just a little for a nice shot.  Just please be careful with this type of shot.  Use common sense about locations and whether your bridal party can physically handle the task.

Change Your Perspective

This type of shot is one reason I am always ecstatic if a bride is open to my wearing nice jeans to a wedding.  Lying in the grass for a perspective shot isn't easy in high heels and thin dress slacks.  A shot of the bridal party looking straight down at the photographer is a great way to focus on faces and still capture a bit of fun.  If you have a spiral staircase at the wedding venue so that you can arrange folks higher up it is even better.

Alternately, if you can find a high enough vantage point, have the wedding party lie with their heads together and shoot straight down for another awesome variation to vantage point.


Looking Down
Looking Down

Spin Your Partner

Not many folks still square dance these days but spinning your partner is still a great idea for a wedding photo.  Have the groom twirl the bride for a loving shot that really captures the joy of the moment.  Remember to ask the bride to kick out her feet to exaggerate the motion for the photo.

Happy Couple
Happy Couple
Bridal Kneesocks
Bridal Kneesocks

Find the Quirk

What's different about your bridal couple?  Does the groom have a Green Lantern ring on his hand?  Does the bride have on florescent tennis shoes under her gown?  Find the quirky part of the wedding that reflects the couple's personality and highlight those quirks in your photos.  These things that set the couple apart from others are something they'll want to remember.

Everything but the groom...
Everything but the groom...
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dustytoes on 02/27/2013

You never know what a bride and groom will want for pictures these days! The ideas here are perfect and would make a fun photo album.

katiem2 on 02/27/2013

What great ideas, I see so many wedding pictures that are bland. These photo ideas have the Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww effect. Very nice! :)K

nightowl on 02/26/2013

The photography is such an important aspect of any wedding. With your wedding photo ideas even an amateur can be sure to capture the joyful spirit of the occasion. I especially like the band photo idea for the groom - who wouldn't want to marry a rock star?

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