Weight Gain and Your Bones - 'Cutting Edge Research'

by DrKevin

Weight management is your number one tool to promote health and wellness. Your skeletal system, unbeknown to you, is a critical part of your health.

Cutting-edge research now highlights the link between weight gain and loss of bone strength. For years it was considered, for the skeletal system anyway, actually beneficial to be heavier as this would assist in making the bones stronger to carry the weight around.

New research now shows that this is outdated thinking and completely incorrect. Read more about what you can do to maintain optimum bone density.

I'm Dr Kevin Lentin.  I’m a chiropractor, clinical nutritionist and Functional Medicine specialist and I live in practice in the beautiful city of Cape Town in South Africa.

I honestly feel very blessed to have multiple passions in my life. If, however, I had to pick the passion nearest and dearest to my heart it would for sure be health and wellness education and promotion.

With almost 30 years of clinical experience I have a wealth of knowledge to share and I now seek every opportunity to empower people to be healthier and happier and to function at their optimum potential.

It is, unfortunately, a reality that in the 21st-century, with all the medical science and knowledge we have available to us, the world is actually getting sicker. All the chronic degenerative diseases are on the increase, including diabetes, heart disease, strokes and the neurodegenerative diseases. Even behaviour disorders like attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders, food intolerances and depression seem to be on the increase.

Now, more than ever before, it is becoming increasingly important to make the necessary lifestyle adjustments to prevent this downward spiral.

This is, of course, a massive topic, so I like to provide ‘my listeners’ with ‘bite size’ bits of information. Taking small steps along the road to ‘health recovery’ is, very often, less daunting.

As a chiropractor I am always ‘on the look out’ for ‘cutting – edge’ information focusing on the musculoskeletal system because your skeleton plays such a vital role in your health and you don’t even know it – until it gives you problems!!

Apart from the obvious things affecting the skeleton, like trauma and the degenerative process, bone strength is more often than not something that is completely neglected until such time as it becomes evident in one's latter years.

Maintaining optimum bone density relies on adequate vitamin D and calcium intake, particularly from birth to a roundabout the age of 25. From that time it is increasingly more difficult for the body to absorb calcium, particularly into the bones.

A recent study, however, indicates that there appears to be a distinct correlation between one's weight and bone strength. In their study, that appeared inScienceDirect 2014.15: 51-60, almost one third of the woman studied had 30% or more fat tissue, resulting in reduced bone density and lower muscle mass.

It is no secret that managing your weight is perhaps the single most "health promoting" thing that you can do, and probably one of my main focuses in clinical practice is helping my patients achieve this goal.

Without doubt with this comes the significant challenge of patient compliance.

In order to assist patients to "kick start" their initial weight loss program and help them to transition to making healthier lifestyle choices I will often recommend natural supplementation which, if appropriately prescribed, can be of immense benefit.

I only recommend natural, food state or plant based supplements and Garcinia Cambogia extract, taken from the fruit of the Garcinia Cambogia tree, is exactly that and has been extensively used primarily for two of its significant benefits. 

  1. It's gentle appetite suppressant effects
  2. It’s ability to prevent the conversion of excess carbohydrate to fat

Even Dr Oz has strongly promoted Garcinia Cambogia!!!

So, if starting that weight loss program has proved very difficult for you, if you find yourself "yo-yo" dieting Garcinia Cambogia is the thing for you.


I look forward to receiving your comments about how Garcinia Cambogia has helped you.  

Updated: 05/05/2014, DrKevin
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