Welcoming Fall Wreaths for Thanksgiving Decor

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Wreaths have become a staple for decor on Fall,Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Autumn and Fall wreath can be paired with floral garlands, pumpkins carving and other crafty ideas

There is something about the Fall season, the cosiness and warmth that prepares you for the coming winter filled days, snowfall, hail and maybe snowstorms. There is certainly something unique about the roundness, plumpness and the infinite periphery of the spherical form of which you cannot trace the beginning and the end.

And there is something magical in the hanging wreath on your door that welcomes your guests. If you find the colours of Falls soothing to your brain and calming to your stressed cells, then the colourful wreath is certainly for you. Research may have to prove that colours promote the growth of infant new cells of neurons in your brain but it is definitely true that the green foliage and dense woods increase your attention with focus span and is good for de-stressing.

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Wreaths as a choice of decor

Wreaths go well with indoors as well as outdoor space decorations. Thanksgiving and Christmas have their version of wreath décor based on the natural commodities available. Halloween wreaths are not yet in fashion but one can pioneer the usage of Halloween wreaths for haunted decor.

What Type of Wreaths?

Where to place the Wreaths?


There is plenty to choose from wild pine cones, dry flora, green foliage and baby pumpkins. One can also use Berries, hollies, eucalyptus and fall coloured maple leaves as it suits you. Perhaps squashes will look as haunted and Halloweeny as can be on Halloween wreaths and Fall season.

Who does not love entwined twines and floral wreaths? The wreaths need not be constrained to the front doors, they can be placed anywhere in the living room, fireplaces, dining rooms and even balustrades.

If you are not into making of wreaths yourself, you are spoiled with the choices of professionally made wreaths and bargains available for the season

Fern Wreath


Ferns are there for their acclaimed lush foliage and they are just as good as holly and maple foliage for making wreaths. Wilderness has ferns of all the varieties and all the species in the world. But if you can’t forage the fern leaves from the wild, you can always get it from your backyard or a friend's garden.

All types of Ferns make a beautiful gathering to form a wreath and in between you can put pine corns and berries to gel with. Fern wreaths can hang anywhere starting from your entrance and windows to even bathrooms. They look good and age as the spring changes to fall, winter and may last the summer as well. Balancing the textures well with the remaining foliage of the wreath is the key to making it attractive.


Moss Wreath


Moss remains green for a long time till the moisture lasts. They look awesome even after drying, hence they are a good choice of medium for making wreaths as carriers. One can entwine and mingle any other foliage to go with the colour of moss.

Succulent wreath


Succulents can make excellent garden decor and can be as creative as can be. They look so magnificent in wreath. With a wide variants of succulent s in blue and green hues, you can space them apart in the round wreath to make an elusive creation. This will look splendid in your garden shed entrance or on your backyard gate fence

Straw wreath with wheat stems


Addition of wheat stems and branches to wreath gives it the festive look of Fall. The soft stems of wheat are ideal for wringing around the round wire of wreath. Make sure that you choose the strong elastic branches that can be easily bent, if you are trying to make your own.

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DerdriuMarriner on 11/20/2021

WriterArtist, Thank you for product lines, pretty pictures and practical information.
In particular, I'm looking forward to getting floral hoop wreaths even as I traditionally really like fern and moss wreaths. It's wonderful all the color choices that your products display: bright or brownish fall-like and green evergreen, spring, summer backgrounds.
One of my homemade wreaths for Thanksgiving is from Callery pear parts, in honor of the survivor tree from 9-11.

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