What Day is Father's Day?

by Sam

Not sure about what day Fathers day is or what date is Fathers Day in a specific country? This quick guide will help you find out what you want to know.

Is the question: What day is Fathers day? bothering you or do you want to know exactly 'Whens Fathers Day?' or, even more precise 'What date is Fathers Day' in which country? In this quick guide to Fathers Day Dates you will find everything you ever wanted to know plus some bits of information you didn't even know you were looking for ;-) Father's Day, just like Mother's Day, falls on different dates depending on country and, sometimes even, year, but worry not, this guide is short, straight to the point and explains you exactly 'What Day is Fathers Day?' without any superfluous fluff ;-)

Father's Day Calendar

... sorted by countries, with dates!
Country Dates Public Holiday?
North America

Third Sunday in June:

2012 - 17th June

2013 - 16th June

2014 - 15th June

2015 - 21st June

2016 - 19th June






'Día del Padre'

The Antipodeas

First Sunday in September:

2012 - 2nd September

2013 - 1st September

2014 - 7th September

2015 - 6th September

2016 - 4th September





New Zealand

Third Sunday in June:

2012 - 17th June

2013 - 16th June

2014 - 15th June

2015 - 21st June

2016 - 19th June




Hong Kong


'Vatertag / Herrentag'

Always on Ascension Day

2012 - 17th May

2013 - 9th May

2014 - 29th May

2015 - 14th May

2016 - 5th May





'Lá na nAthar'



Third Sunday in June:

2012 - 17th June

2013 - 16th June

2014 - 15th June

2015 - 21st June

2016 - 19th June










'Fête des Pères'


'Jum il-Missier'



'Fars Dag'


Second Sunday in November:

2012 - 11th November

2013 - 10th November

2014 - 9th November

2015 - 8th November

2016 - 13th November



South Africa

Third Sunday in June:

2012 - 17th June

2013 - 16th June

2014 - 15th June

2015 - 21st June

2016 - 19th June




Central America
Dominican Republic

Last Sunday in July:

2012 - 29th July

2013 - 28th July

2014 - 27th July

2015 - 26st July

2016 - 31th July

Fathers Day Wiki

... for those that want to know more ;-)
Father's Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June but it is also celebrated widely on other days. ...

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Do you know of a date for Father's day I am missing or did I get something wrong? Please leave all suggestions or questions you might have in a comment. Thank you ever so kindly ;-)

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Updated: 03/07/2012, Sam
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Sam on 03/07/2012

Thanks brl, I will add this info asap. You do have a lucky father btw, he has two Father's Days ;-)

Sam on 02/27/2012

Thanks SeanMac! Yes, things seem to vary greatly on our site of the pond ;-) Father's Day is huge in Germany, but in the UK you barely notice it, similar to what you wrote about Ireland ;-)

SeanMac on 02/27/2012

It never really caught on here in Ireland, at least not to the extent of Mother's Day. Nice article!

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