What Do Pre Workout Supplements Do And How They Can Help You

by ered222

The main benefits of pre workout supplements and the best ones you can take.

Pre workout supplements aren't really talked about when talking about supplements. As you will see, you can gain great benefits by taking a pre workout supplement and some of the best ones you can try.

Pre Workout supplements are often misunderstood and can get pretty confusing.  Most people are concerned about post workout supplements so they can get stronger and bigger.  But pre workout supplements are just as important than post supplements.  This is because the supplements you take before you workout will help you push through your workouts with more energy and motivation, resulting in better results. 

Workout Supplements
Workout Supplements

I know a lot of people who stay away from pre workout supplements because they have heard rumors that they give you unwanted side effects and there not worth it.  And I know other people who swear by pre workout supplements.  I personally like them because I get better results in half the time than I normally would if I didn’t take a supplement before working out.  So the choice is really up to you, you may like them or you may hate them, but if you haven’t tried a pre workout supplement then I strongly suggest you do.  You may never know if you like them until you tried one.

What Do Pre Workout Supplements Do?

The main benefit when training with a pre workout supplement is it will increase your energy levels tremendously.  I know a lot of people, including myself, that have low energy levels when working out, so when you take one of these supplements, you counteract that fatigue and you will gain twice the amount of energy than you normally would have. 

Energy levels are important when it comes to working out because the more energy you have during your workouts, the better results you will get and the more exercises you can do. 

Usually if I don’t take a pre workout supplement I only have enough energy to do half my workouts, but when I take one, I can workout a lot more muscles and I am able to do extra exercises.   Here are some of the other main benefits:

  • Increased mental awareness and focus
  • You burn more fat
  • More ambition to workout
  • Bigger gains in your workouts in shorter time periods
  • Increased levels of testosterone and dopamine in your body
Warming Up
Warming Up

The Best Pre Workout Supplements

If you are considering a pre workout supplement and aren’t sure which one is best for you, I have outlined a list of my favorite pre workout supplements that you can try.

USPlabs Jack3d

This supplement is first because it is by far the best on the market.  The first time I used this supplement I couldn’t believe the effects it has.  It was the first pre workout supplement I had taken and didn’t expect it to be that powerful.  That was about two years ago and I haven’t stop using it.  The only reason why I use other supplements for pre workouts is because the manufacturer of Jack3d suggest you take it in cycles and I also like to see if there is a better product than Jack3d.  I have found one yet. 

This product is amazing, although there are some things that I should mention that I’m not too pleased about.  One being taste, which in my own opinion isn’t that great.  Also it dehydrates you, so if you do use this product, make sure you drink enough water when you workout. 

The last thing I should mention is if you take Jack3d and don’t exercise, you will feel some unwanted side effects.  Some side effects includes itchy skin and restlessness.   But as long as you workout about fifteen minutes to a half an hour from taking Jack3d, you won't have a problem.

MusclePharm: Assault

I have only tried this supplement a few times and from my results it is a great supplement.  Not only is it great for improved energy levels, but it also helps in repairing your muscles after your workouts. 

This is because it is packed with many BCAA’s. (Branched chain amino acids) BCAA’s help in cell development in your muscles.  It also has a lot of creatine, which also helps in muscle development and increased strength in your muscles.

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Branched-chain amino acids

Pre Workout Supplements

Pre Workout Supplement Reviews

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