What is a mesomorph?

by ghemmings

Article describing the basic idea of somatotypes and delineating the mesomorph in terms of physique and character.

Exercise and Diet.

In the gym mesomorph are best suited to doing heavy quick movements along with muscle shaping and definition exercises. Mixing the training programme so that different muscle groups are worked in different sessions will also help in the development of a strong, lean physique. Large movements with heavy weights followed by more restrained movement with lighter weight will build muscle mass and definition. The number of sets, reps, length of training session, number of rest days, and level of intensity should all be varied to avoid the body becoming accustomed to the demands of the training schedule. Mixing things up ensures the body develops greater strength and stamina, and so 3-4 weeks of intense training should be followed by 1-2 weeks of lighter training.

Mesomorphs should eat at least 1g of protein per pound of body weight on a daily basis to ensure the body has the nutrients required to build and repair muscle. Fat levels should be kept close to 16 percent for men and 22 percent for women. Simply increasing the amount of protein in the diet can have an amazing effect on the mesomorph body type, and as they are apt to gain muscle quickly they should guard against complacency; over indulging in fatty food is a typical failing of the mesomorph. Maintain a balanced diet, don't overload on carbohydrates and protein, and the mesomorph will steadily increase muscle mass without bulking up. 

The mesomorph body type is one of the three somatotypes identified by American psychologist William Sheldon in the 1940's. Characterised by a muscular physique, wide shoulders, narrow waist, medium sized bones and low body fat levels, the mesomorph is naturally athletic, good humoured, hard working and generally respected. Such physical characteristics mean that mesomorphs tend to burn more calories during cardiovascular exercise and therefore weight management is usually not a problem.

Although the classification is usually applied to "natural" body shape there are many ways in which you can work towards developing a mesomorph physique. Training the body with weights, skiing, Nordic walking, swimming and athletics are all excellent ways of gaining the advantages of a mesomorph body type. Once attained you will benefit from lowered chance of weight regain, increased metabolism, lowered resting heart rate, improved general fitness and well defined musculature. Although obviously not the aim of everybody, a mesomorph physique is worth the time and effort that a dedicated gym schedule demands.

Many philosophers, thinkers, gurus, psychologists and the like have considered human nature from an observation of physical types. Typically the observation follows that a physical type reveals the underlying character of the person. In Plato's republic Socrates expatiates on the tripartite nature of the soul. Similarly the Ayurvedic system of philosophy and diet recognises three doshas, each representing three basic human types. The mesomorph is the warrior or guardian class within Plato's Republic, they are the rulers, the one's whose natural inclinations are dominated by their moral purpose, education and nurtured wisdom. In this sense a mesomorph is more than a physical body honed at the gym, it is a well integrated manifestation of the cultured, heroic and generous soul.

Blog dedicated to the attainment of the mesomorphysique.

Updated: 01/14/2012, ghemmings
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