What is romance? Perhaps a romantic ritual which locks your love forever?

by Marko

What is romance? Is it a romantic ritual for couples in love which is spreading all over the world? I believe so! With small padlocks they lock their love on romantic bridges.

It doesn't matter how you met your love - was it a romantic love at a first sight or you found your love on some dating web site? Or maybe you were just friends or school mates who once realized they have loved each other for a long time?

Keep going with romantic gestures

One of the ways to take care of your loving person is to keep going with different small romantic gestures

Well, maybe the gadget which could lock your love forever doesn’t exist yet and maybe it is better that way - a true love shouldn’t be locked, right? But perhaps you should follow this romantic gesture anyway, right?

Many couples being in love all around the world have started this very romantic gesture which does the same. They lock padlocks with their names or initials on fences, street lights or bridges and throw the keys – immortal symbol of locked love – into the river.

Butcher’s Bridge in Ljubljana – is it a new romantic bridge despite of its name?

In Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia (did you notice the word love in the name?), which is one of the smallest countries in EU (but with the Alps and the Adriatic) new Butcher’s Bridge (Mesarski most) was built two years ago over the Ljubljanica river. During this period many local and foreign couples have chosen this beautiful bridge with tiny steel fence to be one of the world’s ‘love bridges’ despite of its name and very non-romantic sculptures of famous Slovene sculptor Jakov Brdar which decorate the bridge.

What is romance?
What is romance?
Butcher's bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Butcher's bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Similar Love bridges around the world…

The similar ritual can be seen all over the world, in Verona, Paris, Brussels, Moscow and many other cities in Europe and Asia.

Unfortunately City Hall authorities in some cities aren’t quite happy with those lovers’ rituals. They say that those padlocks ruin the cultural heritage. For example in Paris, legendary romantic French capital, Pont des Arts was one of the famous bridges with ‘locks of love’. But some day many of such padlocks disappeared over the night, just a few days after the city representatives promised that they would find them a new home on some special iron trees. 

When and why has all that started?

It is not really clear where and when this lovers’ ritual started. It is possible that they were inspired by the Italian author Federico Moccia and its book romance ‘Ho voglia di Te’ (I want you). Two lovers in the novel put their padlock on the third street lamp near the old Roman Bridge Ponte Milvio in Rome, kissed themselves and threw the key into the river Tibero. Since the movie has been made based on that novel in 2006, many couples have imitated those protagonists on that bridge. 

Where has this ritual been spread from?

I think it doesn't really matter...

Has this ritual been spread all over the world from Rome? We don’t know for sure and it doesn’t really matter. It is an interesting gesture and if you visit Ljubljana, you can go to see the Butcher’s Bridge and its padlocks and enjoy your time in very romantic and historical city with many museums, restaurants, shops and medieval castle.

And, of course, if you come in couple, don’t forget to lock your love...

There are other ways to show your love...

Well, padlocks aren't the only romantic gesture for showing your love.

What is romance? It has many faces - it can be a romantic dinner with candles, unplanned trip, whispering sweet (but honest) words, a picnic with strawberry and a champagne and much more.

But, love can be showed also by small presents - flowers, perfumes, good books, magazines, romantic songs or jewelry.


If you can't decide, see more suggestions below.

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What is romance?

What are your favorite gestures or habits for showing your love? Long talks, romantic dinners, use of candles, buying jewelry? Choose one and vote for it!
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