What is Search Engine Optimization in Digital Marketing

by pateluday

SEO or search engine optimization is a complex exercise carried out to index and rank websites on SERPs or search engine result pages. The aim is to get organic traffic.

SEO started when the World Wide Web became active and search companies began to categorize, index, and rank websites and blogs. In the nascent stage, search companies were developing their ranking algorithms.

Initial algorithms were raw and were accepting a lot of spam. They placed a lot of emphasis on keywords on the site and links. The links were those pointing to the site also known as inbound or external links.

Webmasters resorted to keyword stuffing, and link building to rank high on the SERPs.They got away with it. Nowadays, search engines are more sophisticated, and some of them employ over 200 metrics to index and rank a website. Some of the metrics are known, while many remain hidden for search engine optimization consultants. The practice thus includes search and analysis to discover what works the best.

SEO In Progress
SEO In Progress

Understanding SEO

On Page SEO

SEO is a subset of digital marketing. The exercise aims at following search engine guidelines and conforming to the metrics, this is search engine optimization. The earlier focus was on keywords and links but now search engine uses their algorithms to measure a lot of quality aspects of a website. The keywords and external links remain important but over 200 metrics are employed. 

Webmasters guide the development of their client's websites and improve their quality. This is known as on-page optimization since this service is related to the websites only. On-page optimization is also technical in nature that is related to coding and server. This requires a service of experts who understand coding and server technology. Thus in a broad sense is teamwork between the SEO specialist and technical collaborator.


Understanding SEO

Off Page Optimization.

Offpage SEO as the name is off the website and related to activities like creating content-wrapped links and distributing them.  Content is created on diverse platforms and the link is added to it before distribution. 

External links still are still valued and should be built on authoritative platforms. The anchor text used should be diverse and a large number of keywords in the anchor text should be used. Webmasters should avoid building links on SEO directories but local listing and business directories are fine. Avoid link farms when building links. 

For off-page search engine optimization creating content is a must, and webmasters should be skilled and experienced at it.

For a good process, search engine optimization should be carried out by experts. One should hire a professional SEO Company to get the best results.

Updated: 01/11/2023, pateluday
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pateluday on 01/15/2023

There is no nondisclosure thing. Webmasters have to analyze extensively to promote their sites. You can work for a digital marketing agency or go freelance. In India, the pay scale for an experienced consultant would be up to Rs.3000 thousand.

DerdriuMarriner on 01/14/2023

The fourth sentence in your third paragraph mentions that "Some of the metrics are known, while many remain hidden for search engine optimization consultants."

Search engine optimization consultants must have to sign non-disclosure agreements, wouldn't you think?

There must be little turnover in such positions. It seems that so little is known about search engine optimization metrics.

But would it be known how one becomes a search engine optimization consultant and what the benefits and pay would be?

pateluday on 01/11/2023

SEO directories are just the same a link farms with no authority and search now ignore directory submissions.

DerdriuMarriner on 01/11/2023

The second sentence in your second paragraph to the last subheading, Understanding SEO Off Page Optimization, indicates that "Webmasters should avoid building links on SEO directories but local listing and business directories are fine."

I understand why the third-sentence precaution "Avoid link farms when building links" warns against what would be problematic.

But why would "building links on SEO directories" be problematic?

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