When is the right time to rebrand

by RobertKeith

Rebranding your business can be a daunting task. Here are some useful tips to make it easier.

A complete overhaul of your brand can be time-consuming and an unwanted expense but it can be instrumental in helping your brand grow in the right direction and bring a new energy to your business. But when is it the right time to rebrand? Here’s are a few useful tips on what to consider to get the most from your efforts and investment.

NOTE: A rebrand is not just getting a new logo. A Rebrand can include a complete design overhaul to give a completely new uniform feel to your business. A rebrand can also be a new way to revitalise your business and grow it into something much bigger than you had in the past. Rebranding starts with this commitment to change and can help you take your business to the next level.

Exhausted advertising/sales options

If your sales have dropped and you’ve tried every reasonable way to advertise your product or service it may be time to consider rebranding. A rebrand can bring awareness to previous customers that you are still on the scene and stepping up your game and is a perfect way to reach new customers with a new look. A rebrand can also signal and show that you are still a growing and valuable business partner.


Your product or service has adapted since you started your business

Products and services change based on clients feedback and needs. If you product or service has changed more likely your target audience has changed as well. It is important that your brand reflects any major changes to ensure you are conveying the right message to back existing and new potential clients.

New competitor in the market is doing well

There is a new kid on the block and they’re doing really well - chances are their brand is more fresh to their audience (and yours). A rebrand can help bring eyes back to your business and give you an edge over your competitor if done right. Why not switch this around and have your competitor second guessing themselves with your brand new look.

Your business has evolved and processes have changed dramatically

Maybe your corporate structure has gone through an internal rehaul and you are now, for example, a less family orientated business using brand new technologies such as search engine optimization. As your business grows so should your brand in order to reflect the change.


You’ve branding is looking dated.

Every 3-5 years you should look at a design overhaul. This is because we live in a rapidly changing world and what worked 5 years ago might not work now. Styles and trends change constantly. A look that was appealing when your business started may have been great then but now it makes your business look dated and out of touch.


Whether you think it’s time to take it to the next level, a new competitor is breathing behind your neck, your business has evolved or your branding is looking dated there’s so many reasons to look at a rebrand. So how do you start your next rebrand? We recommend starting with an open chat with an enthusiastic graphic designer who can give you ideas and a raw look into what is possible before committing to the task.


Updated: 05/18/2017, RobertKeith
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