Where to Buy a Furby 2012 online ~ What is a Furby?

by HollieT

Meet the new family of furbys 2012 and discover where you can buy a furby online.

What is a Furby?

The adorable furby is an owl like robotic toy which first took the world by storm in 1998. These unbelievably cute little creatures can communicate with each other in 'furbish', change their facial expressions, sing, dance and respond to humans in their very own expressive language, in addition to other functions.

Over the years, a range of different Furbys have been introduced; from furby babies to emo-tronic funky furbys. As of September 2012, a new range of furbys have been born, they have very expressive eyes, a broader range of functions and their very own app.

The New Range of Furbys for 2012, available from Amazon.

Furbys have a mind of their own!

Over time, your furby toy will develop just as a human being might; if you tickle, shake, tip upside down or pull it's tail, your furby will react and is sure to let you know one way or another how it likes to be treated.

The new furby takes on different personalities; form tough guy to sweet girl. it's really down to how you handle it. You can feed furby with your finger, it has a great appetite but exercise some caution, because overfeeding might release furbys inner hulk! They have been known to spit the food back at you. oh dear!

The more you get to know your furby, the more you'll understand it's likes and dislikes- but be warned, the furby is an unpredictable creature and you may be shocked by some of it's actions!


Furby Learns Quickly!

Teach Your Furby to Speak English.

The furbish dictionary will help you to understand what furby is saying to you and the more you talk to it, the sooner your new furby will start to talk English, one word at a time. 

As you become more familiar with your furby, the more prepared you'll be for some of it's behaviours- but don't take furby for granted; it has it's off days too.

Introduce your furby to other furbys, you'll soon discover who it gets along with. When furbys get along, they can chat in furbish for hours and hours, but when they don't get along, you'll certainly see a new side to your furby. Yes, that's right, furbys can be anti-social, and you might find that you have to referee more than one furby argument! 

Furbys just love to dance!

Furby can sing as well as dance.

Furbys just love to dance, if it likes the music you're playing that is. Furbys will soon let you know how they feel about your choice in music. In fact, If a furby likes the tune it's listening too, not only will it start dancing for you, but it will sing too. Imagine that.

Furby's eyes say it all, when your new little pal does not appreciate your taste in music, you'll know by the expression in it's eyes.

And that's not all, furbys wobble and scrunch their faces, just to show you how they're feeling.

Furbys love to be loved.

Tickle furbys tummy and see how it reacts.

Furbys rarely stop muttering, they are very social creatures. One things for sure, you'll never feel lonely or bored when furbys around.

But just like many pets, furby will either love having his tummy tickled, or hate it. You'll just have to try it and see!

The more you talk to and play with your furby, the faster it's unique personality will develop. If you stop talking and playing with it for too long, furby will become very quiet. But don't worry, your furby has a reset button, and it'll never be quiet for too long.

You can download a free app for iPod touch, IPad and IPhone which will help you to translate from furbish to English and for interactive furbish feeding. Don't forget, 4 AA batteries are also required for operation.


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Watch this video and see how furbys communicate.

Updated: 02/16/2013, HollieT
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HollieT on 11/25/2012

It's definitely more fun with two. I like the part in the video where the furbys are being stroked and they both pur simultaneously. Ah, so cute :)

katiem2 on 11/25/2012

I watched the video in it;s entirety, they are very advanced. The old furby lover will flip over the new furbys this year. They are so cool. I might have to get one for myself, but it's more fun with two! :)K

HollieT on 11/22/2012

Me too, that's definitely the type of furby activity which I would find amusing! :)

katiem2 on 11/22/2012

Now I wanna see the furby dance to gangnam style...

HollieT on 11/21/2012

I suppose so. When my kids want to ask me for money they could approach furby first, see how the land lies. :)

Jerrico_Usher on 11/21/2012

It wouldn't be THAT good, at least not at first- it would mimic the brainwave cat ears just responding to heightened (focused attention or stress) or relaxed brain states maybe a few more triggers like when your BW spike- just simple stuff, ambiguous at best but cool none the less...

HollieT on 11/21/2012

katie, I have no idea how I've managed to but I've inadvertently deleted your comment and I can't get it back. But thanks again for tweeting.

HollieT on 11/21/2012

Thank you, Katie. I really appreciate that. :)

HollieT on 11/21/2012

Jerrico, now that I have to see. I'm not sure I'd want furby to replicate my moods, living with mirror image of self could be problematic. :)

Jerrico_Usher on 11/20/2012

I'm just waiting for the furby to get hooked up to one of those brainwave headsets so it can react to YOUR moods :)

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