Where To Buy Playing Cards, The Best Variety Is On Zazzle

by chevril

A review of some of the best decks of playing cards on the internet. A huge variety of customizable playing cards are availabe on zazzle...here are some of the best.

I LOVE playing cards. That is to say...I love playing CARDS and I love beautiful, unique decks of playing cards. If they are customized, all the better. You can play poker or solitaire with virtual playing cards online, but there is something about handling a REAL deck that is very satisfying. Try wowing your friends with your virtual card shuffling skills...Not gonna happen! A great deck can be a work of art and can make a wonderful affordable gift, especially when personalized.
This is my review of some of the best decks of playing cards on Zazzle...The best place to find customizable Bicycle playing cards.

Vintage Playing cards
Vintage Playing cards

The History Of Playing Cards

The history of playing cards goes all the way back to 9th century China, during the Tang Dynasty.  They would not become popular in Europe for another 500 years, during the 14th century.  Playing cards bearing the four suits most familiar to those of us in the western world today originated in France in the late 15th century.

Dogs Playing Poker
Dogs Playing Poker

Art And Playing Cards


Of course everyone has seen the famous painting of dogs playing cards, but the relationship between art and playing cards does not stop there. The back of a playing card would be like a blank canvas without some good graphics. Card manufacturers have produced some amazing looking decks over the centuries.  Even the back of a standard Bicycle playing card has a lovely elaborate design. If you examine it closely you'll see what I mean.  When people get together to play a game they spend a good deal of the time looking at the back of their opponent's hands, so it's nice to have something to look at that pleases the eye.  I've had many decks over the years, some inherited, some collected from estate sales, but the cards I like the most are from a deck I got when I was five or six.  It was the artwork on the back that made my eyes light up...A black cat with large jewel-like green eyes on a bright purple background. Without that cat they would have been just another deck and long forgotten. I still have about five of those cards left, and that cat still makes me smile.

The Best Decks Available Today


                When I got my zazzle store (kischtorium) I was delighted to find that I could include playing cards along with my other products. It's been fun to find vintage illustrations and to create original graphics to apply to the backs of these cards. With so many wonderful artists on zazzle there is literally (almost) no end of designs to choose from. Because most of them can be customized it's a great place to buy decks as a gift, wedding favor or for a business. Because they are manufactured by Bicycle they are quality cards.  This part of my article isn't JUST a shameless plug for my zazzle store....Even if I didn't sell on zazzle I have no doubt that I would go there when I wanted to buy a new deck because I love to have so many great design choices in one place.  


                  Some of the decks you can find on zazzle are pictured below. The first two are mine...I couldn't resist the urge to share some of my designs with you, but the rest are from other people's zazzle stores. I chose them for this article because in my humble opinion, they are examples of some of the BEST looking decks around.          

Two Of Mine

I guess you can tell I like retro things by the vintage sci fi ( why DO aliens dream of Earth girls?) and Pink Poodle Princess on my cards. Available at my zazzle store: http://www.zazzle.com/kischtorium

Some Of Best Decks On Zazzle

Below are examples of what I think are some of the best decks you can buy (please note these are NOT from my zazzle store):

Sugar Sculls Are Pretty

Pretty and a little scary, sugar skulls are a staple when celebrating The Day Of The Dead in Mexico, the US and elsewhere. A popular and fun design.

Monogrammed Playing Cards Make A Great Gift

These monogrammed playing cards are provide a classic look without being boring.

Playing Cards As Wedding Favors

I think these beautiful vintage illustrated playing cards would be fantastic wedding favors.

Decks That Express

Playing cards can be a way to express what you care about. I never met a cat I didn't love. 

Zombies....SO many ZOMBIES!

Looks like zombies have invaded...better wear a helmut!

Mona Lisa Has A Bulldog?

Yes, and a fine looking one at that. This deck really makes me smile...a BIG smile.




Well, There You Have It...

 I hope you've enjoyed my little review as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Play on!

Updated: 07/19/2013, chevril
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Mira on 05/31/2014

Well, it may be harder than it appears. Much harder. Unless I play with a fractals software.

chevril on 05/20/2014

Yes, that a great idea, I look forward to seeing them!

Mira on 05/15/2014

I think some geometric designs, too, would look great on the back of playing cards. You just gave me a Zazzle idea.

paperfacets on 03/30/2014

This is one product I have not noticed on Zazzle. I have been wanting to Interface more there and polish my store. The day will come, eventually.

Sheri_Oz on 03/29/2014

This is a fun product. Don't have any yet, but I should get around to it.

KathleenDuffy on 07/21/2013

Really interesting and unusual article. I used to love playing cards when I was a kid!

dustytoes on 07/09/2013

I love that Zazzle gives us the option to create our own style of card decks. These are all fun!

kimbesa on 07/06/2013

These are cool. So many ideas for decks of cards! We used to play a lot of canasta, back in the day.

WriterArtist on 07/06/2013

These are certainly some of the best variety of playing cards I have seen. Zazzle definitely has a wide range of designs.

EliasZanetti on 07/06/2013

Nice collection of playing cards and great artwork.

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