Vegan Gifts For Birthdays And Holidays On Zazzle

by chevril

T-shirts, water bottles and other items with a vegan theme sold on Zazzle that make great gifts for vegans.

Looking for a gift for that special vegan in your life? has an amazing selection of vegan themed gift ideas, including t-shirts, water bottles, aprons, and more. Some carry messages and logos that are funny, some serious and many are enlightening.
Perhaps, you're vegan and looking for that perfect t-shirt to promote understanding or just a nifty gift. One of the t-shirts on my wish list says : "Cows Love Vegans". I just like the idea that a cow might consider me her friend. We could share alfalfa!

Above Photo: Vegan Feast Catering

Vegan T-shirts Promote Veganism

And Are Fun To Wear

T-shirts make wonderful gifts.  Just about everyone wears them and some people even sleep in them. They can express our personality and promote causes we care about, like veganism (plus they are still reasonably affordable!). Below are some of the vegan t-shirts for sale on Zazzle. 

Cows Love Vegans T-shirt

What Is A Vegan?

Different From Vegetarian?
Vegans make a commitment to consume a diet containing no meat, fish, poultry, dairy or eggs, unlike vegetarians who may consume eggs and dairy,  The desire to cause no harm to animals is usually the deepest motivation in becoming a vegan or vegetarian, although the decision may be for health reasons as well. Being a vegan is not just about a veggie based diet, it's a way of life. 


No Animals Were Hurt Apron

An Apron That Makes A Statement

A great deal of the pre packaged foods on the market today contain one or more ingredients that are not  on the vegan diet. Of course, there are terrific packaged vegan foods, but it's been my experience that vegans tend to do a lot of their own cooking. With all the amazing recipes for vegan food on the internet and in cookbooks an apron is a good gift choice.  The apron above states that "No animals were hurt during the making of this meal".                                                        

Zombie Calls Out For GRAINS! T-shirt

Zombies are everywhere and some of them have even gone vegan!  This funny vegan t-shirt shows a Zombie calling out for GRAINS!  Imagine what an easier "life" a zombie might have if he could get by with a bowl of oatmeal, instead of having to roam the streets attacking the living so that they can dine on our brains? 

KALE T-shirt

Are You A Kale Man (Or Woman)?

No, not Yale, I said KALE. Looks like a real college t-shirt. Kale has gained a lot of respect among vegans for its high fiber and nutrients, low calories and for it's versatility. Kale chips are a nice alternative to potato chips.  This is another great funny  t-shirt idea for vegans and Kale lovers in general.

The Vegan Peace Sign T-shirt

A lovely gift idea, the vegan peace sign t-shirt  has a brightly colored wish for the future. The large peace symbol is made up of veggies and fruits. I think a great deal of work must have gone into the creation of this peace symbol because the detail is wonderful.

Because Beans Are Cheaper

This one is from my Zazzle store Kitschtorium.  I'll admit, it's fairly silly, but it's also a pragmatic gift idea ... beans ARE usually cheaper than beef.  A good bean burrito with vegan cheese and a little guacamole, corn on the cob along with a tall cool glass of fruit juice makes a simple, yummy and filling meal, without breaking the bank. Who needs steak?  

A Little Something Extra

A Recipe For Vegan No Gelatin "Gelatin" Desert

Perfect For Holidays

This recipe comes from the book :

"No Animal Food", by Rupert H. Wheldon. Published circa 1900

(A tasty vegan substitute for gelatin dessert , agar-agar has a slightly different texture that's quite nice)

—Lemon Jelly

¼ oz. agar-agar, 3 ozs. sugar, juice 3 lemons, 1 quart water.

Soak agar-agar in the water for 30 minutes; add fruit-juice and sugar, and heat gently until agar-agar is completely dissolved, pour into moulds, turn out when cold.

This jelly can be flavoured with various fruit juices, (fresh and canned). When the fruit itself is incorporated, it should be cut up into small pieces and stirred in when the jelly commences to thicken. The more fruit juice added, the less water must be used. Such fruits as fresh strawberries, oranges, raspberries, and canned pine-apples, peaches, apricots, etc., may be used this way.


Vegan Birthday Cake Video

Really Amazing Cakes!

Vegan Chick Water Bottle

The Vegan Chick Reusable Water Bottle

   A very good gift idea for vegans who also care about the environment. Reusable bottles mean less disposables in our landfills. Great to take with you while traveling or jogging because it's sealed and sturdy. With the cute vegan chick design it's sure to be a popular and very practical gift

Eat Your Spinach!

Hope you've enjoyed this little gift guide. Happy vegan birthday, happy vegan holiday to all! Now eat your spinach!

Updated: 05/25/2014, chevril
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Mira on 05/25/2014

I like the idea of making a vegan cake. I will look into it. Thanks :-) I also think I'll make some T-shirts with one of those college fonts. :-)

chevril on 05/20/2014

Nice to meet a fellow plant eater. Vegetarians are pretty groovy people. Glad you like the gift ideas!

Sheri_Oz on 05/19/2014

I'm not vegan, but I am vegetarian. These are some cute ideas for gifts.

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