Who Is Miffy and Who Are Her Friends?

by mivvy

Created by Dick Bruna, Nijntje is a little white rabbit whose English name is Miffy. Her friends include Poppy, Boris and Snuffy.

Miffy - A Little White Rabbit

Miffy is a Dutch little white rabbit, whose real name is Nijntje. Nijntje is short for konijntje, meaning little rabbit. That's exactly what Miffy is – a rabbit with in a little red frock. She is the only rabbit in the world who has her own museum, her own website and her own shop. She is a very famous Dutch celebrity who stars in the musical; Nijntje gaat op vakantie – Miffy goes on a holiday.


Her debut was in Miffy, the first Miffy / Nijntje book to be published. An angel visits Mr and Mrs Bunny, Miffy's parents, and tells them that they will have a beautiful little rabbit child. The next day the little rabbit arrives. Mrs Bunny dress her in a red frock and all the animals in the country come to say hello. After a while little Miffy becomes very tired. She closes her eyes and Mr Bunny closes the shutters.


Miffy, together with her friends Boris and Barbara Bear, Melanie the bunny, Poppy and Grunty Pig, Snuffy the Dog, and Farmer John go in search of adventures. They go shopping, visit Grandma Bunny, go to school, have a day at the seaside and at the playground.

Miffy Stories

$29.48  $54.0
Miffy's House
$12.48  $35.0
Miffy Rides a Bike
$6.38  $13.99

Dick Bruna - the Man Behind Miffy

During a rainy seaside holiday in the 1950s, Dick Bruna created a little white rabbit for his son to make up for the bad weather. He dressed her in a red frock and named her Nijntje. When she became an international celebrity, her name was changed into Miffy. But she remained Miffy for Dutch children.


An illustrator and designer, Dick Bruna worked in the family publishing business. He became known as illustrator of book jackets and posters.  His Miffy stories were so popular that he became a full time children's book creator. Now in his eighties, Dick Bruna continues to work on new stories and Miffy merchandise.


In total, Bruna has produced more than one hundred and twenty books of which fifty are Miffy adventures. Each little book has twelve pages, an illustration on the right side page and a four rhyming lines on the opposite page. Nijntje is a real Dutch konijntje. In one of the stories, she dreams about her own bicycle, about a ride through the woods and cleaning her bicycle afterwards so that it shines and sparkles.

What is Miffy's Success?

Simple lines make up the Miffy character. Dick Bruna reduces everything to its essence and no line is redundant. Simple lines and empty space leave room for a child's imagination.


Every line is important. A little cross for the nose and mouth. A double cross for Miffy's parents, because they are older. He draws in heavy graphic lines, uses simple shapes and only primary colours – red, blue, yellow, white and green, and occasionally brown for animals.

Where to find Nijntje / Miffy

Nijntje's Shop, Nijntje Museum and Miffy Website

Nijntje's / Miffy's Shop in Amsterdam
De Winkel van Nijntje Scheldestraat 61, Amsterdam Open Tuesday - Friday 10:00 - 18:00, Mondag from 13:00 amd Saturday until 17:00

Dick Bruna Huis Museum
Agnietenstraat 2, Utrecht Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 to 17:00

Miffy's Website
Listen to a Miffy story, play a game with Miffy or watch a Miffy video. Small kids can do it all by themselves.

Who is Dick Bruna?

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mivvy on 08/28/2011

@ForestBear - Miffy is very popular in Japan so much so that the Hello Kitty company plagiarized Miffy and called her Cathy. You can see the two bunnies here

ForestBear on 08/27/2011

I have seen Miffy products in Japan where they are very popular. Thank you for sharing Miffy's story, now I know more.

mivvy on 08/15/2011

@kajohu A Miffy book is the perfect first book from 18 months on. My children also had cloth Miffy (or rather Nijntje) books, but Amazon doesn't sell them.

kajohu on 08/15/2011

As ohcaroline also mentioned, I haven't heard of Miffy before. I think Miffy books would be a good choice for my soon-to-be first grandchild when he's old enough for books.

mivvy on 08/14/2011

@ohcaroline, Miffy, or rather Nijntje, is very famous in the Netherlands. I think most children have one or more of her books. I just sorted out old books to give to my grandson and found my children's Nijntje books. That's what prompted this wizzle.

ohcaroline on 08/14/2011

I've never heard of Miffy before. Thanks for the introduction.

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