Who Is That Man on My Wizzley Page?

by barbarab

Or rather, I have to write this article to get hubby to hush. Do not for a minute think I actually intend to follow his decree even if he does it loudly.

Am I alone in my use of dual photos on my avatar photo?

Or is no one else a bit shy out there?

I love pictures. Photographs tell a big story and I can gaze at them forever, writing scenarios in my head. I wait longingly for the day I can afford a scanner. There are so many photographs waiting to be published! The kids won't mind too much do you think if I splatter their early years all over the web! They wont see them anyway right? 'Sides, even if they do, they don't live with us so I am fairly safe right? And if they both show up ready for bear at least I get to see them!

Photographs are fun and using one as an avatar enhancement is delightful! From the first word I typed for online writing just two years ago I have used several different photographs of myself. It was not until this past year that I started using one of hubby and I together. I was able to keep it a secret for a while too! Until I got a huge kudo that is, then I messed up by shreiking "Honey! Look!"

Very dissapointing reaction I received as well. Hubby didn't say a word about whatever triumph I had accomplished, instead all he said was " Expletive!!! Expletive!!! Get my picture off that website Right Now!"

That was more than a few months ago  :)

Unfortunately I messed up again and turned the laptop his way to, once again, share a small 'way to go Bethard' moment. Right, you guessed it, ultimatum time. Now I am faced with the decision of what shall I do? Forget it again? I like that idea. Put another photo in its place and slink away like a good little wifey? Not gonna happen. Write an article and see what you guys think? Now that sounds like a plan!



Would your spouse be opposed to your using a picture of the two of you on your profile?

Where were we? Oh yes, should I change the photo or just clear things up?

It is not so much that hubby is shy or hardheaded...although if you look up the word 'stubborn' in the dictionary...oh, sorry, sidetracked again...more on that subject later...

Hubby says "It looks like I am the author!"

To which I replied "And this not good why? Are you saying my writing is not good enough so you do not wish any part of it?  HHHMMMM??????"

Having been married over thirty years hubby wisely retreats from this battle field though I realize he is only resting; he will return with a rebuttal...when he can think of one  :)

I know, I am horrible what can I say? I am southern, female and inately blessed with the way of words during the heat of battle...he is not!

At any rate, not that I intend to pull my favourite photo of my David and myself off the pages but just to clear matters up a bit...

That is me to the right...see how prettily I gaze up at my David? (got him fooled eh?)

And David is on the left. He cheers my writing on until he sees himself on the internet then he tends to freak out!

It is probably because he is Ex Seal and has many many eyes on him due to his past exploits....

or not. :)

Updated: 08/24/2011, barbarab
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barbarab on 09/05/2011

a man after my own heart Jeanie! :)

SidewalkPhilosopher on 09/05/2011

Oh, my husband wouldn't care at all...as a matter of fact, his Facebook page is a photo of the two of us at Cypress Gardens two years ago! :)

barbarab on 08/25/2011

I know! Thank you sheilamarie!!
I read hubby your comment and at least he chuckled this time!! I may be winning this battle :) not that there was ever a doubt you understand...

sheilamarie on 08/25/2011

Ha! At least you chose a photo of him that looks good. My Squidoo photo is a ridiculous one that makes both hubby and myself look like lunatics!

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