Why can't I lose weight?

by Justanopinion

Do you ever ask the question "Why can't I lose weight?". Well, here is a few reasons why

'Why can't I lose weight' is a question that crops up a lot amongst women.

So I put my thoughts out here to see. I will talk about the annoyance of losing weight, the simplicity of weight loss, the complicated world of weight loss and answer the question in the simplest possible way. At that point, I would love to hear some of your stories of weight loss or weight gain.

The annoyance of losing weight

Time and again, I ask my friends, my partner and anyone else that comes my way - Why can't I lose weight?  But anyone who has tried, really tried knows it is one of the most difficult things to do.  It is incredibly easy to load the weight on but when it comes to losing it, it can be soooooo very annoying as it seems to take ten days to lose the pounds you managed to put on in one day.  Aaargh!

Losing weight can be such an emotional issue.  Some of us have been struggling with it for a very long time and it can be sooo frustrating to lose a little weight and then gain a lot more.  You think you are truly determined this time and then you walk past a shop laden with chocolate and all you know is that you must have that chocolate bar right now.  Before you know it, you have eaten another chocolate bar and you can feel it lying in your belly, no longer tasting amazing.  You can almost see the inches being added to your waist line or bum or thighs. It is enough to make a girl consider bulimia!

Another example: You go to put fuel in your car and as you pay for your fuel, you pick up a bag of sweets or another one of those lovely galaxy chocolate bars.  I mean how are you supposed to say no to such lovely stocked counters.  You are just doing your bit for the economy surely!

Or what of those evenings - you are watching some TV after a hard days work or maybe the kids are in bed.  You just need a snack or is it that glass of wine?  Just something to help you feel relaxed.  Afterwards you realise that was unnecessary but you know tomorrow evening you will probably do the same again.

Why is there not a way to enjoy the taste of the food but then not actually swallow it?  These are the random thoughts that go through my head.

Losing weight is simple

We all know how simple it should be.

Eat less + exercise more = Lose weight fast

Well, that is the theory anyway.  In practice, it is nowhere near that easy.

Eating less is incredibly difficult.  You feel starved half the time.  So what ends up happening, to me at least, is that I snack on a whole lot of stuff or I snap at everyone around me.  Who wants to live around such an annoying so and so?

Exercise more - How?  If you are spending ages at work, sitting on your behind for about 8-12 hours each day. When, are you supposed to fit in the amount of exercise that will actually make a difference to your weight.  No one seems to mention loudly just how long you would need to exercise in order to burn off a decent 1000 calories which is probably how much extra you are eating each day.

If you do somehow make it to the gym, gyms seem to come with coffee shops these days so you could actually put all your calories back on before you leave the building!  Again, you are just helping the economy by spending some money on a snack in the coffeehouse

The A-Z of Dieting

A-Z of Dieting

Complicated Weight Loss

Having faced up to the simple part of losing weight and realised that you cannot do it, you might then decided to take a more complicated route to weight loss.  And discover...

There are tons of ways to lose weight, from good old weightwatchers, slimming world, south beach diet, Atkins diet, The No S Diet (I find that one quite refreshing!), the diet to your body type, the diet to your body shapr, the cabbage soup diet and a whole lot more. 

Then there are the supplements - African Mango, Acai Berry, Phen fen, Thermobol, hCG, Green Tea, Hoodia, Chia and the list goes on and on.

All are absolutely definitely going to help you lose weight if you just give it a try or at least so THEY say!  Dependent on how desperate you are to lose weight, the chances are you have tried some of this stuff and you are still desperate to lose weight!

So Why can't I lose weight

With all the weight loss options available

Let me tell you why you cannot lose weight.

It is darned HARD.  That is why.

Join us!

Updated: 07/04/2012, Justanopinion
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Why can't you lose weight?

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Justanopinion on 05/08/2012

Thanks for dropping by Katiem2! Yes, dieting is not great fun but one wants to look good so you just gotta get on with it. Anyway, thanks again!

katiem2 on 05/08/2012

What a great and practical look at the real reason its so hard for us to lose weight. This is on the minds of so many this time of year. Oh the pressure to wear shorts, and other warm weather fashions. Great diet tips.

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