Why Colleges in Miami Are a Top Choice for Students

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Learn why colleges in the South Florida area offer a balanced experience of academic excellence and real-world networking opportunities.

Key Factors to Consider When Selecting Colleges and Universities

In many instances, the college or university you select will pave the way for your future success. Many students take into account the type of lifestyle they want to lead while in school, but forget about how their school of choice will affect their job opportunities, social networking and real-world experience. There are many prestigious universities located throughout the country, but even with strong academic programs in place, these schools may lack in diversity, be located in the middle of nowhere or be limited to one accelerated program. Opting for colleges in Miami offers the perfect balance of academic excellence and real-world experience.

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Miami Weather

You can’t be disappointed with the weather in Miami. The summers are hot and humid and the perfect time to head to the beaches where you’ll meet plenty of other college students, local residents and visitors in the same age group. The fall and winter months are mild, so there’s no need to have a dependable vehicle with you at school or tread through snow and wind to get to class. Since the weather is so comfortable, students spend the majority of their time outdoors, which means less time cooped up in the dorms.

College students also enjoy that the warm climate makes it easy to pack for school, as one wardrobe is all you’ll need to get through a year in Miami. With such favorable weather, active students get the most out of attending a school in Miami; as they can participate in water sports, jog through the local parks or bike ride on the trails. Perhaps most fun is the beaches that are loaded with young people who play sand volleyball or Frisbee on the weekends.

Connections with City of Miami

Most colleges reside in a “college town”, meaning that the area includes the college and a few other small establishments. For some students, the idea of living in a town that is run by the college may be attractive, but for others, they worry about having less exposure to potential internships, work coops and most importantly, job opportunities.

With colleges in Miami, you’ll be within close proximity to the city, so you can take advantage of all that Miami has to offer. Students enjoy the diversity and cultural influences that exist in the city. They also love being able to attend Broadway musicals, visit museums, indulge at some of the finest restaurants and experience city life at its best. Having this balance is attractive to college goers, as they can enjoy the comforts of a college town, while having access to the city on the weekends.

Since you’ll only be in school for four years or so, it’s important to look at how the school’s location will affect the types of jobs you’ll be offered. Being close to Miami, you can begin networking with potential employers, take part in an internship or volunteer your time with a nonprofit organization. You can also go on an interview without having to venture far from your school and be able to rely on your professors for recommendations, as they’ll be familiar with possible job openings in the city.

Alumni and Community Involvement

All this talk about fun, and you’re probably wondering where Miami schools rank in terms of quality of education. Miami schools are in fact some of the best in the nation, as there are many strong programs in place and a lot of choices to pursue. With such a dynamic community, it’s easy to choose a school that has both a strong business administration and graphic design program in place. The schools offer flexible class times and distance learning opportunities so that students with work and family obligations can still take part in the same classes. And since the professors have strong connections with the city of Miami, you can expect that the programs will be accompanied with internships and coops.

Furthermore, the alumni play a strong role in colleges in Miami and with this support, programs are always being funded, and alumni are active in the progress of new programs and facilities. Sports are also of importance for Miami schools and the city of Miami in general, with top ranked basketball and football teams. To cater to the sports segment, high-end gyms, work facilities and swimming pools are available at Miami schools. You can also expect a strong following by the community, making you proud to attend a Miami school.

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cmoneyspinner on 04/26/2013

Miami, Florida has an international flavor that is exciting and delicious., as well as educational Having attended the University of Miami, I can tell you that I received two educations: the formal academic one, and the one I got from meeting and getting to know people from all around the world! You can meet these people at the school or bump into them on the streets.

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