Why Home Made Cakes are Better

by fanfreluche

Nothing beats homemade cakes. Homemade cakes create a lasting memory and show someone just how much you care. Bake a cake today!

Home Made Cakes are Better

One might argue that cake ranks rather high when it comes to the best things in life. And better still are cakes that are made right at home. In fact, the mere thought of a large piece of chocolate cake with fudge frosting smeared in imperfect swirls on top, or a fluffy white confection layered with gobs of creamy icing, are enough to make just about anybody's mouth water. There are several reasons why homemade cake is, in most cases, considered better than those that are store bought:

Home Made Cakes: Better Quality

Another benefit of homemade cakes is the quality. Store bought cakes are often frozen, and there's no telling how long cakes found in the frozen food aisle have been in the deep freeze. Therefore, a majority will never taste as good as a cake fresh from the oven. Some might say that the quality of a store bought cake might be higher, however, due to the fact that they are all, uniformly, the same. There is no guessing as to whether or not there was too much sugar added to the mix or not enough flour, for instance. But, in my opinion, a homemade cake done right will far surpass a store bought one in both ingredient and flavor quality.

Home made cakes are cheaper

Yet another factor to consider when weighing homemade cakes against store bought ones is the cost. Those purchased in the store can be quite expensive, especially if you want one customized for a special occasion. However, baking one at home can significantly cut the bill a majority of the time. Also, when it comes to decorating homemade cakes, the options are only limited by your imagination.

Home made cakes are the only option for those suffering from allergies

The home baker controls precisely what goes into their cake mix. This comes in handy when dealing with family or friends who have allergies, such as an allergy to nut or wheat. It can often be difficult, if not entirely impossible, to find a store bought cake that doesn't include that particular ingredient. Also, making a cake at home allows you to customize the flavor, which is not usually feasible with cakes purchased at a store or bakery.

Cookbooks for Amazing Home Made Cakes

Cakes to Inspire and Desire

Be inspired to create celebration cakes that are as desirable as they are deliciousStep by step, combine and decorate basic shapes for results as simple or sensational as you ...

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Easy and Delicious Home Made Cake Recipes

Butterfly Birthday Cakes

Blueberry Yogurt Cake

Black Forest Cake Recipe

Coconut Cake Recipe

Oreo Cake

red Velvet Cake Recipe

Halloween Graveyard Cake Recipe

Home Made Cakes: Sweet Memories

When talking about homemade cakes though, a benefit that can't be overlooked is the idea of each cake being made with a care and love that store bought ones cannot claim to have. Every homemade cake is made with a person or event in mind, and the sometimes arduous process of baking it is typically fueled by the thought of seeing the recipient's expression when the confectionary marvel is finally unveiled or when they take their first bite of it. So many fond birthday memories are tied to one's grandmother baking them a custom tailored cake or sharing the experience of baking one with their mother for someone they loved.

Even though homemade cakes take much more time and effort than running out to the store and buying one, they are well worth it. If done right, a homemade cake has the possibility to create a lasting memory and to show someone just how much you care.

Home Made Cakes Canadian Style

I learn to bake cakes with my mother and....2 very important Canadian culinary classic cookbooks: Robin Hood No-Sift Recipes: Cakes & Icings and the French-Canadian recipes bible: Mme. Jehane Benoit's encyclopedia of Canadian cooking. If you love cookbooks, these two are a worthy addition to your collection. For me, these two books hold many childhood memories.


Mme. Jehane Benoit's ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CANADIAN COOKING Universal BestSeller Library / 128

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Modern Canadian Library
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Do you Bake your Own Cakes?

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frankbeswick on 08/27/2013

I grew up eating home baked cakes, which I loved, and you brought back many memories.

WriterArtist on 08/27/2013

I agree with you, one can control the ingredients for homemade cakes, one can also use the alternatives to sugar and cheese, gluten free and organic stuff.

kimbesa on 06/18/2013

Yes, I favor homemade baked goods by far, though I've also had some bakery goods that are outstanding, and more complicated than I'd ever make at home.

terrilorah on 03/23/2012

I admire those who can bake, whenever I try, it usually defeats me but anyone who makes homeade is the best!

Sheri_Oz on 01/18/2012

I only bake from scratch. It's so much more fun - you get to add in all sorts of stuff that is left-over in varying quantities and see how well they go together.

sheilamarie on 01/07/2012

Yes! I agree with Jimmie and with you, Fanfreluche. Homemade is definitely best.

Jimmie on 12/30/2011

Yes, I totally agree with you. A cake mix is really not THAT time saving. And it's full of weird chemicals. Just make it from scratch and you'll know exactly what is in there. It takes only a few more minutes. Isn't that investment worth the health of your family?

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