Why I NEED to Write...and MUST

by KDB

Why does the sun shine? Why does a bird sing? Why does a tree stand tall and strong in the forest? BECAUSE that is what it was meant to do! That is why I NEED to write.

I have always wanted to be a writer, or since I was 12 really. I used to write stories for school on an old typewriter that belonged to my mother. At the time my aunt lived with us and she was amazed because I didn't write and rewrite, I just wrote a story out of my head, straight onto the typewriter and it was usually pretty good too! The funny thing is, when I BEGIN it usually flows like water and isn't that hard. It's the BEGINNING that is difficult. I DOUBT myself so much and I FEAR equally that I am NOT good enough and that I AM. I've let that block me and contain me for so long now that the past couple of years I've been blogging and trying different things just to get myself back into a flow and I've found that it gets easier even though much of the time I am still scared. BUT, there is this: LIFE is short, and TIME precious, so I have to stop wasting it! I NEED to write and so I shall. Whether anyone else likes it or not is not necessary. All I know is that my soul is full of words and it NEEDS to create and express...

The Pay-Off

Of course, I want to be a writer so I can be as good as the Stephen King's of the world and make a living at it. This is NOT my first and foremost wish though.

I NEED to write because it fills my soul with accomplishment.

I KNOW when I write something good or better than NOT so good. I know when I need work. I sometimes get blocked about what to write about because I find that when I am passionate about it I can write heartfelt pieces and I'm pretty sure they'll be appreciated but when I half-ass it or rush or push myself...it's not always a good result.

I am learning, YES, "write what you know" and also...follow the flow of your own heart, soul, mind, voice. I am ME. I can't be anyone else so I shouldn't try to emulate any other writer either.

I should give my voice, opinions, gifts, talents, imperfections and even flaws to my own work.

Then I will see where I need work and also where I may excel!

The pay-off for me at the end of the day is to know that my voice, my experience, my emotion, my fear, my courage, my own inspiration may have touched and inspired someone else to face their fears and TRY to write or do whatever it is they want to do! That IS the pay-off for me...that my voice matters...that I have something valid and important to say that other people need and want to hear.

It is NEVER too late to try!

So if you get inspired by something or someone...don't ignore it...TRY it!!

My Dream

My dream is to write children's books but I also want to write fantasy fiction and have my poetry published. Apparently, I dream BIG. One genre isn't enough!

I've carried hundreds of ideas for different stories and novels inside of me for at least 2 decades if not longer and it never occurred to me that I would enjoy writing pieces and articles that are NOT fiction yet share important and hopefully inspiring messages but I DO.

My dream is really to inspire hope and change and shine a light in the dark places with my stories and words. I hope that the impact will always be positive and encouraging!

I hope that EVERYONE will follow their own dreams and make them come true too.

My Love Affair With WORDS

I love words. I love the depth and meaning of each nuance and expression in each word. I love poetry for being a tool to make words dance and evoke certain emotions and understandings. Then with yet another word or descriptions the flow and vibe can change into something completely different! 

I do not profess to be proficient at the entire language but I DO say that I love to explore words and sentiment and see just how powerful language and understanding can be.

I am not always good at metaphor or simile but I appreciate emotion and I hope that even though I often write simple phrases they can still bring up a depth of emotion and connection that touches people.

I'm the girl that looks stuff up. In the dictionary, in my Random House Word Menu, on the internet, in a thesaurus, or wherever the best place to find the information I need is.

There is NO shame in using the tools available to you to educate yourself further!

I am ALSO the girl that can use MANY words to say something even if it is easier to say it flat out. I BELIEVE that words ARE powerful and you NEVER know which one it is that strikes a feeling or a connection in someone's heart and causes them to think about something or see something they didn't before, therefore I use MANY words and I repeat, sometimes many times in as many ways possible! 

All I hope is that my words and my voice make a difference to someone, somewhere. :)

My Writing Sites

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