Why Write on Wizzley?

by blackspanielgallery

Wizzley is just one of the many writing sites to choose from, but in my opinion it is the best for me. It is a great place to publish and the other people here are helpful.

There are several sites where one can publish articles, and those sites each has a different formula for monetizing the work. Just before I joined Wizzley I knew nothing of its existence. I had been writing for years, both for similar sites and for publishing companies. Writing is not a problem. It is choosing a place to write, and Wizzley seems to be a best fit for me. The rules are clearly stated, and stable, unlike some other sites, and the people are friendly.

My Writing History on Squidoo

I started writing articles for Squidoo, and quickly found success, although that quickly changed.  I noticed several flaws, but thought I could get passed them. 

One flaw was the forum.  It was controlled by a handful of people who could make decisions on others’ posts.  There were threads to post your best, newest, and so on, so I started a thread to post a sample of your niche.  Most people develop one or several niches.  But two moderators openly discussed this on the forum and deleted the thread, even though they themselves asked for samples of one’s own work with different qualifiers.  The impression I got was there was a small group who were trying to promote themselves and not let others in. 


Well, that was not serious, for if they wanted to keep the forum their private domain so what?  I was doing fine.  Then I was told to apply for Giant Squid by someone who should have known what is required.  Alas, another hidden rule came up, one had to change the heading “Comments” from all comment modules.  It seemed to me the logical thing was to ask for comments using the term.  This time I changed things and got approved.


Then they got weird, and lost income, and really changed a lot.  That is when I stopped writing.

I Wrote on Zujava

Zujava was friendly, and the rules were well stated.  But, they lost their Amazon affiliate program, and did not add Viglinks.  Once that happened it was a matter of mere months before they went down.  

Hubpages Or Wizzley

With two sites to choose from I asked in the forum at Zujave, and Wizzley was given as the better choice.  So, I came here.  It has been less than a year, but I like what this site is like.  People are friendly and interact.  And it is easy to have a Wizzle featured in some way.  I now have over one hundred forty Wizzles.  Yes, they are being repaired because Amazon dropped all affiliate accounts in Louisiana over tax issues, so I am replacing with Viglinks.  But this is caused by Amazon, not by Wizzley.  Still, it has slowed new article production.


I had little recourse when Squidoo went down, over three hundred articles were transferred to Hubpages.  I went through them and deleted some that were the wrong length, or had become obsolete.  Then I brought the rest to Hubpages standards.  The rule is one link per fifty words, just as it is here, or is it?  Initially they featured my articles.  Then, when I updated articles, even with more words and no added links, they often unfeatured the article, even though I had many more than fifty words per link.  My concern is how could something be fine one day but if I add new information and no new products it no longer is?  Another problem is traffic, there is too little of it for my articles there.  And once an article has too little traffic, it becomes unfeatured. 

Others like it there, so it is a matter of taste, but I prefer to not add any content there.


All of my articles get traffic, and more than what was happening on Hubpages.  And when I add Wizzley articles to Stumbleupon I get traffic reports saying they are being found.  My articles are being promoted by Stumbleupon, but no such reports ever came from Hubpages.  In fact, this is something unique to Wizzley.  And if no one reads an article, what is the point of writing it?  Wizzley has the traffic, and I am now quite happy.

This article contains links to affiliate programs from Viglink, and Ebay through Viglink, and Adsense advertising.  These must use cookies to allow for proper crediting.

Updated: 09/29/2017, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 04/24/2021

Hubpages bought out Squidoo, so unless one opted not to go to Hubpages articles transferred. There was a period of a few months during which an article would be published on Hubpages that did not meet Hubpages' requirements, allowing people to "fix" articles. It soon became apparent Hubpages would allow an article, then months later not, a problem that showed up during revisions, even so simple as fixing a typo. When that happened I first thought it was a glitch, but after it repeated several times I went to Zujava, a site that lost its Amazon affiliate and went down after being unsuccessful at getting A.mazon back. Now I am here.

Squidoo hired several of their writers that changed things to mimic their style, and then a service to get a higher Google ranking, which led to more changes that were not all favorable to the writers. I recall one petty issue with comments, like the module we are using here. Some of their favored writers insisted the word "Comments" be changed, or they ruled the article not personalized. I see no better word to use. Another problem was certain writers moderated the forum, and "Banned" people for posts, even posts similar to their own.

DerdriuMarriner on 04/24/2021

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for pictures, practicalities and products.
Did Squidoo (about which I have name recognition from Wizzley-ites' references but otherwise no knowledge) have an arrangement for their authors to transfer their writings to Hubpages or did you decide to do so?

blackspanielgallery on 04/18/2021

Most important is the rules do not change. Some sights change rules and if an article is revised by something as simple as fixis a typing error it might become unsupported because it no longer meets the rules, as the rules change over time. Here, you can keep Amazon current and not fear making a revision.

pateluday on 04/14/2021

Algorithms are simple and straightforward, there are no conditions of engagement like in hub pages. Write well and reap benefits on Wizzley a good place to get honest backlinks without spamming. Do this and get this else....not here in Wizzley good...this encourages writers to become good in eyes of readers and that is what matters. wizzley is stable.

frankbeswick on 02/06/2017

I like Wizzley's way of doing things. On Wizzley, if I want to change an article I can, but I can also leave it as it is. The other sites that you mention seem to be into change for change's sake, and that is never good.

blackspanielgallery on 02/06/2017

Yes, it is much better here. I have a Hubpages account, but I plan to deplete my work from that location soon. I will move some to my website, and some here. It is a slow process. But, I cannot keep up with things changing. Here, I have placed material and it is still active.

sockii on 02/05/2017

One of the things I appreciate about Wizzley is the site owners not constantly shifting and changing the rules. Things feel stable here, and even when I basically ignored my content for over a year (real life kept me away from content writing), my pages were here, I was still making some earnings, and I came back to find things basically as they were. Compared to Hubpages I REALLY appreciate that. Granted, I do best with my own personal websites these days, but it is nice to have a place like Wizzley where I can share writing that doesn't necessarily fit my other niche sites. It's a solid part of my online portfolio.

blackspanielgallery on 08/19/2016

I do not know which is better, but one must earn $100 to be paid by Adsense. I had it on other places, and am finally getting too close to change for now. I earn just a small amount every month, but in six months I may actually finally get something. Then would be the time to consider making a change.

frankbeswick on 08/19/2016

I use Chitika for my adverts, as they are easy to use, but they cannot be used with Adsense

frankbeswick on 08/19/2016

I use Chitika for my adverts, as they are easy to use, but they cannot be used with Adsense

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