Why You Need To Own A Wine Glass Rack

by ered222

Some of the benefits if you are thinking about buying a wine glass rack.

Holding your wine and wine glasses on racks makes your wine more organized and pleasing to the eye.

To many wine enthusiasts, wine glass racks are very stylish to have.  If you already own one then you know how convenient they really are.  They come in all different sizes and the most popular ones are the ones that accommodate both the wine bottles and also the wine glasses.  Many of the older wine glass racks are made of wood, but most of the modern ones that are made today, are made of iron or stainless steel.  


The Benefits of Owning a Wine Glass Rack

A modern wine glass rack offers a lot more than a more traditional wine rack, in that, the modern ones can be made as big as the maker wants it to be without worrying about the weight that it can carry.  The racks made of wood usually have a weight limit which limits to how many wine bottles you can place on them without it tipping over or breaking.  I have also seen hanging wine glass racks that are starting to get popular among many wine enthusiasts.

Wine racks are the easiest and safest way to store your wine.  You should also know that storing wine on a rack eliminates any unwanted sediment or residue in the wine.  The way the racks hold the wine at an angle, allows the aging process to keep the wine fresh.  If you were to store the wine with the bottle standing up straight then you would have this problem.  Anther benefit of storing wine in a wine rack is that it will keep the cork moist.  This is important if you want to keep the taste of your wine fresh over a long period of time.

IMAX Towel/Wine Rack

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Storvino Nero 6 Bottle Wine Storage Container

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Price Ranges And Other Options

The price range for a wine glass rack usually is in the range of $20 to $300, depending on how big or fancy you want to get.  Some of them also have the option of being wall mounted.  These wine racks offer a unique way to showcase your wine for your guests.  Other racks are designed specifically so they can be pulled out like a drawer. These ones are probably the cheapest, but usually only hold only about two or three wine bottles. 

But if you want to get more fancy you should go with the stand-alone racks.  These stand upright usually with a table top for opening the wine bottle, a rack underneath the table top to hold the wine glasses, and a second rack underneath that to hold the wine bottles.  These racks will provide all of your wine needs so there is no need to go anywhere else to open and enjoy a great bottle of wine.  The only down side with these are they are a little more expensive.  But realistically you can find some pretty cheap ones around $50 to $150 that are stylish and will hold up over time.

Wine Bottle
Wine Bottle

The Best Wine Glass Rack That You Can Buy

I think the best wine rack is the Winsome Wood Wine Cabinet.  This stand alone wine rack has everything that you would want when it comes to enjoying fine wine with your family and friends.  It has a glass door so it is easy to showcase your wine.  It accommodates about sixteen bottles of wine  and it holds about a dozen wine glasses at a time.  If that is not enough storage for you then you really don’t need a rack, you need a cellar, because that is going to be plenty for almost everyone who enjoys drinking wine.  So if your looking for a simple, but elegant rack to hold your wine that is cheap compared to many wine racks, I strongly suggest you try out The Winsome.  You wont be disappointed, I promise.

Winsome Wood Wine Cabinet with Glass Door, Espresso

Wine Cabinet offers a great alternative in storing your favorite wines. 1 glass door opens to stoarge of stemware and up to 16 bottles. Elegant and simple additon to your ...

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Do you like red or white wine better?

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Josh on 01/29/2016

I didn't realise wooden wine racks had low weight limits. Good to keep in mind.

katiem2 on 09/27/2012

I love a good glass of red wine every night. I like the wine glass rack idea, hmm where to put it. :)K

terrilorah on 04/08/2012

Always good info to know.

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