Why You Should Share Others Links On Facebook?

by katiem2

Learn why you want to share other authors work on your facebook page. Sharing more links than your own builds credibility and trust.

If all you do is paste your own links all over your facebook page you appear, among other things, as self promotional. The other things include, to salesman like, to arrogant, and flat out all about you with no element of surprise.

The last thing you want your facebook followers to do is see you as predictable sharing your own stuff all the time. This will only brand you as a self absorbed snore.

Sharing Links on Facebook

Sharing other author links on your facebook page sends a powerful message about you and your character.


A facebook page including lots of varying subjects from unique and different authors sprinkled in with your personal links is refreshing, interesting as visitors never know what to expect.  It creates more of a trend setting vibe with your finger on the pulse of what's going on in current events.

Think of yourself as the journalist or news reporter who's in the "in crowd" of the who's who and whats what scene, delivering it to your followers.  Your page will become more and more popular all the while building your reputation as a reliable source of information.  Information is what internet travelers seek.  So the next time you read a really good article by a fellow author why not share their link on facebook?  

For example take a look at my facebook page and see what I mean, I share other authors work there my followers like all the while building my reputation and promoting the Wizzley community at large which is a win win!

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Using Facebook as a Marketing Tools

I hear it over and over again, Katie how do you make money, how long does it take?

The easy and honest answer is to maintain a level of integrity.  If you feel rushed to make money you come across as someone who's panicked to do so.  Think about it, would you want to put your trust into someone who comes off as a driven salesman, or person if you will?  Of course not.  You have to realize although you think your hiding your desperate attempts to make money you are not.  The only way to make money at revenue sharing is to do an honest days work.  If you're at this part time that's okay.  In fact the quality of your time is far more vital than the quantity.  It takes real chronological time, you need to brand yourself, build a loyal following, deliver a quality based source of information and do this over and over again till you one day have enough internet real estate out there to generate some income.

You create one of two things; either an eye catching product which is you, or the oh that guy or that girl image, doing one of two things again, sending readers bolting from the sight of you or hanging on your every word.  The user/profile image you chose to represent yourself is more powerful than you know.  It sends a message, burns an image on the readers mind and it is for this reason you want to take advantage sending the exact message you want to convey.  

I got into this realizing that katiem2 was a brand, my words, my image, the everything I create and publish online.  I can't tell you how good it feels to both have people find my work and be thrilled all the while making money.  The more quality work you put out there the more those who like your work will find you and find what their looking for.  Remember to share the links of other authors here at Wizzley all the while branding yourself as a professional writer with something worth wild to share.

Much Success and Happiness, Katie

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Updated: 05/23/2013, katiem2
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Why Writers Should Share Others Links on Facebook

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