Wireless 1080p HDMI Audio Video Transmitter

by WizzRoy

Need to get rid of the clutter of wires that is coming out from your HDTV? Need to transmit HD video from one room to another? You need a wireless 1080p HDMI transmitter system.

The Nyrius ARIES Wireless HD AV Transmitter allows you to send 1080p HD video and audio wirelessly through walls, ceilings and floors up to 100ft without latency.

There are two main uses for the system. The first is for sharing the HD content from one room to another. If you have your HD cable or satellite set top box in your living room, you can now share the content with another TV either in the bedroom, kitchen or dining room.

The second use for the system is cutting the clutter of wires that goes into your TV. Instead of having all your AV devices right where your TV is, they can now be located remotely and hidden from view. All the devices can now be connected to the transmitter and only the receiver needs to be located near the TV.

You can even mount your TV above your fireplace as shown in the picture below and with the rest of your AV equipment neatly tucked away at the corner.

Clear the wire clutter
Clear the wire clutter
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Setting up the Nyrius ARIES HD AV Transmitter & Receiver System

The Nyrius ARIES System comes with both a transmitter and receiver module. The HDMI source (from your cable set top box, BluRay player or any other HDMI capable device) needs to be connected to the HDMI input on the receiver module.

If you want to connect more than one HDMI device to the receiver, you will need a HDMI switch as the receiver only has one HDMI input. It would have been ideal if the receiver allowed for multiple inputs.

If you plan to share HD video to multiple TV sets, you will also need to add a HDMI splitter to split the signal between your current TV and the transmitter module. Again, it would have been ideal if the receiver had some kind of HDMI pass through capability to eliminate the need for a splitter.

The receiver also has a infrared (IR) remote extender. What the IR extender does is to send signals from your existing IR remote controls and send them wirelessly to the extender on the transmitter module. This allows you to control the set top box channels using the existing remote control from another room.

The receiver module has a HDMI output port. Connect a HDMI cable from the receiver module to the HDMI port on your TV.

Both the receiver and transmitter modules need to be powered up by their respective power adapters.

Please note that the effective transmission range between the transmitter and receiver module depends a lot on the number of walls and floors between them. If there are more walls and floors in between, the range becomes shorter.

A positive point about the ARIES transmitter it that is runs on the 5.1~5.9GHz frequency so there is much less interference from other wireless devices that normally run on 2.4GHz frequency such as WiFi routers and cordless phones.

You may also want to mount the modules as high as possible to reduce interference.

On the minus side, there is a slight delay in the transmission of the audio. It is not that the audio is out of sync but whenever the ARIES is started up or when you change channels, there is a noticeable delay before the sound starts although video seems to be fine. This can be a major deterrent for some so please take note.

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Nyrius ARIES NAVS500
Nyrius ARIES NAVS500
Nyrius ARIES NAVS500 Package
Nyrius ARIES NAVS500 Package
Nyrius ARIES NAVS500 Range
Nyrius ARIES NAVS500 Range

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Rose on 01/21/2014

My husband needs one of these - his media room is now a messy tangle of wires

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